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Mandi Bariwala
1st class FREE!

Aagr dil Mei kush Sikhne ki ishaaa ho whii cheez ashi trh se sikhi jaa skti hai or aggr ussi cheez mei poori mehnt kii jaaye to whhi cheez kisi naa kisi din aapke career kaa hissa bn jaayegi or aap li

I like to teach someone with heartly because its mandatory for me for teach someone who have interested in Music.. i loved those who have love with Music.. Because Music is an a thing who have getting feel relaxed...

Yami singh
1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

O come near and get the knowledge' i will give you a tution

in my classes there is peace and i give peace also to them .

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Here is the some special for doing special students and doing a best in dance

Frist i look on every student who really want to learn dance ..

Moti shrma
1st class FREE!

Hii dear,s m aapko argan achi tarah se sikha sakta hu so try please

My teaching mathor is...I basa my class ...I approved best teaching.

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I am having Experienc of 10Years and Doing Project having Experience for 5Years.Its my Family Business and Music is My Passion and Profession both.

Music is not Lecture or not Answer its Feeling which Touch Soul of other Person.Its not Impress other but its Expression.Music is best part to give life to Smile to person,A laugh,a Tear.So In Short if you want to Learn music dont be matured musicians are Mad Person without brain ,for giving or taking Sense,Musicians only give.

1st class FREE!

Yes trying it out....... how this works actuly so that i can under

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1st class FREE!

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Paris 13e
(25 reviews)

Piano course with international concert pianist, fluent English interactive and online dedicated lessons

Yumeki Ohashi is a world class concert artist ―pianist with exceptional gift of feeling of the European music in period of XVIII― XXI Century , her repertoire range is quite huge which covers all of piano music works from German, French, Austrian, and Czech and Slovak Republic’s composers.

1st class FREE!


Sau khi Việt Nam không vượt qua nổi vòng bảng ở “ao làng” SEA Games 2017, bao tia hi vọng dù mong manh của người hâm mộ đều tan biến.


Alison - Altrincham - Organ

I am a qualified and experienced piano teacher with excellent ABRSM results at all levels. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Piano, Accordion, Organ, Classical Theory/Composition - Tell me about your qualifications. I undertook a four-year course at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester where I studied the Art of Teaching, Theory, Acoustics, History of Music and Piano Performance.

(10 reviews)

STEPHEN - Shirland - Organ

I believe that each student is a unique human being and tailor make my lessons to suit the individual and his or her needs. I am passionate about Music and have over 30 years experience as a Full Time Director of Music in Independent Schools. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Music GCSE, AS and A level. Post Graduate teaching of Music up to MA and Ph D level.


MARCO - Hitchin Learn Piano & Keyboard Classical - Jazz - Blues - Funky - Pop Study for fun or for ABRSM & TRINITY Blues & Jazz lessons available for all instruments All ages welcome CRB approved!

I have been teaching piano (classical and jazz) to all ages for over 20 years and really enjoy watching my pupils making progress with their studies. Do you want to pick up where you left? ..all ages welcome..

(1 review)
1st class FREE!

Music lessons: organ, harpsichord, piano, chamber music, theory (solfège, musicianship, ear training), music history, interpretation coaching, discovery of the architecture laying behind music pieces

- All ages - All levels (from beginners to graduate students and professional musicians) - 1:1 Lessons, Lessons for Two, and Small Group Lessons available. Depending on the subject, courses can be conducted at my place, yours, or online (live and real time).

Ana lucia
1st class FREE!

Master's student at the Prince Claus Conservatory in Groningen. Saxophone, harmony and piano.

My lessons are aimed at all kinds of level. Depending on the age and level of the person, the classes are focused differently. We will have fun learning to play songs that you know and enjoy in a fun and entertaining way.

1st class FREE!

Pop/Rock keyboardist and guitarist with 10-15 years experience based in Nashville, Tennessee.

My teaching method is based on using technology as a resource, whether it's listening to recordings or watching live performances on youtube. I assimilate the student in the music and styles being learnt and guide them in replicating the sound, style, and feel of the performer.

(20 reviews)

Graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels gives course organ / piano / solfege on Brussels.

I define a method of work always in discussion with the student without ever imposing but guiding: to know his desires, his tastes, to question his motivation, what type of repertory he wants to practice, etc ... The music must always remain a pleasure. My goal is to contribute to the development of each of my students.

