Often called the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore - the capital city of the state of Karnataka is home to a large number of important educational institutes of India. These consist of names such as Indian Statistical Institute, Indian Institute of Management and Indian Institute of Science among others. Major Indian technological organisations such as ISRO, Infosys, Wipro and HAL are also headquartered here.


With such prestigious institutions and with an average literacy rate of 87.67% according to the Census of 2011, Bangalore exudes an atmosphere of higher education.

Therefore, the need and demand for teaching jobs in Bangalore seem all the more obvious.

Teaching as a career is emerging at a rapid pace all over the country and in Bangalore, the story is no different. As for higher education, it has become a norm now to seek home tuition or private coaching classes in order to further strengthen the base of a subject.

Since the city of Bangalore is highly evolved in what is called the Information Technology (IT), it is natural that for people living here, the internet is playing an integral part in their lives. In this regard, the best option available for aspiring teachers would be to find online tutor jobs in Bangalore.

A university based in Bangalore
The beautiful campus of Bangalore University. Source: Collegedunia

The Value Of A Career In Tutorship

Irrespective of the scope of jobs, parents in India don’t generally shy away from spending money on education. In Bangalore, where though there are innumerable education centres, the demanded level of education is yet not often met with. Uneven distribution of wealth often falls short for many students who cannot get into premium educational institutions. To tackle this problem, home or private tutor turns up as a boon for many.

With the demand for private or home tutorship growing rapidly not just in Bangalore but throughout the country, it is high time for tutors to help themselves and also the students. This can be done by providing the latter with a quality education that they need the most in order to compete in this modern world.

One’s position as a teacher when combined with the appropriate approach and the opportunities it can help establish an aspiring tutor in a brilliant career from both intellectual and monetary perspectives. A group of certain factors will help us acknowledge why online search for teaching jobs are rightfully advantageous to aspiring tutors.

Teachers Per Students In School System

The dismal teacher-student ratio in most of the schools, colleges and universities hampers the quality of education for each and every individual. A schoolteacher lacks the means to address each and every student in a classroom keeping in mind their specific weak points. As a consequence, many of the students are left with insufficient means to strengthen their base of a particular subject.

Home tutors, therefore, will become inevitable for them if they are to cover up the weak spaces in their subjects and provide a better learning environment.

Focus On A Student

A student in need of a focus on a particular subject can get it most efficiently from a home tutor. Since a tutor will be left in charge of only one student at a time, his ability to understand his pupil and help him overcome his difficulty will rise tenfolds. To take an example, a Math teacher or an English tutor can help a student to specialize in Maths or English respectively while teaching as a home tutor.

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Teacher paying attention to a student
A home tutor pays better attention to a student. Source: Quora

Student’s Ambitions

An emphasis on one’s career and ambitions is to be found in most of the students. Their childhood education goes on in keeping with their career path: be it engineers or doctors or wanting to excel in language arts or maths. In order to make strong the subject they want to excel in, a private or home tutor is indispensable to them. For a tutor can make them see through the difficulties of the subject with their own expertise.

Benefits Of Applying For Tutor Jobs Online

The digital scope in Bangalore is better than almost anywhere else in India and naturally, people are inclined towards it for executing their various work-related needs. Advertisements itself is an integral and ever-expanding part of the internet. In this sense, seeking the online medium to apply for jobs is nothing short of an ordinary and expected thing to be done. The method of applying in newspapers is going old-fashioned as more and more people are inching towards the internet. To understand the benefits of applying online for tutor jobs let’s take a quick look at some points that make internet suitable as your choice.

Home based and Cost Effective

What could be more comfortable than applying for a job in teaching career from your own home without leaving for anywhere? You can easily apply online from your phone or computer and your profile will avail itself for home tutor jobs in Bangalore. The fact that such registration would be free of cost in most of the job search websites makes online application all the better as an option.

Accessing Broader Reach

A teacher’s job is no longer limited within the boundaries of newspaper advertisements or applying to a teaching agency or any other recruitment agencies which also require a considerable sum to be disposed of for the ad. Never will a tutor, looking for a job need to rely on the people he knows for the recommendation. Many online websites such as Superprof allows you to register your profile as a tutor thereby helping you to connect with a group of people, even in your own locality in Bangalore, looking for a tutor like you.

Better Communication

Someone interested in appointing you can contact you directly. The job alert notification on your phone or computer will duly notify you of jobs available or vacancy and you can contact that person as soon as it is convenient for you. This implies that the two parties (you and the one who is looking to hire a teacher) can communicate with one another without keeping time off from their schedule or without bothering to fix an appointment.

A tutor with her student
Tutorship offers great advantages in both learning and earning. Source: justdial.com

Online Classes

The aspect of becoming an online tutor in Bangalore is also great. Online teaching enables you to connect with many students at a time without leaving the comfort of your home. A student living far away and looking for a Spanish teacher or a Mathematics teacher or a History teacher can easily seek the medium of online classes.

Miscellaneous Options

Through the medium of the online application, one can expand their scope to a variety of teaching jobs and a whole range of other jobs as well. Varying from providing education online by working as a teacher from home, opting for substitute teaching or working as a part-time teacher, to seeking railway jobs or any other dream job of your choice.

Factors Making A Good Tutor ‘Good’

The teachers, of all, are the last of persons who need any sort of advice regarding their approach. But just as there are certain qualities which makes a student good so is the case with the teachers. There are a number of inherent factors which help aspiring tutors in their career and getting a competitive salary or fee.

Interactive Skills

Teaching is never a one way process. A student’s participation in the process is just as important as the teacher’s. A good teacher would always make the case that he is able to engage the student by being neither too strict nor too indulging. Students’ reviews on your online profile will reflect how successful you have been as a tutor to them and at the same time will help you get more students - better the reviews better are the chances of getting another student.

Flexibility in Methods

A good tutor will always be aware of the differences of every student and the method or concepts which would be best adaptable in each case. Different minds have different learning standards different making it a trick for the teacher to grasp it and thereby approach the student in that specific way only.

Children with a teacher
How you interact with a child is a key part of your being a good teacher. Source: naree.com

Teaching Hours

Since each student’s ability to comprehend a concept or subject varies from that of the other student, a teacher would do well to have flexible teaching hours depending on how much time a student is required to understand the given time. If a teacher is unable to give more time to a student, he may take an extra class later in the week.

Level Of Qualification

On a general level, a teacher’s first impression comes from the degrees he holds. It is more lucrative to his career to have as much higher education as possible. Though it is by no means definitive that a highly qualified teacher would be suitable for a particular student. But more often than not, it happens to be a mark of a great teacher.

Bangalore is never disappointing in terms of education. Education jobs in Bangalore are and will remain in demand. And to capitalise on this demand, the online method for the job of home tutor in Bangalore is the best option available out there. The time is ripe for aspiring tutors. Job seekers! apply right away without being dependent on anyone and become a teacher.

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