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The only instrument that lays a strong representation of orchestral music in India is the violin. This string instrument comes after the guitar in terms of popularity and craze. Most of the Indians resemble Shah Rukh Khan playing the violin in the mountains in his most popular movies of the 90s. This eloquent instrument is worth a lot of praise and popularity, given the melodies that it can produce with just four strings.

If you reside in Hyderabad, you will have the most fulfilling experience of learning the violin, and if you do not, you might want to visit the city. It has produced some of the finest violinists of all times, Gifton Elias being of them. It is also the home to Tollywood film industry with the largest film studio.

The music and entertainment industry of Hyderabad will give you a platform to learn every instrument and art form you want, including the violin. 

You should consider the pros and cons of the type of violin you choose before making the purchase and starting your lessons.

How Many Types of Violins Are There?

The classical orchestra comprises the “Violin Family” that includes the violin, cello, and the viola. All these three instruments are somewhat alike, but the only difference is that the viola is larger than the violin and cello is the largest with a lower pitch.

Now let us have a look at the different types of violin available in the market.

  • Baroque Violin

The Baroque violins are the ancestors of this genre of stringed instrument that came into existence in the 1500s. The luthiers (people who build or craft the violin) started making the instrument during that time. The Baroque is different from modern violins. The former has a shorter fingerboard, a smaller bridge and a remarkably shallow neck angle.

  • Classical Violin

After two centuries of Baroque’s existence, came the classical violins in the early 1700s. And just within three decades of the classical violin’s presence in the world, it gained significance and acceptance from the artists. The classical design is what we use today, mostly in orchestras. The string tension of these instruments are higher, the neck is thinner, and it also features the chin rest (the first of its kind at that time!).

  • Fiddler Violin

The fiddler violins can play all kinds of music, just like the classical ones. However, the only difference is that the former has a flatter bridge and steel strings instead of the gut strings used in classical ones.

  • Electric Violin

The first electronic violin made its entry in the 1930s. These instruments are solid-bodied just like the electric guitars. Unlike the traditional or classical violins, these do not have f-holes to produce the sound. You will only be able to play the electric one after you master the classical violin perfectly.

  • Semi-Electric Violin

If you want to cherish the best of both worlds, the semi-electric option is available in the market. These instruments have a detachable pickup, all the f-holes for producing acoustic sound as well as an attachment for the soundbox. You can learn to play these violins before learning the classical ones if you wish to. However, you have to ensure that your violin teacher is well-experienced and knowledgeable. The role of your teacher will be a vital one during your learning process.

  • Five Strings

All the violins generally have four strings, namely G, D A and E. The newly discovered five-stringed version includes another string named C. These violins are mostly preferable for western tunes like bluegrass, jazz, country, rock genres and western swing. Since the resonance of the C-string is higher than usual, these violins are larger. These are new in the market and not much favorable for fresh learners.

Can Children Learn To Play The Violin?

Yes, children can learn to play the violin if it interests them. The ideal age is between 6 and 9 years. If you want to teach any child younger than this age, you should be able to read his instincts and willingness to learn. A two-year toddler can also play musical instruments if they possess god-gifted talent. So, there is no age limit.

Out of all the types of violin available in the market, there are a few small-sized ones available for children. The standard size for children aged between 3-4 years old is 1/16 and that of 10 years old is 4/4, which is the regular size.

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However, as a better alternative, you can take online classes by finding the best violinist from Superprof. It is the prime platform that connects online tutors and learners by giving them a common medium of communication.

While the teachers can reap the benefits of easy access to learners, you can enjoy the privilege of free initial class on Superprof.

Yes, the platform induces the teachers to offer the first class free of cost so that the students can judge the quality of teaching. Visit the website, shortlist the profiles that interest you, and then connect with the teacher whom you find the best of all. So, get your violin and bow, and start your online lessons today!

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