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Poonam DJ - Prof crochet - Bengaluru
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« Perfect! I like her way of teaching....her communication skill is very good.... More »
« Perfect! I like her way of teaching....her communication skill is very good. She has patience which in my opinion is a great quality for teaching. She is a good teacher. Thank you POonam. »
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Passionate to learn how yarn converts into fabric would love to teach it-Professional crocheter/knitter.


My teaching method would be from the basics.
Like how to hold the hook/needles and the yarn. Moving to making chain stitches. Creating basic knowledge of the type of stitches which will help in reading a pattern. Graduating to a finished product.


One of our best! High-quality profile, qualifications verified and responds during the day. Poonam DJ will plan your first class with care.


I’m a professional Crocheter and Knitter. Love to see the satisfaction of the customers with the beautiful piece of Crocheted/Knitted art. Have tutored a few and would love to tutor those who want to learn this beautiful art and see it grow.


Rate for online classes : ₹450/hr


200 for group classes
450 for individual classes

Classes offered by Poonam DJ
The classes will be held
Taught subjects
  • Crochet
  • Knitting
  • All Levels

Poonam DJ's CV

I , Poonam DJ, am professional crocheter and knitter.
Have been crocheting and knitting since I was 6 years old.
Coming from a joint family full of knitters and crocheters the art came naturally to me.
Had many teachers (Aunties) teach me.
As I grew older so did my passion and knowledge of the arts.
Would love to teach these to aspiring students.

Educational Qualifications
Completed my BCom degree will first class.
Completed PGDFCS with distinction .
Medium of education: English
Trained as a lay counsellor at NIHAMS.

Fluent in languages

19 reviews on Poonam DJ
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Perfect! I like her way of teaching....her communication skill is very good. She has patience which in my opinion is a great quality for teaching. She is a good teacher. Thank you POonam.

Poonam DJ's response

Shilpi Mam proves that age is no bar for learning new skills.. an inspiration to crochet along with.


Perfect! Super friendly and so, so kind and accommodating. My daughter and I both adore her teaching!

Poonam DJ's response

It’s adorable to teach Anagha who is just 8 n is soo keen to learn the art of Knitting. Hats off to Yashodara Mam too who is just as enthusiastic as her daughter..


Perfect! Fantastic teacher and very open to teach Kannada as a second language to my son.

Poonam DJ's response

Mr Rahul’s son Siddharth is quick to learn, energetic and a pleasure to teach.


Perfect! Poonam is very good with her work and is able to guide well and develop the interest in the activity. She is extremely passionate about what she does and motivates the student to learn more. It has been a great association with Poonam.

Poonam DJ's response

Pooja is an amazing student who along with her mom are Learning the art of crocheting.


Perfect! The first thing i liked about yhe teacher is that without understanding previous lesson the never go to next lesson.. It means they want us to be perfect in what we are learning.. Teaching style is just awesome

Poonam DJ's response

Savita is eager to learn... with great enthusiasm towards the subject..
A wonderful student!


Perfect! Poonam is super patient with me and very methodical towards her approach of learning how to knit. This in turn simplifies the whole learning process. I didn't expect to enjoy this that much, but now have to say I'm totally absorbed into the art of knitting. I will swear by her teaching of the art and her dedication towards her students, so if anyone out there looking at her profile, I say do not hesitate and pick her.

Poonam DJ's response

Truly enthusiastic about learning knitting .

13 recommendations


My daughter and I have been taking classes from Poonam for last 2 months. She is an excellent teacher and extremely patient in teaching. To begin with, I was very reluctant to even join the course, but now, I am complete convert. All thanks to Poonam.


Poonam is very smiling and cheerful and patient. She communicates very well. I am enjoying learning with her.


She is AMAZING...the way she teaches. You'll definitely lovee crochet if you learn it from her. The best teacher I've ever found :))


Poonam mam is super teacher….she teach very well Nd explain all the things ..
I must say very good teacher


Poonam is an experienced and patient teacher whom I can recommend to anyone interested in taking language classes. I myself am an expat learning Hindi from scratch and I can strongly recommend her to other foreigners who are also new to the language!


Poonam is really enthusiastic teacher!. Explains really well and clearly. Supports on what's app for every single doubt. Also guides you with all the material needed.
I'm beginner in crochet, but I could learn it quickly with her guidence.


Ms.Poonam is one of the most kind and patient person I have ever met she is so amazing at what she does and makes it her sole purpose to make sure that her students are satisfied in the end (which I was).Me being a male student found this form of art so interesting because of her creative forms of explanation.She is highly professional and she makes it very easy to interact with her and she has an amazing energy which will make you wanna smile the entire time.I highly recommend her as she is one of the most kind and professional person which makes learning fun and creative.


I really love the way she is teaching.. Until u learn the thing she never take next class.. I was beginner but i did my project after just 4 class.. Just amazing


My quest for a crochet teacher ended when I came across Poonam Ma’am on Superprof. She is extremely professional and polite. No only does she crochet along with me but she also shares related videos after the class as a reference. Her enthusiasm inspires me to do better.

Thank you for being an excellent teacher.


Poonam is amazing in her skills. An expert and best in her craft. Most importantly she is very patient and humble with her students. My daughter is learning crochet online from Ms Poonam and we are amazed to see her skills improve week after week and confidence to work on small to big projects.

Review from Poonam DJ

QUESTION 01 | 06
Tell us more about your subject. How did you develop an interest in this field?
Poonam DJ — Crocheting and Knitting are life skills I learnt at a very young age of 6.
I learnt this beautiful art of converting yarn into a desired fabric from my aunts and mother when we all lived happily in a joint family. The woman folk of the household were passionate about these handicrafts trying out unique patterns and projects.
QUESTION 02 | 06
What or who is the motivation behind you choosing to teach & why?
Poonam DJ — In today's digital world the wonderful craft of crocheting and knitting has taken a backseat. I want to promote this art through this wonderful online platform, So that art lives through the aspiring future generations.
QUESTION 03 | 06
How does your work help society?
Poonam DJ — This art form can hobby. As I say It's like meditation to me. Not restricted only as a hobby it can a creative part of fashion designing and well as interior design too.
QUESTION 04 | 06
If you had to think of a role model for your work, who do you think of & why?
Poonam DJ — My role models will always be the many creative women and men who have taken the effort to pass down these wonderful art forms down generations!
QUESTION 05 | 06
Tell us about your hobbies outside teaching.
Poonam DJ — Apart from crocheting and knitting my interests are culture and folklore, languages, music, movies and food.
QUESTION 06 | 06
Do you have an anecdote to tell us about your student or professional life?
Poonam DJ — One of the most soul touching instance was when I could teach a 8 year old to crochet who on her own made a neck warmer for her Mother. The Mother's happiness knew no bounds!

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