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Flexible and highly motivated qualified teacher offering history and modern studies lessions online

I teach history. For the level(s)primary, secondary, GCSE, as level, a level, BTEC, adult education, undergraduate. I enjoy tutoring of youth and helping them to build confidence in their ability to achieve their objectives, both academically and socially. I always use ICT method in my lessions.

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Jamaican history teacher giving classes from Jamaica. Let's explore the world together.

My teaching methods are simple. My classes are based on conversations around the specific subject being evaluated. Classes are oriented around critical thinking and discussions which involve the constant sharing of varying ideas that can lead to diverse ways of arriving at similarly helpful solutions and discoveries.

Fort Worth
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Master's Student at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service offering History Tutoring

My teaching methodology has always been to help students understand the motivations behind decisions. As long as they have that, they can apply their logic in any other scenario, even if they don't know every minute detail of what was going on. In this way, I try to always put my students into the decision maker's chair so they most fully understand historical events.

Compton Dando
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Philosophy student offering lessons philosophy, ethics and relevant topics up to university level in the Bath/Bristol area

I base my lessons around what the student is most eager to learn about, whether that is topics they are finding hard or need a further understanding of. I can appreciate that people work in very different learning styles so I aim to adapt to whatever suits the student.

Saint Albans Park
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High School Graduate accepted into Monash with a fantastic score in VCE Geography, has a lot of knowledge and experience globally. passionate about this subject!

My teaching is based on the VCE course, recently updated, as well as including my own case studies and knowledge to give students unique information that will make assessors impressed. Having been in students shoes 12 months ago I have relevant experience as well as new knowledge which will be shared in relation to their needs within Geography.

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Geography and Civics high school teacher giving lessons to students in Toronto.

My methodology has been and always will be to provide an inclusive and differentiated environment for students. I understand that each and every student learns in to a different capacity and I aim to accommodate students needs by tailoring my approach to teaching to suit.

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Private History Tutor and University professor offering history and English lessons with 9 years experience.

I am an outgoing and confident teacher. I believe that the best way to learn history is not to simply memorize the dates and names, but rather to open a students mind to a new way of thinking. I try and show my students how history and historical events have influenced everything around us today.

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Human geography and environment student offering up to university level in York.

My teaching method is interactive and personal. I can assist you in applying the knowledge you have to answer exam questions and help you understand topics you may be unclear on. We will use cue cards, mind maps and practice exam questions.

Marinha Grande
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Explanation of history and geography, with experience, from 1st to 9th year of schooling

I rely on the students' own manuals to give my explanations, since I have to know which subject is being taught. For the practice of exercises I have enough books in my possession.

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Professor of History / Pedagogy EF I and II and EM, Ribeirão Preto / SP Region

My teaching method is based on dialogue with the student, to identify doubts and clarify them. I like to work with exercise essays and vestibular tests, because I think it is fundamental to practice the content learned. I use a lot of analysis and interpretation of texts.

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Environmental and climate geography for high school students in Toronto and Nigeria

My teaching techniques and methods are by illustration, scenario creation, pictures and questioning that identify problems the topic intends to solve. I employ demo and simulation to pass on the knowledge to the learner. The classes basically are high school.

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Australian Catholic Education student gives tutoring to primary and high school students

My teaching method is based on various theorists ideas and analysis. I want my students to enjoy the subject rather than doing it for the sake of doing it. It is very crucial for a child to learn when they want to .

The Haven
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Post A-Level student offering Geography, History or Theology (RS) tutoring near Cranleigh

Teaching ideally of either prep school students (for any subject) or students leading up to GCSE's. Teachings would consist of covering several key topics per lesson with a test of the last weeks topics at the start of each session. A relaxed but focused approach during lessons.

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Urban Planning at undergraduate as well as postgraduate level for Uni Students

My teaching method is always innovative and convincing. I always use modern teaching tool like smart boards, multimedia etc to teach. I use worldwide examples to explain any topic to my students . I always gave opportunity to my students yo ask me questions.

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Geography 2ND YEAR student offering Geography tutoring up to university level in Elgin

I base my classes on the students needs, i will take into account any learning difficulties and aim to have different teachings for my students as everyone's learning is different and i will be happy to accommodate this in my tutoring.

Huntington Beach
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Graduate Historian offering tutoring in languages, history, and academic writing (5 years teaching experience)

My teaching method is auto-didactic, meaning that I teach students how to teach themselves. I focus on this by having students learn how to dissect information and make it applicable; mainly via writing and multimedia exercises which demonstrate understanding and mastery of the subject in question.

Santo André
Raphael augusto
1st class FREE!

