Madurai is not only a major city of Tamil Nadu but is also deemed as the cultural capital of the state. If legends are to be believed, all three assemblies of the Tamil language, known as Tamil Sangam, were said to have been held in Madurai.

Given the city’s cultural heritage, the role and importance of education cannot be looked down upon when it comes to shaping up of the traditional lineage of Madurai. The city is home to a large number of colleges and schools. Notably, there are as many as 369 schools in Madurai. In this respect, the prospect of finding teaching jobs in Madurai becomes an interesting hunt.

If you are looking to work as a teacher with positions varying from home tutor jobs to online tutoring, there are various effective ways to seek teaching jobs in Madurai.

Teacher in a classroom
Students can easily get distracted in a school classroom. Source: Hindustan Times

Why Demand More Tutors?

In a student’s academic career, the quality of education is the most determining of all factors. While school education is a pre-given necessity, coaching classes and home tutors enhance a student’s potential all the more for multiple reasons. However, there is always a need for a kind of tutor who can help the student cope with ever-growing academic pressure.

Quality Of Education In School

The teaching faculty in schools are burdened with a laborious syllabus, which not only builds pressure on the student but the teachers themselves. The teachers, in order to complete the vast syllabus assigned to them often have to cover the chapters in a quick roundabout way. This may lead students not to grasp the complexities of a subject thoroughly.

Focus Of The Teacher

In a classroom, a student is liable to get distracted from what is being taught. The teachers along with what they are teaching also have to look over the entire class, which cannot be as efficiently managed. It is difficult to be a mentor and keep the assessment of each and every student effectively.

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Student with a teacher
It is important for the teacher to take care of every student in the class. Source: India Today

Literacy Rate

Madurai, according to 2011 census, holds the average literacy rate of 90.91%, which is more than most of the Indian cities. This shows the academic approach of the city where a student’s education is far much stressed upon. To cater to the expectations from this level of learning standards, school education alone may not be sufficient.

Career Path

Given the level of competition for jobs in India, many students benefit from deciding very early about what they are aiming for in their career. In keeping track with it, finding a private tutor will be of immense help to guide them in the subject they want to get extremely well in. This, consequently, raises the demand for a home tutor as well.

Scope Of Finding Jobs For Teachers

The prospect of working as a teacher in Madurai has opened up. Now, more than ever, many options to find a job with a competitive salary. Some of the common ways can be:

Look For Vacancies

This is one of the most common approaches that all aspiring tutors strive for. Apply to various teaching institutions, government or as a home tutor for jobs. If you are a beginner, do not limit yourself to the job of a primary teacher but also apply for the position of an elementary teacher, substitute teaching or even as a kindergarten teacher (if it is not your dream job).

Apply In The Newspapers

The most sought after way of looking for a teaching job is in applying in the newspaper. You can put up your bio-data along with a cover letter and resume. A large number of the population not only read newspapers regularly but even look up into it to apply or hire for jobs. So it is perhaps still the most common and effective method. Also, various teaching agencies post in newspapers if they undergo vacancies.

Online Tutoring Jobs

The latest advantage of finding online tutoring jobs is in looking and applying online on various websites that promote advertising and allocating jobs to teachers. From community schools to reputed academies to a parent seeking a home tutor, online application is one tool to serve different parties. Job alerts will help notify you immediately if someone seeks you.

Why Online Search For Jobs Is Highly Effective And Efficient

With the growth in the nation-wide access of the internet, even in the remotest corners of India, communication has brought everyone and everything in touch with one another. Since a large number of the population are familiar with it, even the students (in case of a private home tutor), applying for a tutor job online is both highly effective and efficient in several ways.

Job searching online
Looking for teaching jobs online is a new way. Source: Placement India

Wider Reach

Someone aspiring for teacher jobs in Madurai can, with the help of the internet, avail his merit to all of the teaching institutions as well as to parents looking for a home tutor for their children in Madurai. Applying for online teaching jobs is also beneficial in the sense that it not only widens the reach to a city or even a country but one can even use it for international jobs.

Free Promotion

Teachers applying online can allow themselves the benefit of free advertisement. In other words, they can promote their qualifications with the help of educational websites where they can post their resume and other requisite information which is, more often than not, free rather than paid. A tutor can easily look for a job by searching ‘teaching jobs near me’ on the internet.

Ease Of Access

Since this generation is more used to the internet, the advantage of enlisting oneself online is very lucrative. You can put up your specialization, be it as a math teacher, English teacher, art teacher or a science teacher, that will help people look for you specifically by typing the keywords e.g. mathematics teacher. You can also make a non-negotiable or hassle-free demand such as wanting to be a part-time teacher only. Along with this, you can mention the duration, the days and the time you can teach and what fee you will charge so that every student or parent can approach you beforehand knowing everything essential beforehand.

Greater Specialization

Our career is not limited to becoming a doctor or an engineer. A wide range of artistic and cultural ambitions to need grooming at the hand of a professional. Someone who is interested in learning Spanish may not find a Spanish teacher with much ease. Same goes for those interested in music having difficulties in finding a music teacher or a trouble a school go through in hiring a teacher for physical education. Internet, with much ease, can mete out all these demands. Therefore, teachers would do well to apply online.

Qualities To Start With In Teaching Jobs

Teaching may be a very common profession but the standard required from institutions or parents demand certain qualities from a teacher which would be best for you to follow or to keep in mind while applying for a job.

Students taking part in a lasson
Making students interactive is an ideal trait of a teacher. Source: The Indian Express

Impressive Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum vitae or resume do more than half the work while applying for any job. In education jobs, it is no different. Add more edge to your learning capabilities and that would decorate your CV and will give you all the more credential for recruitment.

Fee Range

Although no subject is lesser, a teacher needs to keep in mind the average demand of a given subject. Many parents in India still hold conservative views and may not be as liberal to pay as they do for mainstream subjects.

Duration And Frequency

If you are a beginner in a teaching career and applying for the job of a home tutor try to keep the duration a tad bit longer than from your competitors. Every parent would prefer that, especially where the CVs of two teachers are somewhat identical in their qualifications. Greater frequency of classes will also give you an edge in your initial stages of career.

Interactive Skills

A teacher’s interactive capability with a student or students also plays an important role in solidifying the teacher’s demand. Neither too strict nor too lax; neither too methodical nor too indulgent - a teacher ought to be someone with whom students feel comfortable with and yet not take him for granted. When it comes to online websites, the options of reviews in a teacher’s profile will ultimately be based on this.

Internet, thus, is an ideal medium for a teacher to apply for jobs of all kinds of educational jobs. Ranging from teaching overseas to substitute teacher jobs there are websites to suit everyone’s needs.

Teaching in a city like Madurai will be ideal as the people put a lot of value on higher education and would not even shy away from looking on the internet for an online tutor Madurai. With the right approach and methods, your chance of prospering in this city will increase ten folds and help you inspire many others.

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