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1st class free!

Seasoned Restaurateur with passion for Healthy, Dairy-free and wholesome Plant Based Food


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About the lesson

I would like to teach module wise:

Basic Dairy Free Alternatives: Types of milks, vegan cheese and curd recipe

How to veganise your regular food with more healthier options and alternatives

Desserts: Guilt free indulgence with sugar free recipes and 100% plant based.

Free Class: Introduction to Plant Based Cooking

A complete guide to plant based cooking for food enthusiasts, health conscious and transitioning vegans. Understanding on what are the main elements of plant based cooking. Identification of ingredients and developing a grocery list for plant based cooking. Students will learn everything from scratch, how to start the day from, what to have for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner and how to make it. Once you grasp the basics and adopt it in your daily life and cook for your family, you will witness a beautiful transformation in your and your family's health & well-being. The best part is that not only will the food cater to all your health needs but also satisfy your taste buds.

Class 1: Basics Dairy Alternatives

Learn to make dairy-free milk, yoghurt and butter.
Class duration: 1 hour (45 Mins demonstration and 15 mins Q & A)
In this class, students will learn how to make:
Plant based milk: A nut based and non nut based milk will be taught to the student. The demonstration would involve almond milk, oats milk and coconut milk.
Yoghurt: Students will then use the milk they prepared to make dairy free yoghurt with a milk of their choice from the above milks.
Butter: Students will get to learn how to make a simple dairy free butter which can be used as an alternative to regular butter in their cooking.

Class 2: Dairy Free Cheese and Tofu
Learn to make creamy cheese and absolutely delicious tofu using simple ingredients available in almost every kitchen
Class Duration: 1 hour (45 mins demonstration and 15 mins Q & A)
In this class, students will learn how to make:
Dairy free cheese: Incredibly tasty cheese recipe which is versatile and can be used in almost everything from pizzas to sandwiches to dips. Students will be taught how to make dairy free cheese with 2 variations.
Tofu: Paneer is the most common replacement for meat in almost every vegetarian dish and hence we will teach students to make an amazing dairy free alternative using soya milk.
Additional: One sandwich recipe and One Tofu bhurjee recipe using the freshly prepared cheese and tofu.

Class 3: Meal Replacer: Salads and Smoothies
This class is all about incorporating healthy salads and smoothies as a meal replacer along with regular food habits.
Class Duration: 1 hour (45 mins demonstration and 15 mins Q & A)
Smoothies and Salads to be taught in this class:
Red Velvet Smoothie
Sunshine blast Smoothie
Popeye's favorite Smoothie
Meal replacement or pre/ post workout green smoothie
Pad Thai Zoodle salad
Mexican quinoa or amaranth salad with orange lime dressing
All recipes will be emailed post the class; ingredients and tools required for this workshop will be discussed and organized before the workshop by the student.

Class 4: Unbake Desserts
Have a sweet tooth? But no time or equipment required for baking desserts? Here’s an interesting class for those who want to learn making desserts with absolutely yummy ingredients and all you need is some moulds to set the dessert and a fridge.
Protein Bar
Energy balls pre/post workout
Ice cream: Chocolatey Love

All recipes will be emailed post the class; ingredients and tools required for this workshop will be discussed and organized before the workshop by the student.


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About Aishwarya

Seasoned restaurateur with experience of 5 years of running city's first plant based cafe and recently moved to a cloud kitchen. I am passionate about teaching people different wholesome alternatives without having to compromise on anything with a healthier twist.



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