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The average price of Musical keyboard  lessons is ₹1,859.

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Learn With The Help Of Keyboard Classes In India

Music is a language without a barrier, so you may not understand the lyrics, but you can always guess the feelings behind the composition. Whether you grew up in a musical home or have the least musicality, there are undeniable benefits to playing musical instruments. Also, there is no age to start learning this new instrument— the mental and physical benefits apply to people of all ages.

Do you also want to learn the keyboard but have no clue where to start? Is your musical fantasy back after seeing your keyboard collect dust for years? If yes, find out the best places to learn with the help of keyboard classes in India.

What are the key benefits of playing a Keyboard?

A typical western keyboard has twelve notes. More significant, longer keys and smaller ones usually represent the twelve notes in a musical scale; shorter keys are repeated every octave. By hitting down a key, the instrument produces sound. The mechanical means are trying to tune, plucking a string, causing air to flow through a pipe organ, striking a bell. Another way to produce sound is by completing a circuit on electronic keyboards.

Overall physical and mental benefits

Although you're seated, playing the keyboard is a full-body workout that provides anatomical and emotional benefits to players of all ages. Regular keyboard practice, for example, sharpens fine motor skills and enhances hand-eye coordination in children and adolescents. 

Keyboard classes for older persons have been demonstrated to substantially affect increasing levels of Human Growth Hormone, which decreases the negative consequences of ageing. Music has also been shown to reduce anxiety, heart and respiration rates, cardiac problems, hypertension, and immune response when introduced into one's life.

Boosts your creativity

When you start learning how to play, there is always an assignment where you have to prepare a new musical piece which would be your original work. To complete this assignment, you have to combine all your musical knowledge and lessons learnt yet create something that has never started. This activity requires a lot of creativity. 

Further, when you continue as a professional keyboard player, creating new tunes will be something you do daily. Your brain has to improvise in many places to create unique, original sound and style.

It's pretty simple to play!

The keyboard, unlike some other instruments, is simple to learn. It does not cause any bodily discomfort. When playing the guitar, you can develop calluses on the fingers. Brass or clarinet instrument requires you to produce music with your face muscles and lips. 

Both are frequently unpleasant and can deter even motivated students from pursuing their studies. What you have to do to play the keyboard is take a seat and hit a key.

Music is well-liked all across the world.

Consider how many of us appreciate music in dialects we do not even communicate or hardly comprehend. You might be amazed at how a song can bring people closer together, mainly if you interact with people from different cultural backgrounds.

If you're stuck for conversation starters, ask the other person what their favourite song is. If you're really into music, you might have the beginning of a terrific chat.

Top places to learn with the help of keyboard classes in India

Given the benefits above, you must be excited to start your journey by now. Here are some great classes from where you can learn the keyboard, whether offline with many students or online within the comfort of your home.

  • Studyclaps India Music Academy
  • Shrikamal Musicals

The options given are the best ones chosen from all across India; another option is flexible to your requirements.

Let Superprof be your new keyboard teacher

Superprof is a great online and offline platform to learn the keyboard. It has over 3750 musical keyboard tutors. The payment to the tutors is on an hourly basis, meaning you can always change to the next teacher without any initial hefty fees.

The prices start as low as Rs 400/hr. Select from an array of 5 stars rated tutors get the first class free to help you set in tune with your teacher. Set your class offline in your locality or online through a webcam. To play like a  professional, learn with the help of keyboard classes in India on Superprof.

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