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Students who are interested in playing mouth organ ,i.e., harmonica, any one

I want to teach from basic then i shall start them giving notations

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I teach Hindustani classical music vocal, flute, keyboard, harmonium etc. I am from Manipal, Karnataka India

I look for the intellectual level of the students in all aspect if it is music or any subject that i want to teach.

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Learn Indian Classical Music / Light Music on Harmonium, Keyboard, (Home Tuition) Accompaniment with Kathak

1st month • Week One – Basic Information about Harmonium and Alankaar 1 to 3 • Week Two – Alankaar #4 to 6 • Week Three – Alankaar #7 to 8 • Week Four – Alankaar #9 to 10 2nd Month • Week One to four – Alankaar #11 to 30 + Few nursery Rhymes 3rd Month • Alankaar #31 to 45 + Few nursery Rhymes + • Starting of Raag Bhoop Astai as well as Antara 4th Month • Raag Bhoop As

Dr manash
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Got Music????? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanna Learn ? I can make you learn on an easy way so,lets begin.

My method is that i will plan a lessons for everyone not same lessons to all base on there vocal tacture ill design my lessons to only that particular student,and he should sing the lesson which i gave him in my previous class.

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Famous singer , music M.A. , friendly teacher , various reality show winner available for individual and group music training .

unique training system for voice training , you can sing perfectly in tune , contact me for details ,

1st class FREE!

O come near and get the knowledge' i will give you a tution

in my classes there is peace and i give peace also to them .

Bokaro Steel City
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Harmonica lessons for beginners to step into the magical world of music.

I normally play a chromatic harmonica which is best suited for any type of music. I am comfortable with light indian music. I teach by the method of notations which is best suited for keyboard as well.

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I want to teach Music.If you want please appoint me for music.

Music learning a systematic way with fillings.classic based song is the piller of any song.so,carefully take it.If you care,then I care.

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Music gives a meaning to the life ! Join me to learn keyboard

My teaching method will include the basic knowledge of Sa re ga ma and then which type of would the student prefer

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Music is a power of the god. There are fix every vowel in Ram.

My teaching mathods first thyori al Secondly practicale. Formulls and scientific tecnic. Study idias . Vowels plus main through sound Comperition. Research daily music magic.

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Harmonia er 7 Sur. Sa re ga ma Pa dha ni sa

Tal hoy Onek dhoroner. jmn kaharba, dadra, trital etc. Rag hoy jmn bhoirab, bilabol etc. Game r thake chondo.

Bhupinder kaur
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Come and join the music class especially in gurbani shabads in ragas and without ragas

I always reach my subject by ding myself first.with moral values,with practical knowledge and experience.

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Professional musician and youtuber gives vocal and instrument lessons and lessons on music composition.

I'll teach you the fast track method to sing better, play the guitar better and most importantly put your learning to use and create your own songs/tracks. Additionally I can teach lyric writing and working on a studio software and music programming.

Greater Noida
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I teach harmonica on line.mora than 20 years of experience in music teaching.

well its a different thing which I decide after seening the level of student.if its a beginner level I start with scales and if its an already learning stage then t I suggest lessons according to the level.

1st class FREE!

So If you Want to learn soulful music then i am here

Mi teaching is based on classical , semi classical ,western and Bollywood music whatever you want to learn I will teach

New Delhi
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Learn Harmonica mouth organ a wonder instrument in your pocket enjo and have fun

Harmonica is a free wind instrument any body can play age is not at all a factor its only instrument which help you medically as well its a stress killer with a type of yoga i feel music is only bridge between man and God

Uttar Pradesh
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If you want to learn the music . You are at right place.

My teaching method is same as i learned by my Guru ji. . I start from basics of music .

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Indian Classical Music - " It is the language of heart "

Hello, I am Ninad Deshpande i had completed my Graduation , From last five years i learn Indian classical music {flute} from my Guruji Pandit Shripad Kulkarni and also learning. while learning i was observed that the most people learn 2 to 3 months but this music,they do not have petitions and dedication.

Jaswant singh
(1 review)
1st class FREE!

All students who interested to learn music ,I gives the learning facility

My teaching method is very simple,I teach to play harmonica practicing very easy.I teach theory also .

1st class FREE!

Join online media careers live if you want to achieve stage singing in six months

An experienced faculty for oner 30 years in vocal singing - classical and bollywood songs. Participate in auditions of various musical programs on Television and other Media. Become a professional singer in just six months time. Advance courses also available with us.

Rajpur Sonarpur
Pandit shyamalendu
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I like classical music and I think that it is heart of all songs, classical music Practice makes perfect way

1st class FREE!

If anybody want to learn about classical music and also want to play harmonica contact with me

My methodology is based on my classes..first I'll try to drow interest on music..after that i'll motivate the student always.

1st class FREE!

I'm hard working and give my best and enjoy and fell the music

My teaching method is simply light music and satriya sangeet mixture students enjoy the every steps in my music class

1st class FREE!

It is very useful to all types of students.: Classic and Bhajan shall be teaching.

Firstly it class very helpful to all those students age group 6 to more.on that basis we find the or use that types of methodology.but practical is must.

1st class FREE!

Students in singing and Music playing interesting that I can Teach and learn to Music Lessions.

My Teaching method is very simple to easily learn and teach in to help the students . And I train in any Music to friendly atmosphere.

1st class FREE!

Some required a Master's degree or Doctorate in education. good moin ghgf

Mr Cavanagh is the product of a new way of training teachers. Rather than spending their time musing on the meaning of education, he and his peers have been drilled in the craft of the classroom. Their dozens of honed techniques cover everything from discipline to making sure all children are thinking hard. Not a second is wasted. North Star teachers may seem naturals. They are anything but.

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Dream voice search including all age group and all voice category ok

You will be prepared for your dream. This is my promise to you.singing is a gift which is given by God. It's a part of our life. Mind become free.health will be ok.it is also a unique talent of person.

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Sangeet Visharad in Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti and Classical, willing to inculcate music into every soul.

I believe in the quote saying 'Practice makes Perfect'. I help students learn through repetitive explanations and practice in my classes.

Ecole jjr
(2 reviews)
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Guitar lessons, bass, drums, ukulele, harmonica, keyboard, workshops rehearsals approved JJRébillard (Guitar hand) since 1999 in Besançon

Professor of guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, ukulele, harmonica approved JJREBILLARD (formerly of Guitar Part) for 15 years. Individually or in pairs during pro from JJR methods, all styles, all levels. (From 7 years).

Ciudad de México
(6 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Classes of diatonic harmonica: starting with the traditional blues and going through classical music and jazz

We will embark on a journey through the world of the harmonica, the history of the instrument, its parts, and music, with the support of several textbooks and audio materials. Indispensable to have a diatonic harmonica in C or G.

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