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Looking for an online teaching jobs?
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100% Free to become a private teacher. No commission/fee charged from our end.

Start by creating your teaching ad. Tutor job made easy at Superprof India!

Give private classes in Mumbai, at your home or online through webcam. Choose your time, decide your rates and be your own boss!

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Hello Shyamal Sir, My 8 year old (2nd grader) son wants to learn Flute. He was behind me for past few months. Recently got flute arranged for my son. And looking out for teacher who can help with teaching Flute.
Hi, I’ve completed my masters in biology. Before working, I want to utilise this time to learn python. I have very basic idea about programming but now I want to develop expertise. Do you teach machine learning and data analysis using python as well?
Hello Tanveer Sir, I want to speak confidently infront of anyone. I can prepare my speech. However, I get nervous infront of new people. My writing ability is more than average. I am more concerned about the hesitation & the dilemma I face in between the speech. Sometimes I fall short of words and stop abruptly. Need your help. I hope that you'll be able to guide me.
Hiii iam farvesh ahmed I want to learn hindi iam just I will watch hindi movies but i can't understand most of the dialogues so I used to watch them with subtitles but I want to watch it without subtitles and I have some hindi friends I will talk to them In only english if they ask anything in hindi i couldn't reply to them so i wanted to learn hindi 😊
Hi Swati, I am located at mazgoan, Mumbai. I prefer an only ladies group. That's the reason I chose a lady instructor. I know nothing about swimming but would love to learn it. I am a bit on the heavy side(80 kgs). PL let me know is coaching classes are open now.
I play in dugun taal,basic kayada.. practice tirkit and dhir dhir pased first two exams of tabla apart frm exam i see video , and do many practices phrase want to knnw about ga di gan word and ghe de nag , tag , and some other advance bol
Hello sir , I am a student at amity university pursuing business management Post graduation course. Since I am in my final year I am looking for a guide for my project work. The topic I have chosen is , exploring successful leadership styles with reference to Mr. Ratan Tata - a case study. Since you have plenty of experience in entrepreneurship and management I feel you can help me with my study. I need guidance with my project flow, understanding what components , variables , research...
Hello Jay Your profile is very motivational and exciting. I am Rithul (28) and I have zero knowledge of singing and guitar but I have had the interest to learn but never could go for it. All I have is a heart for music. I would be expecting to learn guitar and vocals basically to understand world of music a little more.
Hello Raj, How are you doing? My name's Umang Upasham. I am looking for an online or offline tutor for Flamenco Guitar. I am based in Mahim. Can I have details on your training course? Regards, Umang Upasham
Hi, I am a 29 year old working professional living in Thane. I have a keen desire to be a good singer. Currently I sing a bit along with playing the guitar. I saw your profile and reviews and would like to be trained under you.
Hi there, can you help me with my homework? There is no zoom meeting required, I have 300 words of psychology discussion need to write and 300 words of peer review x2. Based on an article I give you. Please reply to me with your price. original needs to be finished in 24 hours, then the peer reviews are also need to be finished in 24 hours.
Hello. I want to introduce my hyper-energetic, glued to a digital screen, 9 year old son to martial arts and through that make him mentally calm, physically strong and focussed in what he does. Right now he is super focussed only when he is watching content, otherwise always jumping around! I am not sure if he will like to continue but unless I try we will not know. We live in Bandra West. I am also keen to learn - my objective will be to get agile, flexible (I am very stiff) even though I am a...
I am a pianist and want to produce my own music. My knowledge is restricted in terms of music production. I would like to talk to you in detail regarding the course structure and how you would approach my issues with music production .
Hey !! So I just stumbled upon this website while...I was looking for online classes for learning how to play the ukulele. So I bought my ukulele about a month ago and so far I have learned to play a few songs but I still dont know the basics of music so it would be great to have professional help. So I hope you would be able to help me !! Thank you!!
