Ranjeet - Prof computer programming - Bengaluru

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  • Hourly fee ₹700
  • Response Time 24h
  • Number of students 1
Ranjeet - Prof computer programming - Bengaluru


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  • Computer programming
  • Programming languages
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • PHP

Professional Full Stack developer with 5 years of industry experience with MNCs and Startups.

Class location

    • At Ranjeet's house: Bengaluru

    • By webcam
    • at your home : will travel up to 50 km

About Ranjeet

I have taught lots of my juniors in my previous companies. They are doing really well in their careers and earning good wages. I have almost taught more than ten juniors in past to write codes considering scalability, reliablity, performance, and security of the application using the best practices.

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  • Class 10
  • +11
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    Class 10

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  • English

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Programming requires good mathematical and problem-solving skills. Writing codes becomes an easy thing after that. I mainly focus on computer fundamentals, core programming languages, applications and live programming.

I am a self-taught programmer with a good experience in web technologies as well as other scripting languages with a strong hold on data structures and design patterns.

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Hourly fee

  • ₹700

Pack Prices

  • 5h: ₹3,000
  • 10h: ₹6,000


  • ₹500/hr


Depends on the location, the fee may vary.

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