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History undergrad Student giving History, Sociology and General Knowledge Tutoring to Secondary School pupils in Brighton

I am a History and Sociology undergrad at the University of Sussex, and I also did these subjects at A Level and GCSE. I am very articulate, patient, and am good at explaining difficult content matter to those who may not have much experience in the field we are studying. I teach general learning of facts, theories and concepts within subjects, as well as providing exam techniques and skills.

Cubango (Niterói)
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History / Archaeology / Philosophy / Sociology. Classes for elementary and 2 high schools. Rio de Janeiro.

I'm on last period degree in history, have direct contact with archeology, such as sociology, philosophy and geography. Work on texts or textbooks, making an ever timely analysis on one of these to add to the didactic argument during class.

Garden City
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History student with high school degree, currently studying at a European university

I like to approach each theme and topic in history positively and passionately. When I teach history, I present my students by zooming out the camera lens to get a general picture, and afterwards become increasingly specific to time period and region. I understand that history is a difficult subject, but I will always try to keep my students passionate and interested.

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QUT Pre-Service Teacher helping out with History, Geography and English subject areas in Tingalpa area

As as pre-service teacher I am well equipped to planning my tutoring sessions to suit the students needs. I believe everyone can be their best with guidance. I will plan my lessons toward your particular learning style, for example if you're a visual learner then I will be using more visual stimulus to engage you with the content.

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Passionate and friendly University philosophy student offering personalised lessons for other students.

My teaching method is to approach topics and ideas with an open mind to ensure a detailed and fresh understanding of complicated topics. Philosophical ideas can be complex but good teaching involves taking small steps through each idea and building upon knowledge systematically.

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Fun, young Geography tutor in Surrey. In addition, background in politics and geopolitics.

My teaching method is based on and around positivity, a fun yet academic environment and a relatable leadership. Lessons can be structured to a syllabus or can be catered to individual needs. I try to use interactive activities wherever possible.

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Passionate Historian looking to share the joy of learning with all ages!

Everyone learns differently and I take that into account when I am teaching. I always ask students how they prefer to learn and work my lessons around that to receive the best results. I believe that everyone is capable to learn as long as they have the right tools.

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Worcester teacher offering GCSE PE, Geography, KS3 French, English (as an additional language)

My teaching methods include having a variety of activities that engage learner/s to feel comfortable, experience success and a connection with their learning. It is important that education is given to the highest level with passion, not just for the learner, but for the subject too.

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Extensive history of knowing a wide range detail over lots of subjects.

I base learning upon practical application as well as taking existing knowledge skills and combining them with an infusion of learning the new skills. I believe in mixing repetitive learning drills with fun and new, combining new applications with old fashioned learning.

San Antonio
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College Graduate with a focus and passion in US, European, and World History

I teach all levels of students from elementary through college. I like to help students practice research and writing and help them develop the skills that they need to succeed as historians. I am a critical reader and will grade fairly, but intently in order to help students grow as much as possible during their time with me.

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Incoming Cambridge University Geography fresher, who is on a Gap Year and is passionate about tutoring GCSE and A-Level Geography students.

In light of the fact that I was an A-Level pupil just a few months ago I understand the importance of a teaching method that heavily revolves around targeting the actual needs of pupils in their weakest areas all whilst strengthening their knowledge on their strongest areas and boosting their exam confidence.

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BA Geography University student offering GCSE, AS and A Level Geography tutoring

My teaching methodology will be adjusted depending on the level of the student, catering to all needs. However, I will place a large emphasis on tips and tricks for examinations, ensuring students achieve the highest grades. Lessons can be adjusted depending on any issues that students are having.

North Tonawanda
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Social Studies college student offering lessons to regents students in New York

I'm currently studying to become a Social Studies teacher for high school students. I'd structure my tutoring based on the NYS Regents timeline, meaning Global History first and then US History. As a tutor I would help students remember names of important of figures and important events in chronological order in whatever way works for the student, if we have to figure that out together we can.

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Law student offering Geography lessons up to Higher (Scotland) and GCSE (England)

My teaching method is firstly to teach material in a targeted way to fill knowledge gaps followed by practice questions putting knowledge into practice to consolidate what has been learned. I intend to help students to answer questions to begin with, the eventual goal being for students to be able to coherently and effectively answer questions with their own knowledge.

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Experienced Humanities teacher in the Bedfordshire area experience from UK and overseas

Meeting the needs of the student and focusing on weaknesses. Giving confidence with content and then applying to exam questions. I have experience in teaching the English curriculum as well as curriculum in the Middle East. Therefore I have a wide range of skills.

