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Dr ms
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Indian music associate trainers training in music carnatic hindusthani light cine music instrumentsl violin keybd guitar( bollywood & tollywood music reality shows special trainings

Indian ClassicalART FORMS training in Carnatic classical music Hindustani devotional light music cine music (Both Bollywood,Tollywood ) instrumental violin veena key board guitar semi classical light music also special training in Akashwani All India Radio Auditions training's etc both in house and online viz

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Students from hyderabad can learn guitar in 2 months call me on

My teaching method is to make students understand the sounds of each string the evolution of sounds ,notes and will make them to sing and play rather than just playing the chords.And will also teach how to mute the guitar while playing acoustic and drumming technique(playing drum on the base of a guitar).

New Delhi
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Five in life 1.Learn the Fun, 2.Get the basics, 3.Experiment with different genres of music, 4. Create your own flavour, 5. Be the change.

Making the roots strong will be the prime focus. Classical aesthetics of music needs to be introduced first for both beginners and advanced level. Teaching would be followed by learning too, as students ideas to create something new will be encouraged. Importance and difference in various genres of music shall be classified in an easy and simple way.

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Interior designing student gives effective vocal training and exercises for students of all classes

I used to have many problems during my classes, so I know what type of methodology to use for effective practice through exercises and lessons.lets see what kind of music you like, we'll improvise you in the best way possible.

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Teacher in vocal music did prabhakar(b.ed) from allahabad university currently teaching in don bosco school

my teaching style is practical based.theory will be given and pressure will be less on students . I will be charging very less so that all the groups of people can learn easily. Can teach all from basics to end level.

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Music enthusiast wants to learn the basics to high in case of singing , this is the place you can trust upon. Regular classes and fixed timings. #Sing your words.

I will teach my student on repetition basis, until and unless they could not exactly recognize of what syllabus and which topic they are reading , the topic gets repeated. There will be one theory class and related to that 3 to 4 practical class.

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Music is love...its so powerful that it can change a persons mood,relaxes him/her,gives ability to think deeply,to concentrate...

all of you know about Mr.Rabindranath Tagore and his songs named "Rabindrasangeet"... i can teach you how to sing a song regardless of whether it is a rabindrasangeet or any hindi song,any english song or any other bengali song...come and lets sing...

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Learn to sing and better your performance. With a little practice, any one can do it.

My method of teaching is very systematic. I first understand the students level of music and based on that, I teach the students. Based on the students capability of learning and capacity to understand, the progress will vary.

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The ALL IN ONE MUSIC CLASS ◇Indian music: Hindustani classical, light, semi-classical, folk, bollywood ◇World music ◇Instruments: Keyboard/harmonium, drums, ukulele

My teaching method is learning while having fun using a combination of visual, aural, logical, solitary, social and verbal teaching styles. I have the ability to simplify complex concepts by using lots of day to day examples. My students and I are more like friends.

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President of Swaransh - The Music Society of Swami Shraddhanand College , University of Delhi .

It's really straight and simple . Try to make the basics strong and make sure things are getting practiced for various no.of times so that things get registered in their mind for better output.

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Blue Ocean Waves Vocal and Keyboard classes By Tr Jolene Dias, Goa

A well qualified and experienced teacher is what you can perceive me. I am a vocal coach. I teach singers how to sing better and provide necessary vocal exercises based on each ones individual need. Singing is not just voice but all the necessary expressions that go with it makes it go to a higher level of performance. Been teaching for the last 8 years and i have my own private music school.

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Be a real singer . Try to make your own style. Be a Professional Singer

My method will be so easy . It's just gonna like yes I can do it. First I will raise your potential and dedication towards the music.

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Vocalist and instrument teacher from mumbai. Have completed level 3 diploma in hindustani classical

Method is based on student's capabilities and their requirements as they want to learn bollywood music or raag based songs or complete classical

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"Where word's fail,music speak" MUSIC teacher From Mumbai I have given exams of CLASSICAL SANGEET(SHASTRIYA)

I prefer to teach music using SHASTRIYA sangeet.It will be beneficial for all people. Small children's also get benefits from my class for basic knowledge.

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A Hindustani Classical Artist with a good experience of teaching Indian music.

My teaching method is first to strengthen the base of the student then give him/her detailed lessons according to his/her catching power and which also should enhance their ability and creativity. Then from beginner they go to advanced level which includes advanced lessons. My main focus will be developing the quality and clarity of music in the students.

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Music Foundation with focus on Ear training and tricks to learn Guitar and Keyboard

My method varies with student's improvement n my class. Those who are sluggish may need lot of inspiration or motivation. Students hand picked from a group will be assigned to teach others and they will learn things as a responsibility.

