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Hi guys,
I am Saurabh Kumar Dutt from Lucknow. I have done my schooling from St Francis's College, my graduation (BSc-PCM)from Lucknow University,post-gra duation(MSc-Maths) from Lucknow University.
I have taught Mathematics to classes 9,10,11,12 since 15 years and i am a specialist in teaching Mathematics with ease and in making the students utterly confident!


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About Saurabh

I have been enjoying teaching Mathematics to children since 15 years. I love making the topics easy, ensuring children comprehend and let them interact freely.I endeavour to develop logic in children,providing them space for trial,error evaluation and assimilating concepts.
I have been a BOARD EXAMINER for several years and thus point out to my students the common mistakes and precautions required threin.
I motivate children for success, boost their morale in times of failure and along with giving direction for the future!



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