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Hey Here i m to teach you in a way that you want .

My teaching method is natural which is very easy to understand.

New Delhi
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An experienced teacher who has taken innumerable of classes and know the value of competition and time

I focus on discussion mainly linking everything from your lifestyle daily routine what you see and experience on a daily basis

(4 reviews)
1st class FREE!

CBSE History Topper(100/100). Teaching ENTREPRENEURSHIP also! At present student of Masters in History, former graduate (History Hons) from Hindu College Delhi University. Location Preference-Noida. T

My teaching method is simple, to form a rapport with the student to make them comfortable (if you aren't comfortable with someone, trust me you can't really study well from them) and to teach the subject as a story with relatble examples from the present and to give classes in the language best understood.

1st class FREE!

Learn things in there most unique and entertaining way like never before

Story telling and visual methodology to make things more clear.

1st class FREE!

Teacher of a reputed private school of kolkata. Wants to give tuitions

My teaching method is explaining the subject rather than reading it from book.

1st class FREE!

Experience of teaching is around 5years.will give my best to u too.

I love to explain the topics by giving live examples and by making notes in shorts to memorize the task easily.

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Electrical Engineering graduate currently preparing for UPSC CSE. Offer Geography classes to students from 6-12th classes in Trivandrum

My teaching method involves getting to know the thought process of the student and streamline my teaching in a such a way to make him/her understand any topic right from the basics

1st class FREE!

IAS student gives classes for all subjects upto tenth standard at trivandrum .. Experienced faculty.

I work on the weak points of students and make them better... This is the successful methodology i have donein my teaching career.

1st class FREE!

Student of BSC honours geography in presidency University interested in giving tuition in science as well as social sciences till 10 standard and geography in plus two

I build concepts.i teach strategically.approach every topic singularly .and enhance the students thinking skills.

1st class FREE!
Zainab abdul munaf
1st class FREE!

Student for Arts section for economics and geopraphy ar gvn tution mumbai

My teaching method based on class with lot of examples tht are going in day to day life with more approach

1st class FREE!

Study with practical knowledge, experience and approach which is adventure for the student

Lecture Method, audio-visual method, practical approach, picture method, implementation and presentation method, scientific approach, logically with reasoning behind the topic, concept-fact base study and teaching

1st class FREE!

I will provide my best knowledge in geography for any type of students even competition exams also ssc bank railway and any other classes students

My technique based on my own ideas and I will be smartly change my ideas day by day for better results

1st class FREE!

Let's learn Geography the way it must be learnt in computer age.

My methodology is simply going in depth of the concepts & trying to visualise them in the minds of students.

1st class FREE!

Im MBA double graduate with 12yrs of exp in teaching i can teach nursery to 12std

I teach students with the explanation n examples which they can understand very well

1st class FREE!

Student in Gajraula gbic and cccs university Meerut and MA geography and

• Your teaching techniques & methods • Structure of your class • Your specifics as a teacher • For whom are the classes (degree, level, specific details, etc.

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

Two years of teaching experience in arts subjects such as geography, history, economics etc. Extreme friendly and open environment.

I have a unique method of explaining concepts so that it lasts in pupils' mind for long term and is easy to understand.

1st class FREE!

Aspirant for 10th.to 12th and aspirant for civil service exams can get best coaching .

My teaching method is different and based on maps and diagram.I stress on simple method to make easy to understand.

1st class FREE!

I had lot of knowledge of social science I don't want to keep only to myself

As per the sutdents needs I used methodology..it all depends upon student depth of knowledge.I believe in flexibility and change as per student.

1st class FREE!

If you don't know History, then you don't know anything. You are a leaf that doesn't know it is a part of tree.

My teaching method is simple but effective. I want to make the base strong. You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. My method of teaching is - Learn, Write and Revise.

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

Completed Masters in International Relations. Gives tution for all inclusive social sciences

My teaching method is simple to grasp and understand. I do not have a classes of my own so can provide home tutiins to a group of students.

1st class FREE!

Let's learn more about our surroundings. Geography tuition in Bangalore for all grades

I incorporate latest and modern technique in imparting the content to the students. Also, believe in providing personal attention to students.

1st class FREE!

Learn geography on tips from classes VIth to XIIth from experienced tutor in Faridabad sec. 49.

Geography is the subject which needs to be studied with the book and out if it. I base my approach on practical learning using maximum senses.

1st class FREE!

Social science will never so easy after spending some time with a specialised tutors..

Learn with real life experiences. Students friendly methods of teaching will be applied. Technology based learning system to enhance outcomes.

1st class FREE!

Learn Human Environment interaction in time and space through lens of Geography!

Connect the theory in the books with the real world happenings ! The anecdotes and examples will make this subject a cake for you !

1st class FREE!

Geography Classes, If you feel Geography out of your cup of tea,then don't worry , come visualise it and learn

I start from the base by making the student ask logical questions about the subject themselves, so that they can generate interest in that subject, which is very crucial for learning

1st class FREE!

Geography in an interesting manner . learn atmosohere hydrosphere biosphere in easy way

My way is to teach tough things in easy manner and clear each and every doubt in addition make them learn at that time

1st class FREE!

Student I teach for upto 10TH standard so I can teach social studies

my teaching method is to go deep as the student reaches the concept. so i can teach student level .

1st class FREE!

Hindi english geography I will teach and I am good teacher a

I will teach by salbus and I will give lacture and writtes notes teachers by blackboard and I support them

1st class FREE!

Exclusive History and English classes for greater enhancement of knowledge.. Students shall be taken great care.

Individual attention is given, Oral and aurak skills are being made to develop in students. Problem discussion classes shall be taken with efficient problem solving techniques being taught. Weekly revision tests.

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Perfect! Sir's sessions go very lively...He understands what exactly we need and work on our weak areas.he teaches concepts well and his sessions are highly recommended...Thank you abhishek sir...

Pranati, Student
2 weeks ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! The Qualities I found in Abhishek Sir, 1) He taught the topics in easy and simple way. (by sharing his laptop screen online) 2) He dealt the things in 360 degree technique, certainly where you won’t find in many coaching institutes. 3) He comes...

Muddavaram, Student
1 month ago
(7 reviews)