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The average price of Swimming classes in India on Superprof is ₹1,728.

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Yes. Superprof is a platform that connects students with tutors or instructors, we have many Swimming instructors who offer classes exclusively for ladies in your area.

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830 tutors are currently available to give Swimming lessons near you.

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Swimming classes: Learn basic to advanced level of swimming

While India's hot and humid weather makes it hard to work out outside, swimming offers some respite. It is also a great source of fun for many people. The aquatic form of fitness submits some healthy exercise time without sitting on your couch all day playing video games or watching Netflix with the air conditioner turned up high. So, stop googling anything else and type "where to learn to swim near me in India".

Swimming is an excellent exercise form to get in shape and enjoy the outdoors. It can be done with friends or solo, and this sport offers a lot of health benefits. If you live in India, several places offer lessons at affordable prices.

What are the main advantages of learning swimming?

Learning to swim in India has many benefits beyond simply staying afloat and enjoying a summer day at the beach or outdoor pool. Some more are enlisted below for your convenience.

Burns calories

When you're looking for a way to burn calories, swimming is one of the best options.

A 160-pound person burns around 423 calories per hour while swimming at a low or moderate pace. It can be increased by up to 20% for each additional lap.

That same person may burn up 892 when they swim more vigorously and 203 if just lounging around in the pool with no other activities involved.

The average person burns around 314 calories per hour when walking at 3.5 miles per hour for 60 minutes, but it could be less than that, depending on the activity.

Yoga might only burn 183 or more. The elliptical trainer will provide you with 365 mini-workouts, and 50% fewer calories are burned than jogging outside.

Improves sleep

Swimming may be the answer to your prayers if you're fighting insomnia. A recent study found that participants with old age-related sleep problems reported improved quality of life and better sleeping habits after participating in regular aerobic exercise, including swimming.

The study found that older adults can improve their rest with a variety of aerobic exercises. These include elliptical machines, stair-steppers, and bikes, to name just some of those types included in this research. 

Mood Booster

According to research done by Trusted Source, people with dementia can enjoy the benefits of swimming and aquatic workouts like any other person. This includes an improvement in mood after participants completed 12 weeks' worth of aqua exercise programs.

Stress management

Swimming is another way to relieve stress, and it stimulates the brain in new ways. When you swim underwater with water over your body, there's an added effect of feeling massaged, promoting relaxation. A swimming pool can improve someone’s cognitive ability by making them feel less tense or overwhelmed from their work environment.

Muscle training

Swimming is a great way to get in shape. It's not just your abs and lower back that will benefit from swimming; you'll also develop more muscle on top of those existing areas. For instance, some people have a body type that packs muscle on quicker than others, but you need to swim a lot of miles for your shape and bulk up.

Improve performance in other sports

To get the utmost out of your workout schedule, you must include a variety of exercises. Swimming is one form of fitness method that can have a fantastic effect on performance for athletes. These include cyclists and runners who want their best possible selves during high-intensity activities like triathlons or marathons.

How to learn swimming near me with Superprof?

The popular online platform has over 830 experienced and talented swimming instructors ready to help you dive and float safely and securely. You can be allowed to take your first class without paying anything.

Also, don't worry because there are no membership fees involved either. Moreover, the student reviews will help guide that decision-making process as well. Other students had reviewed each tutor before who had good things to say about them too. This should make selecting an instructor even easier. 

On Superprof, you will be guided by a team of experienced professionals. Every tutor is well-versed in swimming and pays individual attention to the student who seeks guidance from them. Hourly rates are put up on our site so that you get the best deal possible without breaking bank accounts.

Whether you are beginning trying to learn how to swim or a more advanced learner looking for help improve your skillset already mastered, Superprof has it all. Simply open the Superprof website, register yourself and then check out the tutors to match your requirements. Once selected, contact them and take a demo class. If all goes well, continue learning. This should bring an end to your exhausting hunt for “swimming near me in India”. We wish you luck!

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