Pune is one of the most established cities in India. Situated in Maharashtra, it is the second-largest city after Mumbai in the state. The city has a large population, which is why it has been able to present a suitable opportunity for everyone. It also witnesses the presence of some well-known educational centres and institutes alongside major corporate names and this leads to various jobs opportunities for in private/government sector and teaching jobs as well.

Besides, the city is also counted among the safest and most prosperous centres in terms of education. Many students from across India come to this city to pursue a professional degree, college degree, higher studies and the likes, given the perfect learning environment.

Pune - Oxford Of The East

With the ever-growing opportunity for learning and seeking a career, Pune is the home to scholars, teachers, professors, and many more. This is the reason why it witnesses massive vacancies for teachers in the educational sector. It has also been described as the educational capital in India. More so, the city is described as the Oxford of the East for the presence of some renowned educational institutions.

Going into the educational condition of the city, it is worth noting that it has a literacy rate of 86% among which, 90% can be described for male and 81% for female. And there is no surprise in the difference between male and female literacy because just like any other place in India, the population of female to that of the male is lower. On the other hand, it can also be said such a high literacy rate is present in only a few cities in the country since most places have the same below 80%.

The city of Pune
Pune is among the cities that present a good literacy rate in India. Source: Indian Express

Teaching Prospects In Pune

Since Pune is one of the fastest-growing cities in India, it presents a sound number of career opportunities for the people. It is a home to major corporate sectors, which is why people can also get numerous earning opportunities. Besides, people can also use the chance rightfully to establish themselves by taking a job of their choice, in which, one of the most cherished is becoming a private tutor.

Indeed, teaching is one such mode of earning which is universally accepted and one, who has the ability to teach can never run empty pocket. In fact, there are chances for him/her to make the most of the time and earn effortlessly. If you want to know how teaching can be the most suitable career option, read through the key three factors below-

Self-dependent work

Compared to other professions, teaching is one of the easiest modes of earning money without being dependent on any source like a company/brand name or post. Take for example, in the corporate sector, one thrives to become the boss or leader but teaching is one such profession where you will be your own boss. There is no target, no pressure and absolutely no competition which usually stress an individual. Just a few hours of teaching and one can meet all his financial requirements hassle-free.

Respectful job

Teaching is also one of the most respectful jobs and is appreciated by everyone in society. They can be considered as the core part of a society and needless to say, they are respected wherever they go.

Always in-demand

No matter in which corner of India you are, if you are a teacher, you are always in demand. Since school or college teaching does not prove to be enough for children, someone other than their educational institution is required to guide and nurture their knowledge at home. Thus, the demand for a home tutor in Pune is also high.

Other than the above facts, there are many more benefits one can have by choosing to become a private education teacher.

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A private lesson
Apart from school, students require extra care and nurturing. Source: Knowledge Merger

Basic Requirements of a Private Teacher

To start with, here are the basic things that one should possess in order to get hired as a teacher.

Degree: Wherever you go, if you seek teacher jobs, a degree is one of the prior necessities. It is only through your qualified status that a school or educational institution would decide whether you are worth hiring or not. Also, the salary of the teacher would depend on his qualifications.

Experience: Experience is also a key element when it comes to teaching. A teacher's salary is also decided by the recruiter considering his/her experience.

Age: While a young teacher is likely to get hired for primary teaching, a senior teacher can get placement for higher classes, colleges, etc. However, a person should be below the maximum age where he/she is likely to be retired. Age also reflects one's capacity to teach, one’s educational qualification and experience.

Location: Although this can be listed as a secondary factor, in the case of teaching, one will have to take his city’s location into account. However, one can also choose to move out of his location in order to get the job. Nonetheless, Pune offers the finest job opportunities in the teaching sector.

Professional approach: Among the few most important features of a private tutor, behavioural approach towards students and their guardians deserves an equal highlight. Since behaviour speaks a lot about a person, it is important for all home tutors in Pune to be well-behaved. Being professional while communicating and polite while dealing with kids are some of the cardinal characteristics of a good teacher.

Do’s and Don’ts of private tutoring in Pune

While teachers are hardly criticised by people, it is important for an individual to know the basic things that he/she should never fall victim to. This includes both the behavioural aspects of a teacher and physical presence. Here are some of the basic rules to follow as a teacher-

Teacher with her students
A teacher must possess good personality that would reflect his/her profession. Source: Freepik

Avoid Arguments With Kids Or Their Parents

Situations may arise while teaching a student who is weak or has less interest in studies like most of the children. In these cases, the academic results of the child may get affected and parents choose to confront the private tutors. However, there is no option to revert straight replies on their face. Instead, the teacher must take appropriate measures to make the parents understand the situation and deal with it along with their support.

Understanding The Student Is The Key

Not every student has the same capacity of learning and comprehending a subject. So, be prepared that you may also require to deal with students who would need an umpteenth time explanation for the same thing. Don’t lose patience and understand the capacity of the child.

Balance Professional And Personal Life

Most individuals are facing some sort of trouble in their personal lives. However, it is completely wrong to get your job affected by the same. In this case, you will need to have better control over your emotions since as a teaching professional, you will need a lot of patience. Make sure your temper is not hampering the child.

Your Appearance Matters A Lot

Needless to mention, your appearance forms the first impression wherever you go. And in the case of education jobs, it is no different. A school teacher must look polished and well-presentable in society. One of the most important things that relate to your appearance directly is your dress-up. Other than that, the way you talk, your physical posture, and the likes are also taken into consideration.

It is only through the basics of everything that a person can get success in his/her field of interest. Even if you are applying for teacher recruitment, you must possess the potential to be one.

Teachers Are Important

In the present time, the requirement of home tuition in Pune is being sought by many. In fact, given the complicated schooling system, a substitute teacher at home is deemed necessary everywhere in India. And this is the time when job seekers, as well as a part time teacher, must get the most out of it. Also, substitute teaching has shown greater possibilities for a better result or for the ultimate student achievement.

Examination centre
It is only with the help of private tutoring that students can score better in their exams. Source: Hindustan Times

The role of online websites like Superprof is also worth mentioning. It has enhanced the prospects of job openings for people who wish to earn by working as a private teacher. It has resulted in a great path for the ones who are looking for extra income as well.

While tutoring job is easy to find if you meet the requirement of the teaching post, problems may arise for those who do not have a certification. But this is not the case when it comes to teaching private tuitions. Moreover, with the help of online teaching modes, one can also choose to teach anywhere even by staying at home. Online teaching has emerged extensively in the present time. This is mainly due to the ease it provides to the tutors.

So, if you also have superb skills in educating students, you can choose teaching as a career without any problem. On the other hand, you can also start your own teaching agency once you have set your group of students.

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