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New Delhi
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Turkish language is one of the most sweetest language. Turkey, Istanbul most wonderful city of the world. I here to teach you most amazing language which will extra benefit you in future in most of th

I teach class on Friday, Saturday and sunday after 6pm. There will be basic in first few months and then there will be speaking class.

Paris 7e
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1st class FREE!

I am Turkish native based in Paris. I studied translation between Turkish-French-English at the University of Strasbourg. I hold a pedagogical training to teach languages.

My goal in teaching Turkish is to make understand the system of the Turkish language and thus make the courses more concrete and easy. As I am a linguist, you will be able to learn the language in a more sustainable way. After learning the basic grammar, we can work on oral skills too.

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Student in School of Architecture, gives particular course of Turkish and English in Paris

- The English courses are intended primarily for children / teenagers wishing to have tutoring in English. I base my method of teaching to 80% on conversation and 20% on grammar and vocabulary course because I think it helps to understand the English language and unlock this fear to speak orally in English that often the French students have. - Turkish courses are for everyone.

Brunswick West
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Experienced Language teacher makes learning Turkish fun to students of all ages

The Turkish sentence is mainly based on the correct construction of the verb which includes the suffixes for the subject, the tense, modal verbs, affirmative, negative or interrogative modes and so on. Once the students establish this very important information and understand the most commonly used word order, they will start making sentences hence start enjoying talking in Turkish.

Paris 1er
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Turkish Lessons with a Language Expert Oğuvtğı (or English and French) - TÖMER certified Turkish language teacher

Hi, My name is Muhammet, I am Turkish and I am a teacher and interpreter of French who teaches French, Turkish and English for 6 years. I speak English, French and Arabic. At the same time, I am a Turkish - French translator - interpreter. I graduated from French teacher training from Marmara University in Istanbul. I completed my degree studies in 2010.

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Turkish lessons by a student from Istanbul / Toulouse or Skype

Student in Master of Psychology in Toulouse offers private and group lessons for all levels and all ages! With a possibility of providing lessons on Skype! :) You want to learn the basics, the contemporary vocabulary and everyday life expressions? You want to be able to read newspapers or improve your speaking/writing skills? Student in Toulouse of Turkish mother tongue offers its services!...

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1st class FREE!

Would you like to learn Turkishlanguage in Sevenoaks or London area. First lesson is half price. I teach grammar, literacy, speaking and listening.

Turkish is my mother tongue. I teach Turkish, English and Spanish. I teach grammar and literacy. Speaking is fun as well. I am 38 years old, non smoker and good listener. My technique is writing and repeating as well as speaking. I believe do homework is a good practice.

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Turkish classes with native teacher for students of all levels (online classes)

Hello! My name is Esra, of Turkish nationality, resident in Cádiz, Spain. With long experience in the teaching of languages, translation and interpretation in Spanish-Turkish-English. Studies: -University: Hispanic Philology -Master: Business Management (MBA) I offer Turkish classes. In the classes I facilitate the learning process by adapting myself to the needs of students.

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Enjoy a new language with 23 years of teaching Turkish. 1 language one human 2 languages Two people

I am Turkish language teaching degree. I have been teaching Turkish for 23 years and I had students from age three to 60. Depending on the student's needs I use variety of approaches to teaching Turkish such as listening to the music, producing videos, reading books, discussing a particular topic and even playing games (especially with younger learners who loves learning through play).

1st class FREE!

Online Turkish lessons from native Turkish with 11 years of experience in teaching Turkish

I can give online lessons. I think a teacher has to work more than its students. Because there is not one teaching method. It depends on the needs and level of the student. I will prepare each lesson carefully for you. Before the lessons, we must talk about your purposes and needs. As a teacher, I know preparing lessons according to student needs.

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Lectures on school exams and national examinations from a specialist in Turkish Language and Literature

Along with the free lecture note, I do a lecture based on question-answer based tactics and tricks. I'm a teacher who wrote a question bank. Many private students have entered high schools and universities. I have a bachelor's degree with an average of 3.70 and an average of 3.80.

1st class FREE!

Turkish lectures from a 25-years experienced journalism master student in the U.K

I start with only basic grammar lectures to make enable word practises. After the student is able to make sentences, I prefer focusing on words and grammer is practised naturally. I am quite patient and I enjoy teaching and it is crucial for me to make the student happy and have the enjoyment via learning. It is the only way to acquire a language easier in my opinion.

1st class FREE!

Learn Turkish from a native with 15-year teaching experience with unique methods

Every learner needs different approach. Their talents and needs determine the methodology. After over 15 years of teaching experience I can easly tailor the lessons in accordance with individual needs. However the main focus is always speaking. Our sessions will be extremely interactive and learner centered, not the teaching materials.

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Didem - Brixton - Turkish

Hello, I am a Musical Theatre performer, singing and piano teacher working in those areas for years. I am willing to share my experience and passion with my students. Please feel free to contact me. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach : - Musical Theatre singing, pop/jazz singing and classical singing as well. - Classical piano.

