Are you interested in teaching and wish to make it your career? Well, you are on the right path if yes. Teaching is one of the most valuable jobs and people can benefit substantially from it. However, people often think that the income of a teacher is limited, which is true to some extent. This is mainly because teachers are paid good in government schools or in higher-ranking schools. Other than that, the income of private schools is really limited.

But there is another option where you can make a lot of money from teaching - private tuitions. Besides working in a school, you can also think of becoming a private tutor. There is a range of teaching jobs in Lucknow and you can choose to pursue your career as a tutor also.

Unfortunately, most of the schools in Lucknow do not provide quality education. Reports have also highlighted the fact that many government-run primary schools in Lucknow do not have good conditions of studying for children, demoralising them from attending it.

Is There Any Scope For Private Tutors?

When one talks about mainstream education, the scenario is Lucknow is very encouraging. The city is home to many prestigious institutes like Lucknow University, numerous medical colleges and many technology institutes which make the city a hub of quality education. To cater to this robust education system, the need for quality tutors is always felt and thus the scope for home tutor job in Lucknow is immense.

Also, given the improper conditions in primary schools in Lucknow, it is obvious for students to depend on tuitions. This serves as a lucrative ground for private tuition teachers. Here are a few tips about how one can start home tuition in the city.

A class full of students
There is immense scope for tutoring classes in Lucknow. Source: Hindustan Times

How To Get Started With Private Tuitions?

If you are looking for a home tutor job in Lucknow, check out the below-listed means and ensure a worthy career for yourself.

Advertise In The Local Newspaper

This is one of the traditional, yet recommended methods of advertising your availability for home tuition. The reach of newspapers is far and wide and by advertising in the same, you can ensure that students who are looking to hire tutors get to know about your availability.

Another advantage of advertising in local newspapers would be the fact that the worth of the subject area you cater to is also acknowledged. Sometimes, students who are based in the far corners of the city might be looking for some subject experts for Maths or Sat tutoring. They are ready to offer good prices for one-on-one tutoring. You will thus end up finding good students which otherwise would have been outside your preview.

Interact With Friends And Family

If you aspire to offer services as home tutor Lucknow, you have to look around too. People in your locality should be aware of your academic skills. This will help your worth spread in the locality without much effort. You should also be in touch with your peer tutors as they can also guide you on the requirement of private tutors if any in the region.

On your part, you should let your friends and family know about your tutoring skills so that they can also act as your brand ambassadors wherever they come across someone who is looking for private tutoring.

Look For Tutoring Work Online

Online tutoring is another way of offering your services for home tutoring. It might happen that the students you wish to tutor are located in a remote location, far away from your stay. In that case, it would not be possible to offer your services to such students. However, in this era of technology, you can be a personal tutor through online medium too. There are numerous tutor online platforms through which you can connect with prospective students and offer your services. In this case, you will be able to expand your horizons and you will be available to assist students located in different cities too. Take advantage of online tutoring services and get some worthy assignments for yourself.

Take Some Free Classes In The Locality

When you decide to venture into the tutoring work, people around you should know about the venture. Before you take this work on a professional basis, it would be helpful if you take some free classes in the locality. This will be beneficial for you in multiple ways. At first, it will let students in the area know that you have begun the tuition work. They will get to know your tutoring style and can help you spread your reach to a larger area.

Secondly, it will be helpful for you as you will be able to know about your shortcomings in the subject you are catering to. Rapid improvements can be made in the teaching style and by the time you are ready to take on a larger group, you will emerge as a refined tutor.

Search for the best online tutoring jobs India.

Teaching poor students
The beginning can be made by taking tutoring classes in the locality. Source: Hindustan Times

Advertise On Social Networks

Social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin are a worthy medium for sharing among friends, family and others. You can advertise your specialization and availability schedule on these web platforms for wider publicity. To make your presence professional and get worthy search results, you can even think about adding a request form where students who desire to enrol for private tutoring can express their interest. All you need to do is to present your case in a comprehensive manner and highlight your achievements so that students who are seeking to enrol in the tutoring program get in touch with you.

YouTube also offers the facility of creating small videos where you can advertise your teaching methodology; let the people know about tutoring programs you offer. You can even offer some free tutoring classes to students who enrol through this method so that more students are encouraged to enrol for home tuition eventually with you.

Check Tutoring Platforms

There are many online platforms where you can register your interest for individual tutoring. Superprof is one such platform where you can make use of all your Math tutoring, English tutoring and other specific tutoring skills. Here, you can not only quote your per-hour rates but also let the students know about your subject skills by highlighting your academic achievement. You will be able to quote your level (primary, middle, undergraduate, etc.) also on this platform so that you get the right category of students who express their interest in getting tutored by you.

Teacher in a classroom
Advertise on Social Media Platform to let students know about tuition classes. Source: Hindustan Times

Undertaking the above-listed measures is only one aspect of finding an opportunity of tutoring students. To let prospective students know that you are a competition among different private tutors, you also need to promote your skills so that the students find you a worthy tutor.

Be A Bit Lower On The Monetary Aspect

As a new tutor who is looking to expand his or her reach, you will need to keep the tuition prices a bit less than the competitors. This is true, even in cases when you find that you are the most qualified of the lot. Students in the initial stage will not be aware of your professional competence and will ignore your presence unless they find something alluring. You may have to offer some free classes initially to attract students but this will establish your worth in the long run when the students will find that you are professionally a good tutor who has a hold over the subject. Follow this tip in the initial phase when you are looking for students. The tutoring costs can be enhanced at a later stage for the new batch of students that enrolled for the classes.

Let Your Students Know You

As a tutor, you always need to be a step ahead of the competition and be unique in the tutoring world. You must advertise your skills too along with your reach and presence.

Highlight Your Academic Achievements

Private tutors always need to highlight their academic achievements to stand a niche apart from others in the business. If you aspire to become a tutor and assist students to better their academic indicators, it is imperative that you highlight your achievements. Create a professional portfolio where all your academic record is showcased in a readable manner. Use this in different advertisement modes when you share your availability.

You are definitely going to attract a worthy number of students to your study groups and will find gainful employment as an entrepreneur who is into education.

Scope of teacher
Tutoring work can also be searched online and through advertising. Source: India Today

Display Your Passion As A Tutor

If you aspire to become a successful home tutor in the long run and wish to attract good students to your class, you need to display your passion as a tutor. There are many tutoring centres and tutoring services which offer their services for students. In this era of competition, you will then need to be passionate and showcase this too.

As for the beginning, you can offer test prep classes for free, where the students will get to learn your skills and better their academic performance. This will eventually spread your worth through word of mouth and you will find quality students for your home tuition classes.

Be Creative In Your Approach

The student community has grown smarter. Moreover, with the current generation of students belonging from the online era, you too need to identify with them. This way you will be a favourite with your students and will find new students enrolling for your classes. You can create an online WhatsApp group for friends and family in which you list your achievements and tutoring methodology. Spread this message far and wide and soon you will have a closely-knit group of students who would like to benefit from your tutoring experiences.

Tutoring is a specialized skill, not all are gifted with. You are a special person to offer your tutoring tips to the students, you choose to interact with. Begin the search with a positive frame of mind, keeping the aspects listed above and success will endorse you in the long run.

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