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Teacher for all those who are suffering from disabilities or cannot understand their studies due to lack of understanding characteristics.

About the lesson

I teach subjects from a practical point of view and have my own way of making others understand a topic or syllabus. I can teach various subjects from a practical aspect. This will help the disabled to create their own environment for the subject in their minds.


  • Support for Students with math difficulties
  • Support for Students with Autism
  • Support for Students with Dyslexia
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    Support for Students with a Reading Disorder


  • English


  • Class 10
  • Higher Secondary School
  • Class 12
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    Adult education

About Ameya

I don't have much experience in teaching disabled people. But I would certainly like to start teaching the students. I first try to understand the student's understanding capability and then start progressing with the course work according to the grasping power of the student.



  • 5h: ₹600
  • 10h: ₹2000


  • ₹200/hr

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  • Student from Business Management teaching English, help in reading And a helper in need



    My teaching method is very simple and efficient. I base my class as per the children's needs and requirements. My teaching...

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  • I am a Student in BCOM field giving tutoring below SSC in mumbai.



    My teaching method is first I check where is my students getting weak at like in which subject then my main highlight will...

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  • You can do anything if your base is strong in your field



    It's depend upon to whom I teach. If he/she have low basic knowledge than I prefer to teach them first basic otherwise as...

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  • Math and Physics tutor for All boards across Mumbai with 10 years of experience



    Starting from the basics and solving different types of questions and examples from different reference books helps the...

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  • I'll give my best to teach them and understand the chapters clearly



    I base my class and give a studious explanation of the chapters and give proper information of the words and learn

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  • Would love to teach kids to start their journey for the new phase.



    I love class room teaching as it is easy to connect with the kids and make them easier to understand all the details. But...

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  • Founder and CEO of QDS Pro | GMAT 99%iler | The Human Calculator | IEA Book of World Records' Official Adjudicator | Master Numero Uno | International Record Holder | India Book of Record Holder



    5 (15 reviews)

    Key Highlights of QDS Pro Online Prep Courses:- 1. Personalized Batches of only 4-5 Students and One-on-One Tutoring 2. All...

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  • Student in SYBMS givies tution to high school childeren who have dyslexia .



    As i am teaching a student having dyslexia i would be very polite in teaching him /her .i would make notes and put in extra...

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  • Undergraduate student giving classes and assistance for students with disabilities in Punjab



    I understand and listen to the requirements of the student. Help with where help is needed. Gives some freedom of thought...

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  • Students in commerce college gives tutions to junior students in accounts, maths and statistics subjects



    My teaching philosopher is Teacher should be calm mind. She should teach students again and again until they do no...

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  • A special educator who wishes to teach using creative and constructive method for teaching neurotypical as well as children with special needs



    I believe traditional way of teaching is no more the only way to teach students, more of constructive method needs to be...

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  • Done D.ED ( special education) B.A in psychology( 3 yr) ( honours) from Delhi University Working with NGO vision divyang.

    Gauri Jangra


    Form small groups. ... Create classroom centers. ... Blend 'the Basics' with more specialized instruction. ... Rotate...

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  • Masters student in Psychology gives tuitions in Psychology for Class 11 & 12 and also teaches students with mental health disorders (Classes 1-8, all subjects).


    New Delhi

    My teaching method is interactive. I teach students through videos, ppts and activities. My classes begins with rapport...

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  • Pusiong Phd candidates are providing tuition classes with latest and advanced technologies.



    We are teaching online and as well as offline with modern technologies. We provides daily quizes on different topics...

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  • Trains Children having difficulty with Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities Down's Syndrome, ADHD,



    Behavior Modification Making Individual Education Programme Setting up targets Home management scheduling Training...

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  • Learning mathematics the fun way ( games,puzzles) is the easiest and the best way to understand concepts.



    I teach the way kids understand.i use real problems which we face daily in every concept.it make understanding easier.also...

    • 1,001/h
    • 1hr free
  • I have done Post graduate Diploma in Montessori Education and given tuitions to children as well.



    I use special method to teach children who have some problems in understanding the topic. These classes are for primary...

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  • Highly qualified tutor gives tuitions in math ,phy, chem and biology for class 10th 11th and 12th cbse



    I cover the portions frm the prescribed textbook. Solve previous year question papers.RD sharma and RS Agarwal books for...

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  • For Students With Special Needs, A Patient & Empathetic Teacher Makes Learning Fun & Lucid


    New Delhi

    4.9 (15 reviews)

    Its important to have experienced something like this to be able to do this well! I have! Such a situation has been right...

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  • RCI Approved Special Educator. Fine experience of teaching students with special needs at renowned Schools like Sachdeva Public School, Muskaan NGO, etc.


    New Delhi

    4.9 (25 reviews)

    Since I engage myself teaching students with special needs, The teaching methodology is well adapted as per the need of the...

    • 500/h
    • 1hr free
  • None is disabled just a little contribution of myself to all of you



    5 (8 reviews)

    my methodology is nothing more special than being patient to my students.. Will explain them till they understand the topic...

    • 1,200/h
    • 1hr free