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A professionally trained gymnast who has trained over 20+ Adult dancers and 20 Kids.

I am a simple trainer. My skills involve in making a strong foundation. Kids enjoy learning with me as I have a pretty good sense of humour to inculcate teaching attitude in the kids. I have a couple of my trainers working with YMCA through whom the trained kids can be taken to district and state level events.

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Body of a person shows the character and personality of that person

My teaching will always be online and also if the students are having any problem in online contacts then i can send you the work out schedules and and your doubt clearing statements through watsapp or textbox message as you prefer.

Biman chandra
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Sports even gymnastics coaching is Being given to the boys and the girls of age 4 to 15 years in Guwahati Assam.

My teaching method will be directive and practical way so that it helps student to teach properly. It is fully scincetific method will be done.

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Sports is as good as exercise for every one it is fun and gives a breakthrough to a busy life schedule and help us to be fit and healthy

Firstly ill like to tell you that a sport is for fun so as a friend i only want to play with you for fun and soon you automatically start improving

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Students are who want play artistic gymnastics pls contact me at ujjain

I do my 100 % on my students And all my students are performed well.

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Gives good skill network and highest technology.Teaching method is good ect li

Hello my name is Rekha Tiwari. . . . . I am Teacher . . . . . I Teach English and Hindi . . . . . I give my Best to my Student .

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Studying in engnneeing collage I want some money Iam play cricket very well

My teaching is very good Ian explain very clean and neatly.

Md sayam
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Full Customize diet plan and workout schedules... For both Males and Females with P. T. 4 week plan also available

I gave attention to particular person, about their physical activity, their nutrition what they need and what they did need...

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Finding good players is getting them to play as a team is another story

My teaching method is easy but it is quite interesting i focus on method rather than learning it so try it

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Sk fitness (fitness for better & healthy life???? ???? ???? )

Hello everyone, My name is Shashank Gupta, I'm from Bhopal, previously I was a gym trainer for 7 months , basically I trained for muscle building & for fat loss . I'm good in supersets exercise for girls to make them look fit & with a beautiful figure. My record for weight loss is 7 kgs in 45 days .

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Professional Athlete in Track and Field Events, Cricket, Football, Gymnastics in Mumbai

I take batches. Most probably in weekends and if possible every day early mornings. I have 7 championships in Athletics on the Maharashtra state and district level athletics. My goal is "If you keep fit, Life is Hit". Or then Life is not a success.

New Delhi
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Well to be honest I am also a student but want to share my knowledge about fitness and exercise to everyone.

I have some good knowledge about the fitness and exercise which can help you out with your body as you can gain weight as well as reduce it too! This is like a step towards the fir future, I guess !

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I can transform you no matter how you look doesn't matter , your transformation is my responsibility . Thankyou

I have a lot of techniques to transform people to get their expectation , I have plans for them to get fit and look amazing and yes I guarantee you that you will be amazed with your result. A friendly coach for you don't hesitate to call.

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Nothing is important then fitness in the world... When you you win the world.and without then you lose the. World...

My teaching mathod is first i motivates all students and set the fitness goals for them.

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I will provide best training to students and teachers also and I'm best guider best motivator

My teaching style is very unique you will see when I start to teach and learning still also wonderful I'm me clients will be definitely get result when he or she is with me health is everything in now's a days

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Happy to have you as a friend I can impart my knowledge to and share my experiences. I will have an all time learning thing. not just the subject you wish to know but tricks to make it easier

Believe in the student,not the course or material. Every child is special and everyone needs their own time and energy. Learning is important, not the time in which you learn. Life is not a race , it is a marathon.

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Fitness towards new and healthy life style "UR BODY IS GOLD LOCKER, so INVEST CAREFULLY"

Everybody wants to have a good fitness body. I am also addicted of my fitness. Because fitness is the only thing which easily attracts everybody. For this kind of fitness we have to do workout. For that workout we want some motivational example, Which will always keep you motivated. I am very much concerned about my fitness.

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Artistics and Acrobatics Gymnastics instructor for all age groups and adults etc

I am a Graduates in Chemistry and also national level gymnastics and Yoga player. I teach Artistics gymnastics which includes floor exercises and apparatus like voult pommel high bar etc. I have taken part in many state championships, national championship organised by Gymnastics federation of india.

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Professional sportsman offers private lessons:cricket coaching, fitness, physical preparation and fitness in India

My name is Joan, I'm 35 and I come from India Uttar Pardesh. I can speak both hindi and English. I'm here to help people achieve a particular cricket goal, to help them move, I value physical qualities such as strength or endurance during my workouts.

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Engineering graduate teaching basketball for beginners and children at home place.

I'm Dinakar, graduated college student . I teach basketball for beginners and children's.

Paris 1er
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Personal trainer, stretching, postural, aqua gym, swimming, gives sport lessons in Paris.

I am a sport teacher and my speciality is aquagym. I can teach fitness, stretching, postural gymnastic, or prepare a custom project coaching. My lessons are for sport amateurs, experienced or beginners. Interested for fitness, tone and losing weigth, aches and spasms after hours at work, postural problems, gently bringing the beginners to the sport, and many others..

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Personal Trainer proposes you lessons of Pilates, Swedish Gym and Meditation at your own place! Don't skip the occasion of taking cre of yourself! Downtown Milan

I am a personal trainer who is dedicated to women, especially those who are over forty years. Our bodies always need attention, even passing the time.

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Professional coach parkour, waterfall physics falls, combat scenic), acrobatics on the island of france

The courses are open to all persons (men and women) from the age of 13 years. * Whatever the chosen specialty, the course is as follows: - Cardio, joint warm-ups, muscular stretching. - Oral presentation of the techniques of the day. - Workshops specific to a movement. - According to the advance, chain of techniques learned.

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Personal Training in Paris - Complete Fitness Coaching: mobility, strength and endurance

Personal fitness training with the Human to Hero method. Our lifestyle has harmful effects on our body: sitting stiffens our joints and weakens our muscles, our diet is unbalanced and our metabolism is idling. The result is that our have chronic pains, are overweight and are subject to many minor ailments. Fitness is used to maintain the body and to make it ready for its daily fights.

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Personal Trainer in Barcelona | Weight loss, sports prescription | INEFC graduate

Hi everyone I, I'm Tony Valenzuela, Bachelor of Science in physical activity and expert on improving health through exercise and sport nutrition. I also call me Body & Mind Health adviser. My goal is to improve your health as long as you want to improve your lifestyle and have mutual trust.

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SPORTS COACH and versatile allowing you to pursue your individual goals

Dilpomé teaching of sports activities for 4 years now, I offer my skills for different purposes: - weight loss (overall, thigh gap, ...) - fitness - initiation or specialization in a physical activity courses will be at your home or at a public place, with your own equipment or that I bring as needed.

Santiago de Querétaro
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Training of CALISTENIA, conditioning and strength and volume in the open air in Querétaro

By the way I have learned, I prefer it to be in parks, green areas, or any open space with tubes, bars or handrails within reach, and grass or green areas nearby. I have some materials and equipment, homemade and other purchased, for the realization of different exercises such as: portable gymnastic rings, dumbbells, homemade belt with weights and rubber mat.

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