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📲Whereabouts in Hyderabad can you find a private guitar instructor?

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There are presently 93 guitar teachers available to teach the guitar in Hyderabad and nearby.


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👨🏼‍⚖️ Are there any guitar teachers available to teach guitar lessons near me?

There are 93 guitar teachers near you, available to give private courses




Choose your course from our range of more than 93 guitar teachers.

💻 Can you take private guitar lessons online?

Did you know you can even take music lessons online?


On Superprof, many of our Guitar instructors also offer online tuition. About 80% of teachers across our platform give classes guitar via Skype.

To find available online Guitar teachers, just select the webcam filter in the search engine to see the available tutors offering online courses in your desired subject.

Online courses via Skype offer you more advantages in terms of flexibility and are often less expensive as the teacher does not need to travel.


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💸 What do guitar lessons cost per hour near me? ?

The average rate for private guitar classes is ₹744 in Hyderabad.


The rates for guitar lessons can vary depending on:

  • the experience of your instructor
  • the type of guitar you want to learn (acoustic, electric, bass...)
  • the location of your guitar classes (via webcam or an outside location)
  • the number of lessons and the duration of each class
  • the goal of your guitar classes

97% of our instructors offer their 1st lesson free.


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🎸What do I need to learn to play the guitar?

It is of course mandatory  to possess a guitar as the first step. A few of the most reputable guitar brands that you can consider buying are Ibanez, ESP, Yamaha and Schecter.


Do not let the price of a guitar put you off as a new student.


If the rate is too steep, you can borrow a guitar to practice with until you feel ready to buy your own guitar.


Depending on the type of guitar and music you want to play, you may also need to buy:

  • an amp
  • an auxilary cable
  • a guitar strap
  • guitar picks
  • an effects pedal

Guitar extras are not required for you to learn to play the instrument. Don't be afraid to ask your guitar teacher for guidance on purchasing the right equipment.


Find your guitar teacher from over 93 guitar teachers registered with us.


💸 What are the Best Acoustic Guitars Under INR 3000 For Beginners in 2022?

The top five best acoustic guitars that a beginner guitarist can use are as follows:

  • Henrix 38
  • Zabel Elletra Acoustic Guitar
  • Hovner 150 Red Acoustic Guitar
  • Juarez Linden Wood Acoustic Guitar
  • Jixing Linden Wood
  • Black Bull Cutaway

Benefits of the guitars mentioned above are as follows:

1. Easy to hold and adjust

2. Great body durability and sound quality

3. Value for money

According to the best guitar teachers on Superprof, the best beginner guitar available in the market is a steel-stringed acoustic guitar. Most of the above guitars are available on Amazon India for less than 3000 rupees.


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Best Guitar Classes in Hyderabad

Have you always wondered how to play guitar, but could not find the time and the right tutor? With the advanced use of the internet, you are no longer required to be physically present to learn a skill. Be it a language, a dance form, or playing an instrument. You can get guitar lessons sitting at home and fulfill your lifelong dream. Keep on reading to learn where you can get guitar classes in Hyderabad. 

Along with the right amount of guidance, you can learn to play guitar at any age and reach higher levels of the skill. You can start your guitar lessons as a hobby, or you may turn it into a career. Learning how to play guitar will help in increasing your creativity to make music and gain confidence in your future endeavors. 

Why should you learn to play guitar?

Here are some reasons to keep in mind why you should get guitar lessons if you don’t feel convinced enough. 

  • Personal Achievement

Learning a new skill helps you feel more accomplished and see yourself in a different light. Your brain’s reward system will release endorphins each time you learn to play a new guitar tune. You will feel the achievement of being able to do something new by adding a new skill. 

  • Fun activity 

Both young and older adults can try their hands at learning guitar. This is far from an age-restricted activity. Instead, learning to play guitar will bring fun into your life and give you something to practice in your free time. 

  • Social Upliftment

You can perform at birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings for your friends and family. This is an excellent way to impress them and be more confident among your peers. Knowing how to play an instrument will increase your charm factor and help you score new friends. Moreover, you can jam with people who play guitars and form bands to perform together. 

  • Perform at Events

Your guitar performances do not need to be limited to family gatherings and parties. If you attain a certain level of perfection from your guitar lessons, you can perform at events and earn. There are several gigs at bars and restaurants that offer good money to play for the audience. So, getting guitar lessons in Hyderabad is a good investment if you consider making it into a career. 

What are the benefits of guitar lessons?

Learning a new skill has the capacity to rewire your brain. The physical and mental challenges help you overcome your own limitations. Here are some ways learning guitar can be beneficial.

  • Mental Benefits

Your brain learns to focus attention on one area while learning the guitar. This has a soothing meditative effect on your mind as it takes all your worries and stress into a passive state. You will feel calm and free of any anxiety while playing your guitar. Learning to play guitar can also help in giving a boost to your creativity. 

Moreover, your memory capacity will get enhanced after learning new tunes on the guitar. With a better concentration level, you will be able to focus more on other areas of life. 

  • Physical Benefits

There are several health benefits of guitar lessons, such as strengthened writs and improved hand coordination. However, you may need to practice some caution while learning the guitar not to hurt your fingers. Playing guitar can help in lowering your blood pressure by keeping your stress levels low in the body.

Superprof for Guitar Lessons in Hyderabad!

Superprof has guitar instructors who are proficient in teaching from beginner’s level to expert one. You can pick from the best teachers as per your current skills. Superprof gives you an opportunity to get guitar lessons online with the proper guidance of professionals in the field.

You can register on the Superprof platform free of cost to avail of the online guitar classes from your home's comfort. On Superprof it is not difficult to find a guitar teacher near me in Hyderabad

You can go through the teacher profiles and choose a teacher depending upon the rating. There are testimonials and reviews for the teachers to decide upon one. Besides, you can chat via inbox to communicate your expectations and schedule with the teacher.

The best part about online Superprof lessons is that the first class is always free.

With so many benefits of the platform, you will excel in playing guitar and turn into a pro yourself. 

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