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There are currently 28 violin teachers offering violin classes in Bengaluru and the surrounding areas.


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👨🏼‍⚖️ How many violin teachers are available to give violin lessons in Bengaluru and the surrounding areas?

There are currently 28 private violin teachers offering violin classes in Bengaluru and the surrounding areas.


To find a private violin teacher, take a look at their tutoring cv to find out more information about their course offering.


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In Bengaluru, violin teachers charge ₹985 for classes.


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On Superprof, many of our violin tutors also offer online tuition. About 80% of tutors across our platform offer classes violin via Skype.


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Best Violin Classes with fees in Bengaluru

Violin is the most classic and elegant form of producing music. It allows you to get away with its fascinating tunes and takes you away from this hustling bustling world. Creating a tune by self is the most pleasing thing in this world. But before reaching that expertise level, you need to take the first step of learning the Violin.

The market is filled with various kinds of Violins; you need to choose the one you want to master!

Types Of Violin You Can Get In Bengaluru

Baroque Violin

The baroque Violin is set up in the manner of the baroque period of music. This term includes original instruments that have survived unmodified since the baroque music period. Later the instruments got adjusted to baroque setup and modern replicas. These types of Violins are fitted with gut strings as opposed to metal strings on another modern instrument.

Stroh Violin

The Stroh Violin, commonly known as stroviol, is another popular type of Violin. In general, it refers to a Violin, but it has been modified by amplification devices, including the viola, cello, double bass, etc. The Stroh Violins have two horns, one positioned at the end of the fingerboard to project the sound to an audience. Earlier, these types of Violins were used in recording studios. Stroh Violin is also one of the most expensive Violins. It is used in theatres or playrooms.

Electric Violin

As from the name, it can be guessed that it is a Violin with an electronic twist. These types of Violins are equipped with an electronic output of its sound. This term most properly refers to an intentionally made to be electrified with built-in pickups. Electric Violins use magnetic types of pickups along with some other varieties too. They are popularly used in jazz music.

Semi-Electric Violin

Semi electric Violin is also known as an acoustic-electric Violin. If you are searching for an instrument with both acoustic and amplified settings, the semi-electric Violin is the best option for you. This Violin has a hollow body that you can hear just like a regular Violin and comes with built-in electronics for amplification.

Despite the hollow body, most acoustic-electric Violin or semi-electric Violin will not feedback unless you get really loud. It is really a good option if you are playing country music.

5-String Violin

A 5 string Violin is another variant of Violin with an extra string tuned to a pitch below the usual Violin range and the G, D, A, and E strings of the standard Violin. A 5 string Violin typically includes a C string. This type of Violin is basically used in jazz and swing music. It is also used in fiddling. This Violin is very similar to a traditional Violin. The strings are typically tuned to the following pitches giving a scientific notation.

The shape of the body and neck of a five-string Violin closely resembles that of a traditional Violin. The body may be slightly wider and deeper to improve the resonance of the C string.

How To Master  The Violin?

You need to follow some simple tricks and techniques to attain expertise in playing the Violin:

Get your first Violin

To begin with, mastering the art of Violin, you need to have your own Violin. In Bengaluru, you can get several musical shops from where you can get your new Violin. Choose the kind of Violin you want to play. You can take the help of blogs and online materials to find the perfect Violin for you. 

Choose your mentor

The next step, when it comes to learning the Violin, is to select a mentor. You need a professional guide to learn the techniques of playing the Violin. Though there are multiple vlogs and blogs on Violin's online tutorials, you can choose a home tutor for you. You can find many professionals and Violin experts in Bangalore who can help you in learning the Violin. 

Focus on the techniques

To learn the Violin, it is essential to learn the technique of playing the Violin. You need to practice your fingers well on the Violin so that the strings become routine for your fingers. Before every session, warm up your fingers, arms and ears. Try to go for a metronome to practice playing with a steady beat. You can also opt for Tempo as they are great for playing various tunes. You need to handle your Violin with care. Avoid using too much rosin on the bow as it stretches the sound.

Play your favorite tune

Now that you understand the Violin techniques, you are ready to start with the practice of playing the first tune. Try to play low scales as it fine-tunes. You can keep a Violin journal or download Violin tune apps to help you memorize the tune you play. You can also pen down the learning of each day.

Violin Classes with Superprof

If you are determined to learn Violin and are looking for a helping hand, you can log in to Superprof. The website will help you in finding the best Violin tutor in your locality. You can choose from the best Violinist in Bengaluru to guide you with your Violin lessons.

Get your Violin, find your tutor, and leave yourself drenched in the music!

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