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The average rate of Statistics lessons in Gurugram is INR 674.


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Learn Statistics in Gurugram

Statistics is the world of probabilities, paradoxes, and p-values. Statistics revolves around making sense of data and figuring out how to put that information to use. Statistics has two related but separate meanings. First up is the field of statistics which is the study and practice of collecting and analysing data. And statistics are facts or summaries of data. 

Statistics is divided into two for convenience- descriptive and inferential statistics.

Descriptive statistics usually include things like where the middle of the data is- what statisticians call measures of central tendency. Statisticians gather a lot of information that may be of no use to us, but they later compress and summarise it to give us more helpful information. At the same time, inferential statistics allow us to make conclusions that extend beyond the data we have in hand. Inferential statistics let us test an idea or hypothesis. 

Now that you know what statistics are, let us find ways to learn statistics in Gurugram.

What are the job opportunities for statistics majors?

Statistics are tools that help us make sense of the vast amount of information in the world. It also allows us to filter the loads of data that come our way every day. Below are the highest paying jobs if you plan to learn statistics in Gurugram or anywhere for that matter.


A logistician takes care of a company's particular supply chain. The supply chain means how products go from a supplier to the customer's hands. So it includes getting the products, storing them, putting them in-store, and eventually making sure that they get in the customer's hand in the most efficient way possible. 

Investment analyst

This person is going to be working for a company and deciding how they should invest their money. Companies do invest their money. They do not want their money just sitting there in a bank account. So these investment analysts look at different investments and decide what the best course of action is.

Research analyst

This is a stock-related position or an investment-related position where you will be required to research a lot of stocks. They lay out their thoughts on a particular store. You will be required to look at a specific stock and then the company's fundamentals like the money they are making or losing, their future projections, etc. A research analyst makes research decisions for big companies.

Financial analyst

Almost every company needs some financial analyst to make sense of the finances of the company. Things you will be doing for the company include maintaining cash-flows, the money you are making or losing, etc. It is a high-paying job and also in demand.


Actuaries are individuals who judge the risks involved in the insurance industry. Threats are related to a product that a consumer buys, such as property, car, etc. They are masters in risk management who use their mathematical and statistical skills to estimate the probability of future events. Hence, it is one of the most amazing jobs and requires economics, business administration, finance and mathematics, and statistics as prerequisites. 

Computational Scientist

A computational scientist will create very complex mathematical models that usually solve some scientific problem. These mathematical models generally replicate or represent the natural world in some way. These models are typically made on supercomputers. If you enjoy mathematics and creating complex models, this one is for you.

Quantitative analyst

A quantitative analyst has a specialisation in mathematical and statistical models to look at financial risks and investments. S/he creates and implements complex models firms use to make financial and business decisions about investments, pricing, etc.

Data scientist

A data scientist is in charge of making sense of the data. We live in a data-driven world where companies have an absurd and unimaginable amount of data. Data scientists combine software engineering, data science to make sense of all this data as data in its rawest form can not make sense. 

Machine learning engineer

You will be required to develop, create, and design machine learning and deep learning systems. It is the study of machines learning by themselves and learning through experience. Machines can learn by looking at the past. You can create algorithms that go through several events, look back at history, and make future decisions based on what it has learned. 

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Now that you have come across various elements of statistics, learning statistics won't be an issue. Statistics majors offer you a high-paying job along with all the perks. Rather than going out to find institutes in Gurugram, find a course at the comfort of your home at Superprof. Superprof is an online and offline learning platform that aims to bridge the gap between learners and tutors. With more than 350 verified teachers who specialise in statistics, learning will be super convenient.

Superprof provides you with the option to take the lessons in person or online. You may find your perfect tutor in three simple steps. Search, contact, organise. Search for a tutor who possesses good reviews, then contact the teacher and discuss the details. Finally, manage your classes through the messaging portal. 

Superprof is rapidly growing due to its brilliance in providing the best learning experience. Once you benefit from Superprof, you can always recommend it to your friends. Now you are all prepared to learn statistics in Gurugram.

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