Hi Mam, I'm Angad From Amritsar, But now I'm working outside india,basically I'm at sea I'm marine ,I want to improve my English.I am very grateful to you for helping me.,in sea only working what's app,+(concealed information),+1 (concealed information) Thank you
Hello Kiran, I am a civil engineer by background, but probably suffering from pandemic fatigue as I am working/studying from home for 8 months now. I think I would like to be in better control of my state of mind to make myself more productive. I listen to psychology TED talks to better myself, but I thought learning about psychology will be beneficial from a teacher. I don't have any issues with personal life (I just got married), no addictions or systemic problem. I just want to be...
Hi Sannidhi, This is anirudh here, I am from mumbai and presently planning to appear for an IELTS General test required for my Canadian immigration. I would like to pursue your help mostly with IELTS writing as I am lacking in that module as of now. Looking forward to your help at the earliest a is am scheduled with my test very soon. thank you.
Hi Aankeet, I am a 3rd year psychology major and I am in need of a tutor for statistics 1. This will be my 2nd time attempting the course, as I have a learning disability in math and ADHD, that previously hindered my success. I am looking to get started right away because I will be taking the course in January and would like to get a head start. Let me know if you would be available to help Thank you! Brittani
Hello Anuj I’m a Founder of an Access-to-Justice Stewardship called Mouthpiece Law: a social, networking, online platform for law students across Canada to interact with each other by means of mentorship, tutor sessions, case competitions, and networking event. The reason I’m reaching out to you is that I am planning to host a case competition + (3~4) tutor session for tax and corporate tax law students leading up to their exams in December. On that note, I’m looking for a tax...
Hi Tasmiya, I am looking for a English tutor for my elder sister. She is in her 40s and works as Special needs teacher. She has basic English language skills and would like to improve her spoken and written skills. Please let me know if u are available for the same.
I'm an entrepreneur and I want to improve my people's skills and I'm looking for a teacher. I want to use my learnings to create amazing teach products. Please ping me on WhatsApp to schedule a call.
Hi Drashti, This is Lalitha. I am looking for an overall English class for my daughter in grade 5. We live in Australia. So here the curriculum is different. We are looking more into reading comprehension, different types of writing essays as these are the key assessment tasks here. Of course Grammar and spelling will definitely fall into this. I will provide the material for you to teach.
Hi Shiv, This is Aditya here. I am a working professional working as a partner in chartered accountancy firm My wife is a manufacturer and wholesaler for fashion jewelry. I need to learn photoshop to understand and start doing photo drapping of our jewelry as we are currently struggling getting the work done thru professionals. I wanted to understand if you could help and how much time this would take and what would be the cost. It would be great if we could speak once to understand this...
This is for my son who is in grade 12 pursuing his IBDP. He has Economics at HL as well ax Mathematics HL Application and Interpretation .He is doing quite well in Econ and wants a 7.He needs assistance in IAs too
Hi, Looking for an English Teacher for my son in (IGCSE/UK/Cambridge) Curriculum with focus on Creative writing. Experience with ICSE/IGCSE/IB preferred. You can reach me on WhatsApp/email(no calls)
Hi Rahul.. I have gone back to college after 15 years to do higher diploma and I am kind of struggling.. In need someone one to guide me through my assignment and projects with Java and python. Can you help.. I have just 4 weeks left..
Greetings, i am Sawood a small time stock trader/learner wanting to learn python which i can use it later to learn ml .I would like to learn it from scratch . i am available anytime after 3.30 pm monday to saturday
Hi I am a Gynecologist 64 year old who loves music. I love to sing doing karaoke and now training in western music singing since March 2020. Tried to learn to play the Ukelele online but need a private tutor
Hi Sejal, my daughter is studying 1st-year Computer Science. I'm looking for online tutoring for her to help with daily assignments and studies. Mainly for Programming Fundamentals [C#], Web Fundamentals [HTML, JAVA Script], Databases [Basic SQL] etc. I'm expecting classes for 2 hrs 12:30 to 14:30 IST on Tue, Thurs, Fri and Sat...pls let me know if it is possible for you? WhatsApp or mail me if you need any more information.
Im learning German A1 in college and I would like you to help me with my assignments only. I would not require any lessons or teaching! I would like such classes every once in 2 weeks for about 1 or 2 hrs.


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