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Hello, I am currently teach Pre-k. I am a certified to teach Pre-k through 5th grade. I have a passion for helping children reach their potential.

As a teacher I try to make the subject interesting and exciting to the student. I like to find their strengths and use them to help them succeed. Every child is like a ball of clay just waiting to be molded by the right person.

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Experienced teacher teaches Social Sciences: History, Art History and Geography in Benimaclet and online

I look for results but also have a good time learning. Intensive classes where we will make the most of the time. I promise contagious passion for the subjects I teach. I use online ICT resources for the student to go deeper into the house and during the class.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Graduating Geography Student, offering to tutor Geography lessons in Newecastle upon Tyne.

I am happy to tutor students up and in equivalent to A-level standards. I hope to structure lessons based around each individual students' optimum way of learning. As a tutor, I hope to be supportive of my students, in terms of the topic being taught, in addition to any of their other needs- such as personal statements and university applications.

Vila Morse
Leandro villela de azevedo
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History and Philosophy for public competitions, school reinforcement, creation of TCCs, and even political foundation and personal improvement

Presential classes or via skype or whatsapp, preparation of material based on the reality and needs of the student, simple and objective language, with broad academic knowledge for such elaborations. Specialist in educational games and technologies of education. I await your contact.

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University of Queensland student giving History and English lessons to Primary and High School Students

I am a passionate student of History, English and learning. I strive to engage students in the subject, bringing not just understanding, but enjoyment and satisfaction. I strongly believe that learning in any subject should be engaging and relevant. I tailor my lessons to each students' needs, finding the best method of learning for the individual.

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Current Geography Undergraduate offering geography and psychology lessons up to A level.

I have a student-centered approach to teaching where the student and teacher have an equally active role in the learning process. I like to break down information and come up with fun and easy ways to understand and remember it and tailor my teaching to each individual.

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1st grade geography teacher for lessmons on monsoons, globalization, volcanism, living environent and more

I always try to involve the current events in my lessons, so that my lessons personally touches the students. From social to physical subjects.

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A London tutor with 100+ hours of tutoring in Geography English and Biology!

I am a student who always enjoyed conversational lessons so this is what I try to bring to my tutoring at all levels (GCSE, A level and Undergraduate). I want the lessons to be full of asking questions with a loose structure often aided by a powerpoint. I am also willing to teach online.

Rocha Sobrinho
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I'm a Geography student, teaches in the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro.

The methodology I use is through multimedia technological resources, seeking to gain student understanding through non-traditional resources. However, I use exercise database textbooks along with other exams for the high school segment. I work in the area of ​​Agrarian Geography, Teaching Geography and Gender Studies.

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Geography & Geology Graduate (2:1) with teaching experience offering online tutoring in Geography & Maths

I base my lessons around the individual needs of the student and feel that the best method to enable the student to learn efficiently is by getting to know their strengths and weaknesses. I am open to a variety of teaching methods and will use these accordingly.

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University student offering lessons and advice concerning Geography and Sociology, mainly based in Kent

My teaching level would be before GCSE and A-level. But I am happy to advise anyone on a range of topics.

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Psychology Graduate offering Psychology and Sociology tutoring up to University Level - based in Leicester

My teaching methodology is tailored to my students, I believe a 'one fits all' method limits a students potential. I prefer to assess how each student best learns and retains information, and then build my materials and lessons to cater to that. I personally believe students succeed and flourish more when they are encouraged and inspired rather than pushed or belittled.

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Geography student with top A levels about to start studying at Loughborough University

I try to keep my lessons as fun and interesting as possible, and, as I mentioned before, I teach mostly GCSE level students. My lessons are structured and based around the strengths of my student to encourage confidence. As a student myself, I believe that I relate to my students well, and have all of my knowledge fresh in my memory to pass on to others.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Geography student offering human geography/geopolitics/history lessons in Newcastle upon Tyne- tailored tutoring.

I will tailor my lessons to suit students' needs, and can teach up to an A-level standard. I will ensure that lessons meet individual student syllabuses, and can teach either physical or human geography, but specialise in human geography; politics, social geographies, psychological geographies, and development.