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Unique History and Science Tutor in Georgia with a high school diploma and a 5.4 GPA

I went to private school for 2 years in middle school and learned different ways to study for all subjects but my favorite subjects are science and history classes. My different methodology for doing class work and studying is repetition and finding out different ways according to the students way of learning.

Bruno cardoso martins
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Student of English and geography of private lessons in Planalto Uruguay, Teresina-PI.

My classes are based on an easy to understand conversation and to facilitate the student's understanding even more, I like to use examples so that learning becomes easier, I like to plan my classes with subjects I intend to promote a good teaching.

Spokane Valley
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College student with an intense interest in facts and how the world we know today came to be. Currently working on Associates in Arts Degree.

I enjoy using mnemonic devices to help recall things like facts and events critical to basic knowledge. Facts and years can be difficult to remember, and it's completely understandable.

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Come study with me for secrets on how to master exam technique and easy tips - including how to get into Oxbridge (like I did!)

My teaching method varies upon what the student is looking for. If the student is looking to pass or excel in a particular exam, I help the student first cover core content in order to ensure that there are no gaps in their knowledge and then help them master exam technique through recurring questions and past papers.

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Easy to understand GSCE and A-Level tutoring for biology, chemistry and geogrpahy

Start by explaining the required topic and then set some short questions for then end of the session and can provide material to be completed in one time which we can then go through together and mark and improve it.

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History student offering tutoring in West Wales, individually tailored and flexible to your aims and needs

Happy to give lessons to students at all levels, from secondary to A-Level. Flexible to individual's needs and interests. Lesson structure will vary according to the aims and issues involved, whether a continual support throughout a subject or pinpointing and resolving key issues.

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Trained teacher offers Geography GCSE and A Level tutoring in Witham/Chelmsford areas, Essex

I can offer specialised knowledge of GCSE course content and assessment methods having worked as a teacher and an examiner for AQA. I can offer lessons based on a variety of learning styles auditory, kinaesthetic, verbal, etc.

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3rd year Law student tutoring Law, Geography and Psychology, based in Leicester.

I teach degree and A Level Law and Criminology and GCSE and A Level Psychology and Geography. I like to teach the theory first, give some advice on general things to mention in exam questions then perhaps go through some problem and essay questions. I will always adapt to the student's needs.

São Paulo
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Newly graduated from History / Geography / Politics / Current events in general and also English if needed

Hello, my name is Angelo. I have a degree in History from Cruzeiro do Sul University, starting in December 2017, a course with a grade 5 in ENADE. My basic model of teaching is the constructivist. I will use technology, with computers, cell phones and so on. As aids to learning and the better fixation of content, more is for the aid and will not be predominant.

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Improve and deepen your knowledge of art and art history in preparation for competitions! Student in art and design!

Master student in interior architecture, passionate about art and design, to give you the keys to understanding in art and history of art. You set the time and you give me your goals. I then establish a program tailored to your needs. I will listen to you and I will be happy to answer your questions during class.

São Paulo
Maria luiza
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History student teaches History and Geography classes for elementary and high school in São Paulo

Dynamic classes, complete and focused entirely to strengthen and increase your knowledge, covering subjects according to the expected curriculum for your age group and level of education. I always try to make bridges with current subjects and general culture for better progress and understanding of the class, total attention and focus on the main needs of the student.

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Undergraduate Education Student Tutoring in A-Level Subjects of Geography, Economics and English

I am a current Undergraduate Student at the University of Sheffield who is interested in teaching the subjects I studied at A-Level to other students (Economics, Geography and English) I am happy to teach up to A Level standard but prefer working with younger students.

Greater London
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Let's come & Gain some knowledge in geograpy and its retaled Things.

Hi iam your Geography Tutor , This is my subject because i love it most so if you have any problem related this subject don't be panic.Come to me i just solve it by giving some lectures and general examples.

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Oxford graduate with over 15 years of experience offers fun, focused geography tuition

I read geography at the University of Oxford and have been tutoring geography for over 15 years. I enjoy helping learners of all ages and abilities to achieve their very best, and I look outside the textbook to make learning interesting, fun, relevant, and really related to the world around us.

João victor
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Tutor of Geography in Goiânia, Setor Universitário. Graduating in International Relations, specializing in Geopolitics, History and Human Geography

I minister reinforcement classes of Geography and other subjects for students of High School and Pre-Vestibular. I am in the seventh period of International Relations at UFG. I use a methodology focused on the practice of social interaction and power relations, thus providing a better understanding of how a given subject affects the lives of people and nations.

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