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Taught subjects
  • Positive thinking
  • Stress management
  • Life coaching
  • Public Speaking
  • Conflict management
  • Beginner

Law student helping you boost confidence in public speaking and telling you , you only live once.


So as I mentioned above, I'm a law student in New Delhi, India and you must be very well aware of the fact that how important it is for us law students to be indulged in public speaking activities and having the best of communication skills. I've more than enough experience in public speaking after delivering speeches in front of many famous personalities in politics and academics and getting recognised for the same at national level. Law is my life but at the same time I emphasis on the power of word "OM". This word is my mantra of living a healthy and happy life. I'm an over thinker and I know how deep can I get while talking when it comes to emotions and inner self. It might not sound so great but I consider this as my personal achievement that there hasn't been a single person who regretted talking to me about their personal problems and taking my suggestions, because I know how to dwell in with people in their mood and get along with it. Sometimes, I consider myself to be a better person to understand people than they know themselves. I can put their emotions into words, can phrase those words into their problem and following that can provide the best of best solution. There has not to be a formal classroom environment to learn something as personal as this so I would be keeping me sessions intimate and light for my fellows. I myself am a 21 year old person but fellas, above that, I am a GREAT listener. You won't feel uncomfortable reaching me out for sure.


I'm listening to people since I was 15 and giving them my best. I won't lie I don't have a professional degree in therapy but I certainly am pursuing the degree related to public speaking. I am 21 now, it's been 6 years that people are still contacting me for their public speaking and personal problems. Trust me, if I can solve the fight you are fighting within then I surely can make you speak in front of thousands of people with enough confidence.


Rate for online classes : ₹250/hr
Rate for 5 hours of classes : ₹1,200
Rate for 10 hours of classes : ₹2,700


I won't mind moving around but I will be expecting to be paid for my travelling expense included in my teaching fee.

Classes offered by Shachi
The classes will be held
at her home
Taught subjects
  • Positive thinking
  • Stress management
  • Life coaching
  • Public Speaking
  • Conflict management
  • Beginner

Shachi 's CV

Amity Law School,Delhi 2015-2020
Integrated degree in Bachelors in Arts+ Legum Baccalaureus
1. 1L
-Semester 1: 8.2/10 CGPA
-Semester 2: 9.2/10 CGPA
2. 2L
-Semester 3: 8.6/10 CGPA
-Semester 4: 10/10 CGPA

Work Experience
1. Intern
Bedi’s Law Offices Summer of 2016
- Learned drafting and created two matrimonial case drafts.
- Took a counseling session of the defendant in one of two matrimonial cases.
- Learned to make legal notices and created two (for a private school and Vogue magazine, India respectively).

2. Intern
Indian Youth Congress Winter of 2016- Present
- Selected out of 11,000 applicants nationwide to volunteer in the legal aid cell of one of the prominent political party of India, Indian National Congress.
- Completed the rigorous training under the supervision of Supreme Court and High Court lawyers.
- Filed an RTI and PIL against then Chief Minister of Delhi (Mr.Arvind Kejriwal).

3. Intern
Abhimatt TV Spring of 2017
- Content writer

4. Intern
Lexhindustan Spring of 2016-Present
- Drafting
- Preparation of CLAT question papers.
- Articles writing
- Research work

5. Intern

Chambers of Sr. Adv. Salman Khurshid Spring of 2017-Present

- Drafting
- Reviewing legal documents
- Writing articles
- Presentations
- Assisting at Supreme Court of India, High Court of Delhi.
- Filing PIL.

6. Intern

Intellect Law Partners Summer of 2017-Present

- IPR legal drafts review
- Auditing
- Revising landmark IPR cases from 1805-2017
- Assisting at depositions

7. Intern

Chambers of Ex Law Minister of India, Sr. Adv. Shanti Bhushan Summer of 2017

- Case studies

Volunteer Experience
1. Treat Humans Equally Foundation Summer of 2016- Present
- Swiped the commercial area in the capital of India and helped MCD workers.
- Distributed cloths and food to an orphanage for disabled children.
- Planted saplings at an industrial area and hired a gardener to water them regularly.
- Taught under privileged children for two months.

2. Kalam Centre Winter of 2016- Summer of 2016
- Presented a street play at Kirori Mal College, Delhi University for the launch of an initiative called “Dreamathon”.
- Went to government schools in north campus and conducted educational activities like debates, drawing competition etc.

3. Sarvahitya Summer of 2017- Present
- Clothes donation drive.
- Tutoring at slum areas in Delhi(16 classes/month).

Extra circulars
Model United Nations Conference
1. Certificate of participation at Presidium MUN(Presidium School) in 2014; represented the country of Mexico in National Security Council(NSC).
2. Certification of participation at SXMUN(St. Xavier's School,Delhi) in 2015;represented the country of Russia in National Security Council(NSC).
3. Special Mention award at Quintessence MUN(Northern India Engineering College,IP University) in 2015; represented the country of Portugal in National Assembly(NA).
4. Special Mention Award at JMUM(Jaypee MUN) in 2017; represented Republic of Iran in Commission on the Status of Women(CSW).

Youth Parliaments and Indian committees

1. Best first timer at Pratinidhitava(Nirma University,faculty of law) in 2015; represented Smt. Malati Chaudhary in Constitutional Assembly Debate(CAD).
2. Best delegate at HMIP(Hindu College, Delhi University) in 2016; represented Meenakshi Lekhi in Lok Sabha.
3. Awarded with certificate of participation at DUMIP(Law Faculty of Delhi University) in 2016; represented Sharad Pawarin All India Political Parties Meet(AIPPM).
4. Certificate of participation at JaypeeMUN(Jaypee Institute of Technology) in 2016; represented Mirza Mohammad Afzal Beg in Indian Constitutional Debate(ICD).
5. Special Mention award at DelTechMUN(Delhi Technological University) in 2016; represented the State of Punjab in NitiAyog.
6. High commendation at ALSDMUN(Amity Law School,Delhi) in 2016; represented Dr. Harshwardhan in Delhi Dialogue Commission(DDC).
7. Certificate of participation at CrossMun(Guru Gobindh Singh College of Commerce) in 2016; represented Sharad Pawar in All India Political Parties Meet(AIPPM).
8. Special mention award at PPRC(an event organised by Bhartiya Janta Party in Mumbai) in 2016; represented myself in Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan Legal Committee.
9. Certificate of participation at Ghaziabad Youth Parliament(Indraprastha College of Engineering) in 2016; represented Rahul Gandhi in All India Political Parties Meet(AIPPM).

Executive Board Experience

1. Vice chairperson in UNHRC at MSITMUN in 2016.
2. Vice chairperson in Business Conclave at Quintessence Youth Summit(Northen India Engineering College, IP University) in 2017.
3. Rapporteur in UNCSW at Oveuor MUN(Bhartiya Vidyapeeth College, IP) in 2017.

Moot Court

1. Certificate of Participation in National Moot Court Competition organized by IP University, Delhi in 2016.

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