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Western classical vocals teacher available. Fun and interesting and for all ages and gender

I focus on applied learning. The way I teach students techniques is by teaching them songs that implement the technique. This way they expand repertoire and also understand how to use a particular technique.

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Participated at Indian Idol,I am M.A in Vocal Music, In teaching fild 9 years experience have

Dear Sir/ Madam, I am Passionate about creating Group Music (Band, Fusion, Choir). I would like to teach music my student in that way so that they can make it their career in future. From my working experience, I beleave students must be engaged with some extracurricular activities which make them happy far from their home.

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Am a Classically trained musician with Professional Degree from Prayag Sangeet Samiti ,Allahabad

The best thing about music is, when it hits you, you feel no pain. 1. Classically mild . 2. Prabhakar from Prayag sangeet samiti Allahabad . 3. Former student of Shankar Mahadevan academy . 4. Performed many stage shows . 5. Participated in several competitions.

Msrao m
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Indian Music "A "Associate Teaching and programme Trainers in Art forms

we are the Indian Music Associate Directors/Producers/Performers and Teachers a Govt Of India Approved Panel Artist cum Trainers in all Art Forms Training and events Management .

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Student of Delhi University takes vocal lessons for children of 10 years and above

My method in teaching is, teaching basic vocal exercises to mould their vocal chords so that it is easier to learn further.

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Teaching singing lessons in Koramangala, Bangalore (Pop, Rock, Soul, Opera, Music theory)

I love teaching people how to sing! Lessons will be focused on the right method you need for your voice and body, and learning how to sing your favourite songs.

1st class FREE!

Classical music (carnatic vocal) of india culture would be taught through online or i take classes at home :) happy learning

i teach according to the way you learn and i will definitely make your learning as simple as possible and you would love learning it more and more....

Paris 14e
(97 reviews)

PIANO & VOCAL COACHING - Leisure & Pro - From 18 € in group and from 30 € in individual - singing coaching for castings tv & pro - vocal coaching for public speaking - all styles & levels -

COURSES OF SINGING / SPEAKING & PIANO with setting in situations and free open stage every 2 months for the students who wish it 1.

Paris 11e
(10 reviews)

Experienced professional opera singer give singing lessons (all music style) in Paris

Hello! Professional opera singer graduated from the Boulogne-Billancourt Conservatory, I give voice lessons all styles for all ages and all levels, in relaxation and good humor. The voice is a complex instrument that sometimes learn to tame it gives us pleasure for us to sing.

(13 reviews)

Singing courses with a Persian jazz and world music singer: singing technique / spoken voice / Breathing and posture / Interpretation and performing

I am a professional singer( jazz and world musique), Musician and vocal coach (singing and spoken). I started music at the age of 6; I studied in THE AMERICAN SCHOOL OF MODERN MUSIC PARIS (I also attended many workshops :IMPROVISATION, Performing, technic, ...etc); I was trained as a professor with JASMIN MARTORELL (A very well know international Voice teacher / Baritone / Comedian / Director ).

(9 reviews)

Professor of lyric singing in Paris, professor in conservatory and lyrical artist

Lyric singing course based on respiratory relaxation, body freedom and resonator work by a conservatory vocalist and lyricist who has sung in 40 countries, Laureat of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation and prize for the best European concert in duet with Magdalena Kozena . On Paris 9th or A DOMICILE in Paris. All levels, from beginner to pre - professional, from amateur to professional.

(11 reviews)
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Kitty - Wembury - voice coaching, including vocal technique for classical singing and musical theatre.

I always work together with students to set targets for the achievement of their specific goals so that they can monitor their progress and focus on attaining the grade they need. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I spend most of my time preparing individuals for professional exams in specialist medical areas, such as the MRCP, MRCS, GPAKT and CSA and FRCA exams.

Paris 15e
(9 reviews)
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Vocal technique classes for amateurs / choristers

Singing courses for beginners and vocal technique classes for amateur choristers who want to improve their choir experience. Places : my house or student's house (in Paris or suburbs) or on skype.

(3 reviews)

Given during song and jazz music present, and choir musical awakening on paris;

Singing tuition Jazz and modern music (pop, rock, gospel, varieties) at home (beginners to advanced level.) -Work On vocal technique (breathing, voice placement, working accuracy and timbre.) - Constitution of a directory (your choice) and work of interpretation. Prices: Individual course 30E of the hour. 100 Euros Package 4:00. 150 Euros Package 6:00. 200 Euros Package 8:00.

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