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New Delhi
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Fitness and sports coach I give bodybuilding and weight loss training with full workout and nutrition plan. Delhi, India

- I train people using my complete knowledge that I have in this subject. - I train with a scientific approach and teach my students all the concepts. - I also give complete nutrition plans and workout plans according to the goals of my students.

Rohit raj
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To secure a position as a fitness educator where I can demonstrate my passion for fitness, health and over all well-being I wish to assist, help and coach people to achieve their fitness goals and imp

Training children for Muay Thai Kick Boxing of 12-18 age group Teaching and training children of 8-16 age group for self-defense techniques Taken vocational classes at Lucknow Public School – JankipuramLucknow

B. Thandrapadu
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My way for fitness and defence Are my strengths to teach like you..

I teach judo four hours in a day.. Early morning 5: 30 to 7: 30 am and evening 4: 30 to 6: 30 am.. With better techniques In your daily life..

Navi Mumbai
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Learn Sailing and sport motivation / determination from an Asian Medallist in a unique way

Training for team building and employee bounding in corporate sector by relating and through the skills of sailing into their daily moves. BY enjoying, by learning to sail and by fulfilling the expectation for enrolment for the special programme with me. This activities helps you to develop new skills and polish the existing once in a very unique approach.

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National competitor in Rowing and I gym for aesthetics but I get you strength, size, or toned for both genders.

I can do this online or in person if you stay in Hatfield, I design programs for your specifications and I will push you to work through it as hard as you can to increase your results and performance.

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Experienced junior rower who loves the sport. I have been trained by world class rowers which can help me to further apply my skill to you

My teaching method can be very visual for the learner or very audio based so the student can take notes.

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Qualified Female Personal Trainer offering Personal Training in Edinburgh for other women

I tailor what and how I coach based on the individual, everyone is going to have different goals and preferences. I want us to be able to work together to create a workout that you will truly love, I will never make you exercise in a way that you don't enjoy.

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Exercise and Sport Scientist with over 10 years experience gives personal training lessons

My methodology is to be as helpful as I can to ensure the student gets the best and latest information vital for their success.

Cape Town
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Third year environmental and geographical science student at the university of Cape Town and part time rowing coach who is passionate about the sport as well general fitness.

My coaching and teaching methodology is based upon a segmented approach in order to perfect every piece which would essentially make the gear move more efficiently.

Los Angeles
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Professional, 10 years of rowing experience in Peru included rowing for USC.

Engagement is a crucial part of instruction. Students who are more engaged often have more favorable learning outcomes. I have interactive classroom discussions. For example, after a short lecture, I encourage students to share stories related to the content.

Mortlake and Barnes

John - Mortlake and Barnes - Rowing

Health and vitality is the cornerstone to whatever you do and whatever your personal challenges are. I provide a wellness package that supports you in moving with clarity and vigour towards these goals. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Physiology, Anatomy, Nutrition, Human Biology, Physical Education, PSHE. I also mentor pupils, notably in goal setting and time management.

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Student rower for 3 years keen to share my knowledge and technique

I row 5 or 6 times a week and spend a lot of time on an ergo (rowing machine), on the water in a sculling boat or in the gym. Am able to help with technique on the ergo for beginners, some types of technique in the gym and on the water.

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National level rower offering to give rowing lessons, theory sessions and cox crews in Gloucestershire

My approach is to start with off water training, focusing on achieving good technique and base skill levels on rowing machines before transferring the skills into the boat. I will provide thorough feedback both during the session and after in order to allow the rower to get a good understanding of how their can improve and the benefits that their training will provide to their speed.

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I’ve a great passion to rowing and I’m Champion in 1x- 2x Rowing player.

Overcome any fear and making rowing session overall fun instead of just making efforts and hard techniques. Moreover, you will get all of this techniques and high fitness performance.

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