Mumbai is known as the commercial capital of India. Despite its economic posture, the city also holds the literacy rate of 89%. A city’s economic development paves the way for the demand for education. No wonder that some of the prominent research institutions are located in Mumbai like Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), and the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC).

But as often is the case, in order to enhance a student’s learning, schooling systems aren’t enough. A private tutor has to go hand in hand with school teachers. This scenario is common not just in Mumbai but throughout the country. This inevitably leads to the demand for a teaching job in Mumbai.

Tutorship As A Great Career Option

The world has become increasingly competitive in the past few years. Everybody out there fights for acquiring the best standards of living and the only way to do that is by getting a proper education. Education is a tool that enables a man to live a secure life. All the parents are highly concerned about their children’s education and employ all their means to flourish the child’s prospect in his future.

The mainstream education provided by schools and institutions often falls short of delivering the best results in students. Students are then on a lookout for people available to assist in their studies and thus they seek home tuition.

A teacher guiding his student
A career in private tutoring is now a lucrative choice. Source:

These private tutors not only cover the syllabus but also give attention to the weakness of a student. There are many people out there like university bachelors who are interested in search of private tuitions in Mumbai which would enhance their own knowledge In the process of imparting education.

Tutoring students is the best way to get a just remuneration alongside with sharpening of one’s own area of expertise. The following points will demonstrate why in today’s age online search for tutors is the best option.

Individual Focus On Students

A teacher in an institution seldom gets a chance to pay attention to individual students. He/she distributes attention equally but because of disparity in every student’s grasping ability, this becomes a great difficulty for some. Also, every student has his/her weakness and strength in different subjects and topics. This is not looked after properly. If the basics are not clear one cannot expect a student to perform well. Teachers can also be found by subjects. If a student is weak in essay writing or requires a tutor for math, his/her demands will be meted out so.

Disparity In The Number Of Students And Teacher

A teacher in a class full of students often finds himself torn between the demands of students. He/she may not have enough time to invest in each child and thus most of them suffer. The intelligent ones may grasp the lesson easily but the average or below-average students struggle to cope with the syllabus. The class is often too big for some students to see the blackboard and they miss out a lot and consequently fail in doing their homework assignments at home. In this case, the last resort is to hire tutors. Subsequently, most parents or students search through online tutoring services.

Teacher Parent Interaction

In the institutions, the parents are deprived of any real interaction with their ward’s teachers except on special occasions like a parent teacher’s meeting which are seldom. They find it difficult to voice the needs of their children to them and a relationship of trust and cooperation fails to emerge. Bringing up a child in all his best abilities requires a shared effort and mutual trust on the parts of parents and the teacher, which luckily can be achieved with a tuition teacher. They can both give their best for the student.

Helping Students To Realize Dreams

Teachers can often see through their student’s capability and merit and help them to realize those dreams. They work no less than students for their academic achievement. They help students to acquire their goals by assigning them adequate writing assignments and assisting them in test preparation and homework help. Often students with a mental or physical issue like dyslexia or paralysis need private tutors most than any other. They encourage them to overcome their disability and emerge successfully.

Search for the best online tutoring jobs India.

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A good teacher is a combination of certain qualities. Source:

Few Simple Guidelines To Help You Become A Good Tutor

Just by applying for online tutor jobs in Mumbai one cannot ensure to get students. He/she must be a good teacher for students to flock to him. Besides having educational qualities, one must have a unique and effective fashion of teaching. Let’s take a look at what could make one a great tutor.

Degrees And Certificates

The first and foremost thing one should have are degrees from college, or his/her own academic performance at university is evaluated as this form of evaluation is the way of standardized testing of eligibility. Getting accompanied by that should be his/her own intuition of charting up approach towards different students. Becoming a tutor is finding a balance between the two ways.

An Effective Bonding

Teacher guiding her student
A teacher’s bonding with a student is important for both sides. Source:

Students look up to teachers who interact with them and break the hierarchy of a teacher-student equation. This gives confidence to the students to examine and be open about their weaknesses that need to be addressed. Only when you connect to them as more than a tutor can you bring out the best in him.

Flexible Educating Approach

‘Teach every student according to one’s need’ should be the motto of any good tutor. He/she cannot employ the same method for a student who is weak in calculus and one who is weak in English writing. They have an entire set of different needs that requires to be addressed in a separate manner. A tutor must know what he/she is dealing with.

Investment Of Time

The main reason why students require tutors is the fact that teachers in institutions fail to deliver adequate time for each student. This is why it is an essential requirement on the part of tutors to allow them the time that is needed for the completion of syllabus and revisions. If you miss out on classes you must give extra classes or reviews will fall and it won’t be beneficial to you.

Why Must One Apply For Online Tuition Jobs

Nowadays every inquiry regarding anything under the sun is only a click away. The server is constantly running with millions of searches every minute. This establishes the point that people are always on the look-out for things on the internet. It has become the largest forum of advertisement and therefore is the most viable option for you to look out for jobs regarding private tutors in Mumbai. You may or may not be a certified tutor, you can still apply and begin as a fresher.

One On One Communication

The interaction that takes place is generally through email phone between the student and the tutor. There is almost never any need to make an appointment. The time of tutoring can also be negotiated amongst the interested party and Monday through Thursday or even other weekends can be adjusted to hold classes.

Convenience Of Distance

Often newspaper advertisements, if they catch eyes at all, are responded by candidates living far off and it causes great difficulty for the tutor to undertake such a journey so frequently in a week. Online searches, in turn, are generally searched as ‘tutors near me’ which enables people of close vicinity to correspond.

Far-Reaching Scope

The scope is much wider than in any other source. If you are available to assist students in Gmat preparation or sat tutoring there are options for it as well. From nursery to college level, common demands for tutors in subjects like English, math, history, geography to uncommon demands like French tutor, all is available and you can choose from a great array of options.

Scope of online tutoring
The online facility enables one to seek multiple jobs. Source:

Economic And Time Saving

Time is one thing that we cannot afford to lose today. Applying online is the easiest and absolutely free of cost. It is impossible for us nowadays to keep inquiring if anyone is interested or not. It is also futile to spend money without the assurance of an advertisement yielding any profit. Be it distribution of handouts or ad in the newspaper, it consumes a considerable amount of time and money and often yields no result.

Different Options

The online application facility is not just for tutors but covers numerous ranges from railways jobs, call centres, animation, graphic designing and so on.

So what are you waiting for? Apply online for jobs and give your best to build a better future for the students and in turn, be of effective force towards building a better nation as students are the future of the nation. Leave your indelible mark on every mind you teach.

Don’t wait for others to propagate your intention of working as a teacher. There are great platforms like Superprof where you can get yourself registered and anyone in your city or even locality can look out for you to appoint you as a teacher. Do not wait! Enter the wide gates of the internet and apply.

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