1st class FREE!

Master of music, doctor of education candidate lessons to match your needs

My teaching method is a combination of skills obtained from teacher training with the International Yamaha Music Foundation and knowledge gained from ethno-musicology research. I use the "I-do, we-do, you-do" approach.

(4 reviews)

Stephen - Peckham - Organ

Welcome to my tutor page! I am an experienced teacher and musician and am passionate about helping others to enjoy and develop their musical interests. I hope the answers below will give you an idea of what to expect from me and my teaching.

(5 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Piano lessons and modern music. Youth specialist. Motivation and results. Enjoy jazz !! !!

My methodology consists of a large dose of motivation and adapting to students, and at the same time be demanding (although he does not feel it) and make it gradually gets better. The truth is that I'm good with youngers and they just play the piano well, with joy and progress.

Paris 4e
Pascal henri
1st class FREE!

Professional musician gives piano lessons and singing, harpsichord, organ and composition

Dynamic, educator and listening, I provides instruction for all levels of awakening piano at expert level. I am also a pianist and harpsichordist and organist, and have acquired expertise in Baroque music as romantic on these three instruments. I articulate my courses on fun and sharing while taking into account the constant development of the student's expectations.

Paris 15e
1st class FREE!

I'm a Music Conservatory Professor and I will share with you and/or your children my passion.

- All ages - All levels (from beginners to graduate students and professional musicians) - 1:1 Lessons, Lessons for Two, and Small Group Lessons available. Depending on the subject, courses can be conducted in a church (organ), your place, or online (live and real time).

(1 review)
1st class FREE!

(Organ, Keyboard and brass) based in Evenwood, County Durham - with over 10 years experience with all ages

My teaching method begins with very basic note location on the piano before leading into whatever branch the student decides to take. It is called the suzuki method and depending on learning speed will determine the route taken. Once the notes are learnt.

(1 review)
1st class FREE!

Highly-experienced, award-winning, Russian-trained pianist & organist offers top quality lessons in Knoxville in a fun and stimulating environment. Students of all ages and levels are welcome!

I was born in Moscow, Russia. My mother was a piano teacher and started me playing at 4. I studied at the legendary Moscow Conservatory with Victor Merzhanov. In the US, I won the Houston Symphony Ima Hogg Young Artist Competition and debuted with the Symphony performing Beethoven's Third Piano Concerto. I earned my Bachelor's of Music at the University of Houston.

(4 reviews)

KwanMusic in Cambridge Piano Maths Timothy Kwan MA PGCE ARCO NPQML BMus

Hello, I'm a friendly, experienced piano and theory teacher that will guide all ages to reach their musical ambitions, from beginner to professional. I can take students through all levels of classical study. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Piano, Organ, Theory and Musicianship. I also offer GCSE, A-level and degree-level tuition. - Tell me about your qualifications.

1st class FREE!

Certified Kawai Music Teacher, Social Worker, Direct Support Professional, Educational Associate offers Organ &/or Music Reading Lessons in the Waldheim, Rosthern, Martensville areas.

I teach using the Kawai Organ Music Method. I am certified to teach grades 1-4 organ lessons (beginner). I can also teach music reading lessons. I teach step-by-step, have the student practice and build on each step. I teach the next steps progressively as my student masters them one at a time and can demonstrate they are ready to advance to the next step.

1st class FREE!

I am entitled Superior Classic Piano but I also spent some years to modern music. I also music theory and language.

I am entitled superior piano and give classes to all kinds of people who are interested in exploring the instrument in a pleasant piano. I use a simple method, based on the logic that ensures the development of the student in a short time, always adapting to the needs that the student may have.

(2 reviews)

Classes of PIANO, solfege and MUSIC in Valladolid. All levels and ages.

The piano lessons are designed in a personalized way for each student. From classical music, like pop, songs to sing, etc. pursuing the objective that the student wants, always working hard and with enthusiasm to move forward and enjoy the music.

Boynton Beach
1st class FREE!

Professional musician with doctorate in music offers piano, organ and music theory coaching in Palm Beach County, FL.

I believe in a holistic approach in teaching: repertoire, ear training, improvisation, technique exercises and sight-reading. Students of mine will be given opportunities to perform often in public in order to combat “stage fright “ and build confidence in their skills.

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