From the renowned University of Delhi to prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University, the state of education department in Delhi is of a very high level. Flaunting a literacy rate of approximately 86% (based on 2011 Census data), Delhi is known among many things for the excellence of academic results of its students in terms of national standards. Owing to a large number of good schools, colleges and universities, the students thriving in Delhi come from all over the country.

But underlying the structures of the education faculty in Delhi is the need for a private teacher to help the students in coping with the mounting academic pressure of the modern curriculum of the education system. In Delhi, one seldom comes across a student who has at one point of time or another, not studied under a private tutor or taken coaching classes.

The need for a private tutor generates from a bunch of numerous reasons which requires a thorough look-through so as to understand the dynamic of what is informally called the private tuition culture.

Teacher taking a class
Delhi hosts a good number of better than average schools. Source: The Indian Express

Factors Influencing The Need For Private Tutors

Upon witnessing the prevalence of such a large number of students taking private tuitions, we can arbitrarily draw some conclusion which may have contributed to this.

Disproportionate Student-Teacher Ratio

Delhi, after Bihar, has the worst pupil-teacher ratio (PTR) in the country - 35 students per teacher. Such an unjust figure indicates, that despite the education high standards of Delhi academies, a large chunk of students are unable to reap as much benefit from the classrooms as they are supposed to. School teachers carrying the responsibility of such a large number of students become inefficient in catering to the specific needs and weak points of each and every student.

To overcome this issue, the students are left with the options of either joining a coaching class or hire a private tutor. Since coaching classes, especially the one with a good class strength are in essence a version of a classroom itself with yet another manifestation of a poor teacher-student ratio.

Tackling Tight Competition

With being the second most populated city in the country, students undergo a great competition in the academic world. To tackle this problem, they have to take more than the fair share than the classroom offers. In this regard, the need for a private tutor becomes a matter of great importance. A private tutor can help a student give that edge which the student may not be getting from the classroom and prepare him for the competitive world.

Better Attention On A Student

As a home educator, a teacher can put better and more channelized focus on a student. The teacher can keep the step by step progress of the student on a particular subject. A student who is being tutored can easily express the problems he or she incurred in a subject which may make him or her a bit uncomfortable or embarrassed in the classroom.

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A teaching with his student
Home tutors jobs are more than underrated. Source:

Comprehending The Importance Of A Private Tutor Job

Most students are going to require a private tutor for home schooling if they have to cope up with the pressure of school syllabus and the ever-emerging competitive examinations. In light of this scenario, the demand for a tutor job in Delhi takes an important turn. Tutors can easily succeed in landing for themselves a lucrative career of private home tutoring.

Whether you are a college or university student looking for a part-time job or if you wish to pursue this career as a full-time tutor, this job is ideal for you.

Ideal, not only in the sense of earning money for a part-time job but the nobility of this profession allows you to keep learning yourself while teaching. And the respect attributed to a tutor makes it a cherry on the cake.

Tutoring is never a monotonous job. It constantly requires your presence of mind and thus keeps you engaged in your work thereby making it an interesting occupation, unlike many other routine works. Therefore, private tutor jobs in Delhi or any other place is a profession of great rewards and respect.

Evaluating The Merits Of Applying Online For Tutor Jobs

At present, applying for online tutor jobs in Delhi seems to be the best medium available for many teachers for a host of reasons. Without further ado, let’s look into some of them one by one.

A Tech-Savvy Generation

Our world revolves around the internet today so much so that to think of operating everything without its help seems inconceivable. Using it to look for jobs too is only but inevitable since a large number of youngsters looking for private lessons online are familiar and comfortable with the internet and would rather look for answers on it than go search anywhere else in the real world. A tutor, today, holds a better probability of finding a home tutoring job online than without using this medium.

Platforms Like Superprof

There are a number of websites or platform where educators can get themselves registered from their homes by making their profile and jotting down their resume. Superprof, for instance, allows anyone to find a teacher like you online, provided you are registered there with comparable data to secure such a job. To top that, it also enables people to look for a tutor in their own city or even locality. So if you are an English teacher from Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, anyone living in your locality can look up for you by entering the pin code of the area and can find you available for teaching.

Online tutoring prospects
An online search for tutor jobs is an effective way of getting one. Source:

Scope Of Publishing And Teaching Online

Many online platforms hire teachers of a particular specialization to write blogs, answers or articles for them. Music teachers, for instance, can apply on a music-centred online platform and produce articles for them on a definite pay. Their job will vary from details about the benefits of music, writings on music theory to explaining music compositions or music making.

Depending on his music education, some may also become an online music teacher and can give lessons on general music or history of music.

Structurally Organised

The boons of applying for jobs online consist of the fact that someone looking for a tutor like you can approach you through a clearer and organised process. You can put your resume, fee or teacher salary, duration and frequency of teaching to display on your profile. All these will enable parents or students to approach you with the given conditions. The level of interaction between you and your appointer too is something which will be brisk and effective, for both of you can communicate through the online medium (or send a message through Email website) itself or through the phone number that you may have provided.

Understanding The Requirements Of Parents Or Students

An important part which any teacher shouldn’t forget that there are certain demands of students or their parents. It would be his professional liability to meet these expectations so as to prosper better as a teacher.

Teach-student ratio
Private teachers are often bound to meet many demands of parents/students. Source:

Duration Of Hours

The amount of time which you give on a student is a factor which shapes positive reviews for you. A parent or a student (though they mischievously prefer if you leave early!) expects from a teacher to give more than the generally stipulated period of teaching. For instance, if a norm is to teach for an hour, you would be preferred if you can a bit extra into it - half an hour extra of the agreed time, especially for elementary and secondary classes, would do wonders!

Connection With The Student

A tutor under whose guidance a student has not only performed better but even got interested in the subject is a tutor who will be in great demand from both the parents and students. How you teach, therefore becomes a determining factor in this regard. Your methodology should involve making the student not only learn the subject but even enjoy it.

Demand For A Subject

Majority of the households in not just Delhi but most parts of India lay stress on the value of Maths, Science and English as education courses and not so much for the arts. In terms of profession, the students are often expected to end up as doctors or engineers. What you are going to teach is, therefore, also a contributing factor in terms of getting you a home tuition job.

Scoring Aspect

Many students appoint a private tutor for the sole purpose of improving marks on a subject they are weak in. It may be the case they are not wanting any academic achievement or important lessons from a subject but also cannot move ahead without scoring in it. In such situations, what first and foremost is needed of you is to ensure lesson plans of making them capable of either passing or improving in the subject. If you manage to do that, you are more than successful!

Delhi has always been a city where people come from all parts of the country to get jobs. In the case of tutoring as well, the city lacks no means. The only thing needed is the right approach of applying for private tutor jobs and, sooner rather than later, you will find yourself occupied in someplace, teaching.

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