B.Surya - Prof english speaking - Thoothukudi

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B.Surya - Prof english speaking - Thoothukudi


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Shine Surya English Teaching Professional For Childrens, Undergraduates In a Secondary or middle in Expression and oral Communication

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My father is a English professor. He teach us a lot of Englishin a different styles like how to communicate, write,etc. In same way i want to teach others so i took this opportunity. Im not having any experience but i have my interest to do like this. It's just like a "2 or 3 persons learn anything through us is a great success fr us" right !!.

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Teaching is not a simple one. Its an important one for all of us. Through teaching only we can learn new thinks, what we wants to do and do not. If a teacher or any other teach his/her students or any other only they will learn what it is and etc. In a simple way "our daily life teach us what, wherever our life is going on and how to manage it".

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Hourly fee

  • ₹3,000

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  • 10h: ₹30


  • ₹3,000/hr


Nothing like that. If students who cannot able to attend classes at my home, then i will teach in their homes. But fees will not be increase or reduce to those students.

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