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Enthusiastic education student offering lessons in history and geography in North Toronto

I am open to helping younger students and older students in all ranges of history and geography. My classes will be based on what the student has interest/need for and will be based on how they learn best. A typical class would include fun videos in addition to engaging in discussion regarding the subject material.

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Degree qualified Archaeologist, with over 10 years of professional, experience offering specialised tutoring in the York area

I can provide bespoke tutoring for any archaeology (or related subject) student up to degree level. I prefer to structure the lesson to fit the needs of the individual being taught. This enables the student to identify the area/s that they need to concentrate on and maximise the benefit of their lessons.

Los Angeles
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English (certified with myTEFL), Math (Engineering degree), and History help in Los Angeles.

I try to use a conversational approach in teaching, to first see if there are any specific concepts that the student is having difficulty with. If the student has more general needs, I will begin with the most important concepts - or areas where students typically struggle - and progress from there.

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Student of pedagogy gives classes in Medellín, about education, history and English.

I have a strict but dynamic teaching method, the basis of student learning is the teacher and I do what I can to make the relationship always good and fun. The classes are developed depending on the topics that are treated.

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Future teacher of Elementary Ed PreK-4 and Special Ed K-8 with a passion for History

I approach each topic with caution since I may not know the students current knowledge on the topic; however, I still believe in helping the student learn and achieve their best even if it means starting from scratch when it comes to the topic being discussed

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University geography professor make you learn and enjoy geography of the world

I teach with problem solving method, use of internet and powerpoint I give concpets to students ...

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University of Queensland History major offering tutoring in the areas of History and English.

I focus on the specific issues that the students are facing. In regards to history I particularly look at historiography and for high school students assist them in preparing for their future university studies. I work with primary and secondary students.

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Published researcher with a masters in War Studies and B.A. in Law teaching History, Geography and Law

I use a university tutorial style approach as my methodology. The subject matter is focused on the compelling and memorable aspects of a historical narrative or legal concept, placed within a broader discussion of the major historical or legal context.

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Keen student wanting to teach Geography - has experience tutoring Geography up to A Level

I go through the syllabus with the pupil, focusing in more depth on the topics that they may struggle with. As we go through each topic, I test the pupil to ensure that they understand what we have covered.

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Cambridge student in political and social sciences, living in Northern Ireland during holidays

I am young, fresh and enthusiastic, and easily connect with new people. My approach to teaching is to break down topics into easy-to-digest chunks and to work up from there, until we are able to look at the topic from a more broad perspective, with the end goal being to develop the ability to identify links and patterns between information and concepts.

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Professional in International Relations gives classes in History, Geopolitics, etc. Via Online

My teaching method is designed depending on the need of the student, not everyone learns in the same way, therefore it is imperative to determine the correct strategy to ensure a full understanding of the topics to be discussed during the class.

Freya jing
1st class FREE!

Geography student offering a wide range of subjects and disciplines in Cornwall

I will go over the principles and key ideas in a topic area and then set an activity, during which questions can be asked, once the activity is complete I will ask the student to teach it to me as I believe this reinforces the learning.

São Bernardo do Campo
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History student (USP) teaches History and Geography classes for Elementary and High School in São Bernardo do Campo

My teaching method is the analysis of historical sources of the time, proposing discussions about their meanings for the period studied and for the understanding of the same, besides the study from questions of the vestibular to enhance the practical use of knowledge

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Friendly and patient teacher with over 4 years of experience with various ages

My teaching style includes a lot of collaboration. I want the students and I to find what's most beneficial and effective for learning.

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Female student studying Geography at uni, offering Geography tutoring at all levels

Friendly university student able to offer geography tuition at GCSE or A-Level, will look to identify specific areas of weakness and break them down, offering helpful techniques of improving ability and knowledge. Will always be friendly and supportive, creating an effective working environment to help students grow.

1st class FREE!

I am a highly qualified teacher of geography (25 years) who has run a department, faculty and examined for numerous exam boards.

I am a highly experienced and qualified teacher in secondary education. I was a Head of Geography and Head of Humanities for 15 years. l have also been an examiner for Edexcel, AQA and CIE at GCSE, O` Level and A Level Geography.

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