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Sandeep - Prof basic computer - Bengaluru


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  • Basic computer
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • C#
  • C#.NET

IT Professionals with 2 year experience in .Net and also having adequate knowledge in higher secondary school subject.

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About Sandeep

Professional Summary
 Having 2.1 Years of professional experience in IT industry.
 Having adequate knowledge in C#,ASP.Net , HTML, CSS and SQL.
 Worked On Windows and Web Application.
 Extensive experience in development and testing of application using .NET.
 Experience in all stages of Software Development Life cycle.

Experience Details

 Organization Name : Imicron by Techwave, JP Nagar , Bangalore - 560078 , INDIA.
About Organization : iMicron delivers cloud solutions for global enterprises and it is a cloud marketplace, providing 16 world class global CSP’s with more than 100 Data Centre’s spread over 26 countries.
Designation : Software Engineer
Duration : Dec 2016 – Present

 Organization Name : UST Software India PVT LTD. , Barakhamba Road, Statesman House, New Delhi, PIN - 110001, INDIA.
About Organization : Expertise in providing IT solution in education field , banking and also provide SAP and ERP solution for their customers .
Designation : Software Engineer
Duration : April 2015 - Dec 2016


Languages : C#
Framework : .NET
Database & IDE Tools : SQL 2008 R2 Server, Visual Studio 2008/2013/2015.
Operating System : Windows 7
Software Testing : Manual Testing, SDLC

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About the lesson

  • Primary School
  • Middle School
  • Class 10
  • +4
  • levels :

    Primary School

    Middle School

    Class 10

    Higher Secondary School




  • English

All languages in which the class is available :


over the period, I have developed methods and techniques to do so.

To make it more lucid, here’s an illustration:

Scene One (a conventional class room)
Teacher: Do you know about Force?
Student: Yes, I have heard of it.
Teacher: Okay. Today we will study about Force. When we push or pull something, we apply force.
So, a push or pull is called Force.
Student: Yes, now I know about Force.

Noticeably, a student first hears about 'Force' and tries to collect some words to explain the term - Force.

Scene Two (Axisa class room)
Teacher: Will a stationary object like a table or chair move if you touch it?
Student: No
Teacher: Will it move if you push it?
Student: Yes
Teacher: Did you see the difference?
There is no effect in the first case but in the second case, movement (motion) of the table is an effect.
There must be some cause for this effect. Do you think the ‘touch’ could be a cause of this effect?
Student: (Thinks and Analyzes) No.
Teacher: Do you think the ‘push’ caused the effect?
Student: (again, Thinks and Analyzes) Yes.
Teacher: Do you think ‘push’ can cause another effect like fire?
Student: No
Teacher: This implies that push is a cause for the change in the state of a body from rest to the state of motion.
This ‘cause’ must be given some name. We call it Force.

In the second scenario, the thought process of a student is to see the object, observe the difference between two situations, analyze and coin a term for the cause.
But this method helps a student only in understanding things in a better way. Neither does one become a genius, nor does it guarantee better grades in examination.
We therefore categorize learning into 3 stages (PPP)
1. Perceive (Grasp)
2. Practice
3. Perform

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  • ₹250

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  • 10h: ₹2500


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