The education sector in India is heavily influenced by students preferring and relying on private coaching classes or home tutoring to further their academic success.

As a consequence, the requirement of tutoring services for the respective subjects becomes extremely important, especially under the duress of syllabus pressure.

Given the wide-range accessibility of online tutor, students now have the advantage of seeking information. In this regard, teachers who have online tutoring jobs come off as a boon for these students. Even for the teachers themselves, a career in online teaching jobs is more than lucrative for a variety of reasons.

Why Coaching Class Is Unavoidable For Most Students In India?

In almost all the cities of India, the cult of home tutoring is advertised everywhere: from signboards to the walls, posters or paintings highlight brands of different coaching classes. Deliberately stylized to seek the attention of students by ideally claiming to ease their studies without compromising their qualities, these signs indicate how much in demand private tutoring or home based tuitions are.

Excessive Competition

Population in India exceeds 1.3 billion and out of these, 6 crores are under the age of 25. This implies that near about half the population of India will typically come under the category of students. However, the scope of quality teaching jobs is relatively very limited. Students undergo immense pressure in their academic life to land for themselves a financially well-off career prospect. In this regard, private tuition helps in enhancing their skills to get that extra edge over others.

Quality Education In Schools

With the hectic load of the syllabus, it often becomes difficult for the school teachers themselves to go in a detailed manner with each of the topics of a given subject. For this reason, they often try to wrap chapters in quick succession and then conduct tests on them. Since the depth in the topics is not dealt with thoroughly to reproduce the same knowledge in exams, students have to take the help of private tuitions to cover up for their weak subjects.

Competitive Examinations

Aspiring to crack competitive examinations is a real rage and a matter of utmost prestige in India. A report of 2016 suggested that around 80% of engineering students are unemployable. Since schools and colleges do not provide a separate and special edge to grab limited quality jobs, private tuition or home tutor jobs becomes the sole option to hone one’s skills for cracking the entrance examinations.

Students during their lesson
Coaching classes are somewhat similar to school classes. Source: The Indian Express

Advantages Of Private Tuitions Over Coaching Classes

Students require special attention to the areas where they lack focus or are weak. Often times, school classes aren’t enough to help them get through their shortcomings. Neither are coaching classes sufficient for them. For coaching classes, though specifying on particular subjects, are somewhat like an extended variation of school classes with a significant number of pupils. Students, in this regard, may benefit from private tuitions for the following reasons:

Special Focus

A student lagging in a particular subject will get more time and better attention in private tuition. The teacher’s focus, as his profession enables him to earn money from teaching a child specifically, will solely rest on his student and the latter too would be getting specialized focus and can consult the teacher as much as he can at any time – something which would have been difficult in coaching classes, for the student may have felt embarrassment or shyness in interrupting the teacher.

Tracking Progress

The teacher will be able to catalogue his student’s progress rate in a better and detailed manner in private tuition. Coaching classes often briefly deal with each students’ merits and shortcomings. A private tutor knows which area of the subject the student needs to work harder.

Specified Manner Of Teaching

In coaching classes, students often have to go along with the teacher’s general method of teaching. There, the teacher may not be able to teach according to each student’s requirement. A private tutor, however, will identify the best course which the student can most benefit.

Parent-teacher Contact

Parents of the student would be in a much better position to be aware of their child’s studies by contacting a private tutor. This will help them to understand their child’s strength or weakness and which subject he must spend more time at home.

Parent-teacher meeting
In coaching classes, parent-teacher interaction is often on a general level. Source:

The Scope For Parents/Students

To settle the demand for this onrush of students, say for a Math tutor or an English teacher, the role and demand for the latter i.e. teachers also becomes crucial. And not just teachers but of quality teachers who come at a price which is affordable for the pocket. Looking out for teachers may be somewhat problematic and definitely tedious work as it requires a dependence on others who can acquaint you with the teacher you are in need of.

Finding teachers online may have been an unknown prospect but is no longer an imaginary want for convenience. Few websites such as Superprof are an ideal place for students who are seeking an academic match to help them in their subjects.

Listed below are some of the advantages of finding private tutors online.

Ease Of Accessibility

Online technology is something we are all more or less familiar about, especially the students. Searching teachers online is for them one of the most advantageous ways of finding a teacher for themselves. Based on their own requirements: they can access a list of teachers in their city or locality with the latter’s self-assigned fee and qualifications. Online search is optimal in this regard for the subjective necessity of a student.

Extension Of Choices

No longer is a student limited to a handful of private tutors he has come to know about from others. An online search for teachers enables him to look for a wide range of teachers and thus helps him get the upper hand over those who do not seek tutors online.

Quick Comparison

The perk of looking for teachers in the online survey is that not only that per hour pay rate but also education and specialization gets into consideration immediately. Before the online facility was accessible, it would take days or even weeks to ascertain about and compare a number of teachers before coming to a conclusion. Now, it is a matter of less than half-an-hour.

Students in a class
Teacher’s qualification and teaching skills play a crucial role in a child’s development. Source:

The Scope For Teachers

Students aren’t the only one who solely get to taste the merit of online private-tutor search. Apart from making extra money, self-employed home tutors are equally to be benefitted by listing themselves online since they can work from anywhere. Moreover, in this era of digitalisation, online tutoring jobs India have also gained much importance in the present time.

Unpaid Advertisement

Teachers, who enlist themselves for work from home jobs actually help in the promotion of their own home business without paying. Students accessing these websites will automatically come across online tutors without hampering their own demands like a flexible schedule. Work at home could have incurred a good deal of making extra money on the part of the teacher if he had to promote himself through public advertisement.

Broader Reach

Through the help of internet advertisement, one can easily become a tutor and can enjoy a wider reach of students than what could have been through word of mouth or perhaps even through public advertisement.

Review Reward

Teachers’ performance and how well they are able to help students in their studies are ultimately going to help him/her gain more students. This can come about with the help of online surveys which a teacher gets from his students. The better a teacher is the better his reviews are going to be.

A private tutor with a student
Home tutors’ teaching performance enhances their online profile. Source:

How To Assign A Suitable Teacher For Your Child?

Although individual discretion of every parent is most important, there are certain general points to keep in mind before seeking a tutor – be it online or offline.

Area Of Improvement

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind before assigning a private tutor to your child is to know where or in which subject he lags sufficiently. If it is due to lack of practice, it can be done at home with stricter guidance. However, if it is something technical or something in which his base is weak or which he is not able to understand, a private tutor is most recommended.

Qualification And Teaching Skill Of The Tutor

Upon having identified the child’s weakness, the next important step would be to seek a teacher who is aptly qualified to handle the subject with expertise. Along with qualification, the thing which is most expected from a teacher is his ability to teach well. Often times, the teachers are qualified enough, but cannot simplify things for the students as they would best get it. So teaching skills are also to be kept in the account.

Duration Is Important

Assessing how much time a child needs on a particular subject, it is relevant to seek a teacher who allots the requisite amount of time for the student’s requirement. Through online portals, it would be easier to find out the duration of different teachers from which you can choose accordingly the one most appropriate for your child.

The prospect of finding tutors online is eventually emerging as beneficial for both parties, namely students and teachers. However, the third party, that is the parents are equally going to benefit for the sake of their child. Online websites are only going to shorten the long process of finding a teacher and will rather help with more and diverse options.

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