Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat, was voted by the Times of India in 2012 as the best city to live in. Over the years, the city has seen growth not only in the economic and industrial sector but also in its growing literacy. In just over a decade since Ahmedabad’s average literacy (as taken from the Census of 2011) rose from 79.50% (in 2001) to 85.31%.

Though the average literacy rate of Ahmedabad is, as of now, not the best in the country yet given its economic prosperity, a large number of people will consequently expect and demand a further emphasis on education.

Against this backdrop, and given the rise of online technology in the country of late, the scope for online tutor jobs shines out as a brilliant advance in teaching career ambition in Ahmedabad for many good reasons.

A student searching for an online tutor may still seem a bit unconventional and somewhat doubtful to many in India but, rest assured, we will try to see how effective the online platform is for job seekers of teaching in Ahmedabad.

A classroom showing teacher to student ratio
The poor pupil-teacher ratio is unyielding in a child’s overall growth. Source: The Deccan Herald

Why Opt For A Career In Tutorship

In India, where although there are innumerable schools, colleges, universities and coaching centres, yet the demanded level of education is not often met with. To help uplift this scenario, an aspiring tutor shows up as an ideal for many.

With the cult of private or home tutorship growing more and more not just in Ahmedabad but throughout the country, it is high time for tutors to help themselves and the students as well by providing the latter quality education in a well-suited fee or salary. Teaching, after all, is not just a respectable profession but with the right approach and the opportunities, it can help establish oneself in a successful career even from an economic perspective.

Apart from this, there are numerous other factors which cater to the demand for tutors looking for teaching jobs.

In schools and colleges, it is often the case that the ratio of teachers to students is highly uneven. In Ahmedabad itself, the pupil-teacher ratio is dismal. This is generally not helpful to students who find the subject a bit too difficult to grasp when compared to other classmates. They may hesitate to ask the teacher in a full classroom fearing the sense of sounding stupid to other classmates.

Home opportunity, on the other hand, will enable these students to freely ask any question on the subject they are being taught without the fear of meeting with embarrassment.

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A teacher with a student
A home tutor nurtures a child’s focus in a better way. Source: The Indian Express

Special Attention To A Student

Since the student is less likely to get the due attention he would need to improve in a subject, it would suit his need the best to opt for a tutor. For instance, an English teacher or a math tutor can help a student to specialize in English or Maths respectively when teaching as a home tutor.

Career Goals

Many students beforehand are aware of or are in the total determination of pursuing what they want to be in the future. Such students need special focalization on a particular subject to make it stronger for them. In this regard, the need for a tutor who can guide the student in his respective career goal becomes all the more important.

Why Seek Tutor Jobs Online

India is gradually shifting to digital platforms and people are not only easily getting acquainted with it but are even growing more and more reliant on it as it is working solutions out for every problem you might come across. While there are numerous methods of applying for a teaching job such as applying in the newspaper, the advantages of seeking online tutor jobs in Ahmedabad are numerous.

Wider Reach And Access

The first and foremost advantage of applying for tutoring jobs online is that one can get a wider reach and access of students looking for a tutor. No more is a teacher’s scope limited to the handful of people who know him or an unreliable and expensive reliance on newspapers. With much ease, he can put up his resume and specialisation(s) online thereby allowing himself open to all of the students who live in his locality or even city.

Zero Expense And Ease Of Search

While mediums like newspapers demand a good amount of money for posting a job ad, an online job listing is going to give you immediate results without putting the load on your pocket. You also do not have to wait for the ad to be published as it is an immediate process. So basically, once you are done uploading your requisite details your ad will be posted. The comfort of applying online is that you can apply and find jobs without even leaving your home space. Even for moms who are educated house-wives, it allows an opportunity to be a self-employed tutor and gives them a legitimate work at home.

Online Reliability

Today’s world is gradually shifting to online technologies to avail various facilities in a quick and effective manner. From online home delivery to accessing global communication, the prevalent high-speed internet has emerged as the primary option for most of us. Given its popularity, especially among the youths, applying online to find jobs has become a new norm. If you wish to teach online, this will also enable you to work from anywhere, even from your own house, and thus make money from home via Paypal or through other mediums which transact money online.

Quality of a teacher
Certain qualities are found inherent in almost all good teachers. Source: slideshare.net

Better Interaction

Having applied online for home tutor jobs if someone comes across your profile via online surveys and is interested in appointing you as a tutor, he or she can interact with you directly, and specify his/her needs while keeping in mind your own schedule as well.

Review System

Different online platforms, such as Superprof, for tutoring job applications, provide review systems as well. This can benefit you a great deal in finding more students. If supposedly, you are already a home tutor, with good teaching experience, to quiet a few students, their reviews of you as their mentor will be reflected on your online profile which will help other students in deciding to opt for you.

Other Institutions

The online application is beneficial not just for applying in schools or for parents looking for home tutors but also for many private coaching institutions -  which are emerging at a faster rate than ever - and other workspaces. These coaching institutions are always on a lookout for teachers of different subjects. Your qualification will also enable you to work for any contact centre which hires a person of your qualification for a diverse range of work such as a freelance writer, proofreader, transcriptionist or for booking keeping or data entry jobs.

Being qualified enough and applying for a teaching job isn’t sufficient in themselves. An aspiring tutor has to keep in mind a number of factors before pursuing to teach a student.

Teacher-Student Interaction

Teaching is never a one-way process. How well a teacher interacts with a student and how well a student responds to the teacher are things of utmost importance. A student will love a teacher who helps him overcome his weakness without being too imposing. This eventually is going to shape the tutor’s review profile to help him gain more students or even teach at an improved fee.

A teacher with students
It is important for a teacher to interact with the student in a polite manner. Source: Edutopia

Proper Methodology

A good tutor will always approach a student on the basis of what is specified in his or her case. A tutor’s methodology of teaching is also of great importance. Certain students need a different way of being taught. A good tutor has to understand a student’s weak points and work to improve on it.

Consider Duration

It is important to keep in mind that different students need different amounts of time to solve a given problem or write an essay or comprehend something. It would be beneficial for teachers to have a flexible schedule on the basis of how weak or strong a student is in a given subject.

Qualification Is Important

It goes without saying that a good teacher must also have a good qualification, for it impresses the parents a great deal to appoint a highly qualified tutor. In fact, the higher the studies you have pursued the more likely you are to land yourself a home tutor job on a better pay rate and earn extra income than you were otherwise supposed to be paid. Try avoiding English as a second language for tutors with a good base in English are strongly recommended in Ahmedabad.

In a city like Ahmedabad, the demand for tutors are pretty much in constant. What the online medium has done is that it has channelised tutors jobs as a wide-ranging phenomenon where a student can now easily look for a teacher of any given subject.

The same goes for the teachers, the chances of one sitting at home after doing his studies has been highly reduced with the online method.

You can easily work as a part-time or a full-time tutor depending on your needs. So the time is ripe for you to register yourself online. Do not wait if you are an aspiring tutor. Apply now!

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