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Student of life/Gratitude/Lawofattraction/Healing/Louisehaymethods/Positive attitude/Life coaching/How to be happy alone/Changing mindset/ Life is Beautiful/Practising Self love

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In my life coaching sessions, I believe in changing people's mindsets. We read good books together and follow some amazing practices to inculcate self-love, gratitude, and calmness. I am a huge follower of the law of attraction. I believe in changing negative patterns and mindsets.


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About Umang

I am a physical therapist by profession but I would call myself a teacher of life. I wish to know more people and bring a positive change in their approach towards life. I wish to teach people self-love, gratitude, and an attitude of looking at the brighter side of things.



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  • 01

    Tell us more about your subject. How did you develop an interest in this field?

    One of the biggest teachers is life itself. We fall, we rise and we move on. Over the course of my life, I have developed a keen interest in helping people learn self-love and life coaching. As I grew older, I started working on my mindset and thought process, and then over time, I thought of helping people get some clarity in life.

  • 02

    What or who is the motivation behind you choosing to teach & why?

    Every day that I wake up I feel immense gratitude towards this life. The opportunity which I am blessed with every day motivates me to be happy and spread happiness. Humans just want to be listened to and understood. If I can contribute my share and make someone feel loved and valued, it would be my honour.

  • 03

    How does your work help society?

    I think that the more happy people in a society are, the more prosperous it is. Happy people spread happiness and I wish to do my bit in it. In addition to life coaching, I also take English (IELTS) and Hindi classes on the platform.

  • 04

    If you had to think of a role model for your work, who do you think of & why?

    To be honest, I don't have any role model as such in regard to this field. I just want to help people no matter how small I can contribute. However, I have been really inspired by Louise Hay's works. She is the reason I worked on self-love. The secret has really inspired me to work on my thoughts. There are numerous spiritual leaders I look up to. I love the movie Eat, Pray, Love. Eat healthy food, have faith in the universe, and love yourself and everybody else.

  • 05

    Tell us about your hobbies outside teaching.

    I'm a physical therapist by profession. I teach as a hobby and life coaching is my passion. I love cooking, reading, travelling, singing, dancing, and much more. In a nutshell, I love trying new things.

  • 06

    Do you have an anecdote to tell us about your student or professional life?

    There's no anecdote as such. My life has been full of life to say the least. The only philosophy which I have as a person and I want others to adopt is to be kind.

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