1st class FREE!

Resident in Italy, opera singer of Turkish mother tongue, offers Turkish, English, Italian lessons for Turks, as well as Singing and Ear Training lessons.

For online lessons, I use a software called Zoom. (Similar to Skype) I offer both private lessons and group lessons according to your needs. My singing teaching is based on the Alexander Technique where vocal freedom is primary and vital.

Paris 14e
1st class FREE!

Turkish doctoral student, studying political studies at EHESS teaches Turkish in Paris

Hello! I am a PhD student in political studies specializing on Turkey. The courses will be based on the written language, oral and comprehension of the two according to your will. I am interested in literature, theater and cinema and I would love to use these interest in teaching Turkish.

1st class FREE!

Turkish editor/medical doctor giving contemporary business and medical Turkish speaking and writing or introduction to Turkish literature sessions

My approach is to define the need and make a person specific and flexible plan and adapt that constantly. As a life and business coach, I know how to support individuals for their targets and how to help them overcome the obstacles.

1st class FREE!

La Trobe University international relations master graduate gives Turkish lessons for everyone who wants to improve their Turkish proficiency.

I can help identify the areas you'd like to improve and tailor an effective approach. My teaching method is totally based working on grammar exercises and doing conversational practices. I also offer classes that will help you to build your confidence with spoken Turkish.

1st class FREE!

Native Turkish speaker experienced at teaching all levels. Personal approach with unique style

I am very easy going, patient, and I can understand the different needs of every individual and find ways to accommodate them. I like an interactive approach. I like to make sure not to move onto next stages without making sure everything is well understood and learnt.

1st class FREE!

Turkish teacher with 15 years of experience offering Turkish and English lesson in London

My teaching strategies are determined partly on subject matter to be taught and partly by the objectives of my students. That's why I have been using small texts, games and various speaking and listening activities fitting the level of them.

1st class FREE!

Native Turkish speaking Canadian is ready to help those who are learning Turkish

I like to entail my teaching based on the culture and personality of my students. I use visuals including videos to reinforce the material. Create in class discussions and encourage students to participate in subject discussion. My philosophy is to think outside the box.

North Las Vegas
1st class FREE!

Turkish Tutor with great experience and efficient approach supported by professional technics

My Teaching Approach 1-) First thing I care about in my class is the FLEXIBILITY in the teaching plan and the level of INTERACTION during the lessons. I immediately adapt to students’ level in the first lessons and consistently analyze achievements throughout the whole lessons.

1st class FREE!

Master of Arts Native Speaker Turkish Teacher teaching direct from Istanbul, Turkey

I plan my classes from basic to advanced at every level for every age group. According to your request I also design the study through interactive methods. I use the most current techniques and learning methodologies I was educated in.

1st class FREE!

College student in Orlando gives Turkish lessons for English speaking students or English lessons for Turkish speaking students!

Hello! I am a student at the University of Central Florida in Orlando Florida. I am a fluent speaking English student that loves helping and teaching others. I was born in a Turkish household, living with the customs of a Turk.

1st class FREE!

Former St. Benoit High School experienced Turkish Tutor in London (for all levels)

Exceptional knowledge of delivering instruction with technology and empowering students to use valuable resources. Excellent understanding of curriculum development and assessment methods based on research and practice. Versatile Literature & Turkish Teacher who is well-versed in over a dozen literary genres and can teach to any range of students.

Leamington Spa
1st class FREE!

Turkish lessons, life and school coaching from a Turkish native graduate Psychologist

My teaching method is to first identify the need and target of the person and than structure a tailored approach to the individuals. I will make sure our sessions are fun and effective. I prefer one to one lessons but I am also open for online sessions.

1st class FREE!

Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language from Turkish Teacher who worked at Ankara University TÖMER for 6 years

One-to-one or optional group lessons can be preferred. According to the wishes of the student, a lecture can be given in a venue or over the internet (Skype etc.). The student's home can be taught in a suitable environment to make a café or course to be decided jointly.

1st class FREE!

Turkish Courses - Language, Literature and Culture for all levels in Paris

Graduated from the Law School of the Sorbonne, I come from Istanbul and live in Paris for more than two years. I give Turkish lessons for all levels with a high number of supporting materials and methods. I build for each student personalized courses according to their levels and their needs.

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1st class FREE!

Mother-tongue teacher of Turkish language offers Turkish courses via Skype(ONLINE LESSONS) also in Venice

I am Turkish, I was born and raised in Turkey. I graduated from the Italian high school in Istanbul and I studied Mathematics at university. I have just finished my master's degree in teaching foreign languages ​​at Ca' Foscari University. My lessons offer an effective and fun way to put into practice what you learn from grammar rules.

(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!

I am Turkish, mechanical engineer, and living in the Uk for the last 6 years.

My teaching method will be different for each student depending on their background and learning skills. We will use the language we are learning in our daily routine.

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