Teachers have already attained optimum importance ever since education is established in India. There was a time when people struggled to find a job that would satisfy them both financially and in terms of working hours. Out of employed individuals from every sector, teachers are said to be the most relaxed individuals with a lesser effort of work, a huge income and ofcourse respect in society.

However, the importance of educators is not limited only to schools and colleges or other educational institutes. People, especially students are seeking the guidance of a private teacher at home and in coaching as well. This has resulted in the trend of taking private tuitions, which has been serving students with more satisfying results.

In fact, the parents who were constantly concerned about the grades of their child, have also seen notably improved results while securing private tuitions and coaching. This is why every parent is now searching for good private tutors to guide their child at home.

Private Tuitions: Advantage For Teachers

There is no denying that a student can have various benefits from a private lesson. But on the other hand, it is the teachers who are gaining maximum benefits out of it. It is also worth mentioning that in the year 2018, a notable deficiency has been seen in the job market of engineering graduates in the states of Telangana, job seekers opted to become teachers in the state. Now, this may only stand as an example of the teaching jobs in schools especially government-run. Despite that, public school teachers have also reached out to students offering them private tuition at home. The following can be summed up to explain the benefit of private tuitions:

A private session
Private tutoring is more beneficial for teachers as well as the students in various ways. Source: Daily Express

Instant Hike In Earning

People are constantly looking for a convenient way that would help them increase their earnings. No other ways have proved to be more lucrative than teaching. In fact, the empty private teaching positions have always served as a major earning for a teacher.

Convenient To Make Money

There is no individual on earth who will say ‘no’ to a more convenient way of earning that would allow them to set their timing according to them.

Private tuitions, being a type of home schooling for a child, a teacher is allowed to set his/her own timings as per convenience.

In fact, a teacher can also opt for alternate days teaching, unlike office private companies where your attendance is more important than it was ever in your school!

Learn While Sharing Knowledge

The craving for learning in a human being has no end. A teacher gets a lot to learn while teaching a student. This is also one of the factors why people who are preparing for competitive examinations or any preparation program take private tuitions as their part time job.

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Effortless And Most Satisfying Job

Teacher in a classroom
A teacher must maintain her calm while taking a class and be polite to all students. Source: The Statesman

There are several reasons why one would consider teaching one of the most satisfying jobs in the world. You can have a look at the below points, for instance-

  • With teaching, one can have the potential to transform the lives of children. Ask teachers how they feel when they see their students grow to become a doctor, pilot, designer, engineer, etc!
  • To be creative and observing are the most notable things a teacher learns throughout his life. This is not a sign of talent but a gift.
  • Self-nurturing becomes the ultimate result of teaching. No matter what you are teaching a student, with time, it is your own self that gets to revise things again and again.
  • Enhancing knowledge is also a great benefit to teaching.
  • Teaching is one of the perfect chances to guide not only a child but the whole generation.
  • Last but not least, teaching helps one to earn optimum without sacrificing his time for family, for self and others.

Besides, one also cannot deny that teachers are mentally one of the most stable individuals and thus it is always better to take their advice in any scenario.

How To Become A Successful Teacher In Hyderabad?

With the rise in the demand for teaching in every sector for education such as government schools, private schools, any public school, coaching and private tuitions, it is possible for an individual to take up this as his career. However, the salary for teachers is better in government schools compared to most of the private schools. In fact, a government-run school teacher also gets various privileges or monetary benefits. However, the pressure of these tutors might be more. On the other hand, private school teacher gets fewer benefits in comparison.

A scene of students
The demand for teaching has increased considerably in every educational sector. Source: Dailyhunt

Notably, you can also opt to be a self-relied teacher if you go for private or personal tuitions jobs. This will only require you to find a suitable platform such as Superprof where you can list yourself along with some of the basics details like your degree, choice of subjects you want to teach in, etc. The best part of listing yourself online is you would not require to go through the lengthy process of examination to get hired in a government school. You will also not require a strong and highly professional background, which is nowadays the demand of every A-grade private school. These schools may also demand specialised degrees such as TTC, elementary education program or doctoral degree.

Another option is to become a private tutor or a tuition teacher who can offer private classes in person. This is one of the most secure and satisfying types of teaching where the teacher does not get any pressure and still makes money. The demand for home tuitions in Hyderabad is also high, thus one can enjoy the advantages.

Benefits Of A Private Tutor

It is already mentioned above that teaching is considered as one of the most satisfying jobs. However, if you are required to go through the long process of getting hired, as well as a lot of pressure during examinations (once you are hired as teacher job), you will simply disagree. But if you want to become a tutor without being squeezed between the stringent eligibilities, it would be a good option to select private tutoring. The benefits of personal tutoring can be summed up as follows-

  1. If you are seeking extra income for your family, then personal tutoring can be the best option. Since this type of teaching would not require you to go through a hectic schedule, you can make extra money, which can be even more than most of the office jobs in Hyderabad.
  2. Because private tutoring can provide you with the benefit of becoming your own boss, you will not get troubled with unwanted demand like work on holidays. Also, you can make lesson plans on your own.
  3. You can choose to teach as many students as you want as well as can fix the number of lessons to teach. There would not be anyone asking you to give it more than your capacity.
  4. For a freelance writer, this can be the best home opportunities for making extra money.
  5. With the help of internet access, you can also prefer to be an online tutor. This gives you the opportunity to work from anywhere.
A coaching class
In order to score better in exams, every student requires special care which is possible with private tutoring. Source: Indian Youth

Besides, there are a number of other benefits too. This type of tutoring can also help you prepare for any examination or seek your dream career. If you aim at studying a higher degree program and need money to pay your fees, private tuitions come to your rescue since you can earn by working along with your course duration.

Private Home Tuition And Online Tutoring

People may get confused between the two - online tutoring and private tuition. Although both may look the same in the first instance, the only difference is that online tutor jobs require access to the internet. So, even if you are residing in a rural area, you can have the opportunity of working remotely with the help of the internet. On the other hand, teacher jobs also involve face-to-face tutoring rather than online.

Now, one common question that may come to your mind is whether you should go for one-on-one tutoring or online teaching? The answer is very simple. If you are okay with either visiting the house of a student or call them to come to yours, home tutoring can be fine for you. But if you lack timing or a proper place where you can call a student, online teaching can be the best option. Moreover, online tutoring can be considered as the best work from home, which allows you to sit and relax while teaching.

Another advantage of teaching online is that you can offer anything you are good at. For instance, if you are into instrumental music, you can teach the same to the learners. It is a fact that students nowadays are seeking a lesson for everything and the music program can also be a part of their hobby. Besides, one can prefer to teach languages and become an English teacher or a tutor of Russian native languages.

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