History student gives Humanities / Literature classes for high school in ABC / SP

My method of teaching consists mainly of discussing with the student texts and educational books, always trying to bring to class cultural and scientific repertoire, methodological and conceptual. I always try to adapt the lesson to the needs of the student and indicate interesting external references.

Wattle Grove
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Curtin Uni Graduate and Seasoned Operator offers History lessons to all ages.

I prescribe to multiple methodologies. Firstly, I conduct a learning needs analysis on all students to determine curriculum entry point followed by one or more of the following: Lecture/classroom delivery; Tutorials; Task/project demonstration; and Role plays. I incorporate: formative and summative assessment; The Principles of Assessment; and The Rules of Evidence.

1st class FREE!

Here to help you succeed in history, and in your school career

I believe that history doesn't have to be this boring lecture where you fall asleep. I think it should be a fun class, where you learn everything there is to know about the past, present, and maybe even the future. I have tutored foreign exchange students, and even preschoolers.

1st class FREE!

Certified English and Social Studies Teacher PLUS Nutrition/Fitness Coach in Houston, Texas. Certified for those with English as a Second Language (ESL) needs as well.

I specialize is making History, Geography, Literature, and Language fun and relateable! I've been a certified teacher for 10 years and a Parkour Coach/Movement Specialist and Die-Hard Fitness Nut my whole life! My lessons mix content, creativity, skill building drills, and life lessons.

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Master in Geography by UFMG, Graduate in Physical and Population Geography by UcamProminas, Graduate in Education of Young and Adults and Graduate in Geography by UFSJ. Work in the region

I have as my methodology the use of mental maps to better understand the subjects covered. In addition, I use drawings in various classes - for a better explanation. I still do not dispense with the search for contextualization, that is, to bring the knowledge to the reality of the one who wants to learn it.

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Licensed history & geography teacher gives history & geography lessons to K-12 in Portland,OR area

I am a teacher that likes to use visuals (images and videos), project based learning exercises and use of apps to help you make better connections with ideas and concepts.I am an easy-going teacher that expects that you are with me to learn, to question, and put your ideas into use.

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Hi Everyone, English teacher for adults and children. Private offering in house or Skpe.

Hello, my name is and I am from the USA. I am an English teacher at the school here in Madrid and I have a degree in Gender Studies. We can practice grammar, writing, and conversing in English. Tell me your schedule and we'll talk about the prices. My email is cgill4488 @ gmail or by whatsapp (concealed information) Regards.

Haddon Township
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1st class FREE!

UPenn Ivy League Grad provides lessons and tutoring in all History subjects (specializing in Military and European History) as well as Geography and Geopolitics

I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with honors in History and International Relations and I am a long time Military History enthusiast. I offer my services to those who wish to learn regardless of age and location provided you have the ability to skype. My method of instruction is very flexible as required by the student or dictated by the topic.

1st class FREE!

Teacher giving lessons in history from middle school to college ages, in the Fort Wayne area!

I am a licensed Historical Perspectives teacher, and I will give lessons to anyone from middle school up through college aged students. I have a very open and loose lesson structure. There are guidelines to history, so I am open in the path taken to get mastery. I often will ask students what interests they have, and I will then decide where to go, based on those interests.

1st class FREE!

I teach History, Sociology, Philosophy and Geography classes for primary, secondary and higher education. Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences (FGV) and Bachelor's degree in History (FGV), pur

Classical classes, in an expositive way, with exercises and memorization techniques or classes of revision to consolidate matter. I also have extensive experience with production of exercises and proofreading, so that the student can test their knowledge not only orally but also in writing, aiming at a better use in discursive matters.

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Highly Trained and Skilled Educator Ready to Help in Edinburgh in Variety of Lessons for All Aged Students

I am a critical educator with a variety of experience in teaching social sciences and English with a focus on developing a model for learning based on students needs and abilities to construct knowledge in partnership with the teacher.

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Oxbridge student gives geography lessons to pupils of all abilities in Peterborough

I have recently graduated from the University of Cambridge, and in training to become a teacher, I am giving lessons to individuals of all abilities and ages- from primary school to degree-level. Given that I have just left the education system, I understand what makes a lesson interesting and engaging, and therefore, use innovative techniques and methods to ensure success.

Middleton Saint George
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1st class Bsc Geography graduate giving geography lessons to all ages online with teaching experience

I can give geography lessons and advice to all levels from secondary, A levels and undergraduate. My lessons are clear and comprehensive on the requested geographical topics which we can discuss via skype/online video/speaking or messaging to the preference of the student.

1st class FREE!

Postgraduate student at the University of Exeter with teaching experience in History, Geography, Politics, Social Sciences and Sociology

In a typical hour session I would begin with a short session on existing knowledge in the subject. The aim is to build on this in order to develop understanding. The second part of a session involves developing an argument through writing, presentation, debate and communication.

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