In the nineteenth and twentieth century, Bengal witnessed its own Renaissance. Since then, it’s capital, the historic city of Kolkata has been at the country’s forefront in terms of arts and culture. The fact that Nobel Laureates have born, worked or studied from Kolkata and that the University of Calcutta is the first modern university in the whole of South Asia is indicative of the city’s proud emphasis on education.

The value and role of teachers in a city like Kolkata can never be undermined. With the building pressure on studies students often need to rely on private or home tutors. In this sense, the demand for teaching jobs is always there in Kolkata.

With the advent of online technology, the medium in which we communicate has changed radically. People are no longer sticking to the old method of recommendations for getting a home tutor in Kolkata. An easier thing would be to apply online.

Finding teaching jobs online is no longer novel in Kolkata. Anyone looking for a tutorship job can easily apply online on platforms like Superprof. It is rewarding for a great many reasons.

Concersation between teacher and student
Tutors play an important part in a student’s life. Source:

Why Tutorship Is A Valuable Career Option

Kolkata is widely renowned as the cultural hub of India and it is needless to say that it is so primarily because of its emphasis on education. With the average literacy of 87% (higher than the average of India which is 74%), parents of different backgrounds strive to best deliver their parts for the cause of their children’s education.

They try to enrol them in the best schools and colleges, provide them with all the materials they require and even engage tutors to enhance the children’s quality of education. They leave no stone unturned to give them the best learning environment.

The private tutors often become role models for children and a very personal bond is developed between them which acts as a catalyst to the student’s performance. Students in need of a mentor seek private tutors. This career option does not only enrich the students but also provide a scope for the tutors to enrich their own knowledge. Tutorship is the most suitable career option in which meets the two most important criteria and serves them right, monetary and intellectual.

How Online Search Is The Right Way

The following factors will elaborate on why online search for teaching jobs is the rightful option in today’s world.

Teacher-student Ratio Balance

There is an appalling disparity in the number of teachers a school provides and the number of students in the same school enrols. One often sees classrooms, even in the best schools cramped with students struggling to clear their doubts. There is hardly anyone on one interaction with the teachers which leaves many students in confusion and thus affecting their academics. In these cases, home tuition in Kolkata is the only option available to these students. Tutors clear their doubts, give an elaborate explanation of the portions that the students are particularly weak in.

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An interactive classroom
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Attention To The Need Of Students

The attention given by a class teacher is more or less based on a rough calculation of an average need of all students and thus it is likely that most students will suffer. A tutor, on the hand stays attentive to a single student and thus estimating and delivering a close to perfect amount of attention that his student needs. The tutor, because of personal interaction, can gauge the I.Q of his student and prepare his teaching approach specifically.

Focusing On A Student’s Aim

The tutor stays well aware of the student’s inclination towards certain subjects and his ambition. And it becomes easy for him to steer the student towards his goal. For example, if a tutor knows the child’s ambition to be a physicist, he would focus the most in subjects like Physics and Mathematics. When a student wishes to excel in a certain field the need for a tutor becomes all the more necessary. It requires a channelling of expertise in a student to bring out the best in him. Often the tutors become their role models with their excellence inspiring the student to a great extent.

Personal Analysis Of A Tutor

Schools do not provide scope for an investigation about the eligibility of a teacher. They do set an eligibility criterion which is often based on their degrees but in case of a private tutor, the parents rest assured as they screen through various options and are satisfied to select the best for their children.

Private tutoring
A tutor teaches keeping in mind the aim of the student for the subject. Source:

The Advantages Of Applying For Tutor Jobs Online

The world around us is becoming more and more relying on digital technology. We no more ask strollers for an address in a particular area, instead, we take the help of Google maps and so on. Similarly, the lookout for teachers nowadays happens primarily on the internet and looking for jobs online is the only way to ensure one's working as a teacher. One hardly brushes through the newspaper in present times and the handouts distributed goes unread and is a huge waste of paper. The internet is taking over a large part in advertising itself. We shall now explore the reasons why the online application is almost indispensable for anyone who aspires to become a teacher.

Home Comfort And Pocket-Friendly

One does not have to run around in the newspaper houses to print an advertisement or rely on the verbal advertisement. Jobs can be applied for from the comfort of home in simple clicks and responses are often not delayed and are fruitful. One doesn’t have to spend money on the ads without any assurance. It saves a lot of time and money.

Broader Access

Ads in newspapers often stay bound to a region and disclose not much about the tutor or his teaching process. An online advertisement entails an entire profile of the tutor and reaches out to a broad network. The online agencies supply teachers only after examining their cover letters, resume and experience. It is most suitable for a person working as a teacher in a full-time job but is willing to conduct online teaching which is very popular these days. In this case, the online application is absolutely the only way. He/she reaches out to students on an international level while still having a position as a teacher in some institute. One may even get international jobs like teaching English in China or teach abroad other such countries with required eligibility.

Personal Communication

You get a direct response to your application. The notification comes in either your computer or mobile phones which is pretty convenient because you cannot miss out on it or make runs after students. In some cases, the parents directly contact the applicant. This means two parties can interact and negotiate over texts or call without having to meet.

Infinite Number Of Options

You need not worry if you are not willing to teach anyone a specific subject or students pursuing higher studies. You can apply online for posts in nursery school, as an elementary school teacher or even community teaching. The scope is not restricted to only subject teachers like a math teacher, English teacher or science teacher but the recruitment of such as art teacher or music teacher is also available.

Online Tutoring

The advantage of high-speed internet enables a teacher to access the option for online tutoring. A teacher can easily sit and teach a student or a group of students from his home through the medium of online tuition classes.

What Is Required To Be A Good Tutor

A good tutor is constituted of a number of factors which are expected of him from almost every parent or students. Keep these points in mind may enhance a tutor’s chances of getting better and more opportunities.

Tutoring job is emerging day-by-day
Parents/Students search for tutors on the basis of certain factors. Source:

Personal Interaction

Teachers are often the inspiration for their students and known to lead their career path mainly because of their interactive skills. They must operate on a personal basis rather than strict professional boundaries. It is very important if one wants to get good reviews for in future when one opts to hire a teacher they would want to find a teacher with excellent reviews.

Adjustable Teaching Approach

Great teachers must always keep in mind that every student has a different set of I.Q and performance quality. They must develop their methods in coherence with the student’s skill set.

Sufficient Time Allotment

Allotting enough time is very important. The reason why students find teacher outside school is to cater to their individual needs that definitely require time from the teacher’s end.

Educational Degree

Though having degrees and qualifications on paper is not the only criterion of a good teacher, it is what creates the first impression of a teacher. So having degrees of higher education will definitely enrich your profile.

So, don’t wait for others to propagate your intention of working as a teacher. Apply for jobs online to get the best one out of the lot.

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