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Siva kumar
« Perfect! I'm really happy to write this review about the person who is... More »
Siva kumar
« Perfect! I'm really happy to write this review about the person who is responsible to get engineering degree for my cousin. He completed all the subjects except M1(Engineering Mathematics). Then I referred my cousin to Mr. Murali and he successfully completed the most toughest exam in Engineering under his guidance. Thank you Mr. Murali. You are a highly talented person. »
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Mathematical championship in a easy way for all different levels of students


In Mathematics
You won't need special equipment, millions of dollars or lots of people. You just need your mind.

Mathematics is pure. It does not rust or decay. It only needs your thought to make it work.

Mathematics goes beyond the real world.

Yet the real world seems to be ruled by it.

Generally mathematical problems consists of two parts...
Logical part and calculation part..
First I will make the candidates to be perfect in calculation part..
Next I will train them with different levels of logics...
Then life becomes easy...
Mathematics is life..

Math is needed at every step of life, and we cannot live without it. It is a subject that is applied to every field and profession. It tells us how things work, and also allows us to predict certain things, which is how we have progressed so much in life. It has made our lives easier and uncomplicated.

Nobody is certain, but Mathematics may simply be "part of us".

Even people without mathematical training can use their fingers to count, can use basic logic to solve things, and can recognize different properties of shapes.


I m electronics and communication engineer.I have Been in teaching from the past many years with no failure..And moreover I feel mathematics is not only the subject ...it is LIFE ......
'M' stands for 'MEMORY'
‘T’ ‘TACT’

Students learn math best when they approach the subject as something they enjoy.


Rate for online classes : ₹699/hr
Classes offered by Murali
In group
The classes will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Maths
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Arithmetic
  • Geometry
  • Middle School
  • Class 10
  • Higher Secondary School
  • Class 12
  • Adult education
  • Undergraduate

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Siva kumar

Perfect! I'm really happy to write this review about the person who is responsible to get engineering degree for my cousin. He completed all the subjects except M1(Engineering Mathematics). Then I referred my cousin to Mr. Murali and he successfully completed the most toughest exam in Engineering under his guidance.
Thank you Mr. Murali. You are a highly talented person.

Murali's response

He is a quick learner....all the best shiva Kumar

38 recommendations


Hello everyone, I will tell the difference between Murali sir words and other teacher words...just observe the difference
while they are speaking to naughty student
OTHER TEACHER : I have seen many students like you in my experience.you are after all to me .
MURALI sir :I haven’t seen a guy like you .you are amazing . just think once ,why can’t you be the inspiration to others in studies .

1).While introducing themselves first to the class:

OTHER TEACHER:I worked in that school , this college , many places , full success rate like that self appreciation.They will say us to follow them .(we won’t do that anyhow )
MURALI sir :he will count number of students in class and he says I am here to know about those many interesting people .he says forget about my experience..here I m fresher to you and you are freshers to me...let’s us learn together (it is interesting).

2).When student does any mistake .

Others: I know about this guy .he will do like that only, severe punishment should be given .so that he won’t repeat .
Murali sir: He comes close to the student and asks whether he has done that or not .whatever ,he will motivate us with words .he won’t make the student to bend his /her head .He says one thing “I (murali sir)should be proud of you(student).Before doing anything wrong just think about me (murali sir).”
This is enough for us we won’t do mistakes.

3). In front of the parents :

Other teacher: they will praise us (acting)
Murali sir : he will praise us ( reality)

These are some differences.
We , the students don’t want just marks . We are here to gain knowledge, then marks follows us .

I learnt how to be in life from Murali sir along with subject .
Anyone can teach subject ..........but ............( I hope you understand my intention).


.I will describe Murali sir with one movie scene...

In BAHUBALI -2 movie interval scene...

With BAHUBALI following

Ballaldeva felt jealous
People are shouting with love and affection ..
I compare Murali sir with BAHUBALI ..
Remaining teachers feeling jealous like ballaldeva..
But we student's are shouting with happiness...
Like how bahubali cares his people,,,,,Murali sir cares his students..


In Murali sir's class we have freedom to discuss about the subject which makes us to spend some time on that content .
While discussing,Murali sir behaves like a student and he acts like that he is learning that content For first time, he will make us to feel that we know more than him,,,,Then every one starts talking(Discussing with him) about the subject that they have known,He is involving us in the subject with oral discussion., In starting, I misunderstood that he Is wasting time by discussing all the stuff but later I realised that I am gaining more knowledge from him Through discussion than From my past teachers .His greatness is he won't let misuse the freedom which is given by him . His mathematical discussion in the class is the one,I have ever seen...(Amazing)
My previous teacher used to explain everything on the board.And text book page number sum number Etc .we Simply enter that content in our notes.we should do two times in Home work book .(What is the use from it I don’t know )
Because of so called experienced great great teachers,we behaved like machines(without using brain ).But Murali sir brings our talent into lime light..Big salute to Murali sir .


Once I got very less score in one exam.that teacher had scolded me very badly ,i could not control myself I cried and continued crying .Next it was Murali sir s class..he saw me crying but he neither speaks to me nor consoled me .he just continued his class and gave some work and he went off .The next day he asked me to do one problem on board related to the concept he explained earlier .but I could not do that and I was crying again.Then infront of every one SIR Told me that MY feeling was just an emotion which is related to heart(which spoils you not to focus on subject).when we are emotional our brain won’t work...because of that emotion I could not use my brain .Sir explained Heart and Brain concept by taking me as an example to everyone.If you Use Your Brain you will find a solution to the problem.if you use your heart you will find an emotional feel. Thank you sir for a valuable message .That helped me a lot. From then I didn’t cry ,if I get cry I started finding reason and solution for that and regaining myself with my Brain .If sir wants to change my feel he could call me aside and he can tell but he didn’t do that because he wants to change everyone who has this emotional weakness .I am very much thankful to the teacher who scolded me before MY MURALI SIRS class .if you didn’t scold me I might miss murali sirs message .
This is Just one incident .I have many to share .
Murali sir has immense knowledge over subject.
My MURALI sir is the best teacher forever.
Love you sir .


Murali sir can speak with his eyes .we can easily understand his mood from his eyes.In our school we have strict teachers and jovial teachers .We will be quite in strict teachers class and we will crack jokes in jovial teachers class.But Murali sir carries both emotions .Its very tough for us to accept both from anyone.But with Murali sir, based on his mood we will behave .we can share our problems like a friend in his jovial mood.we are scared to do any mistake when we think about his strict mode. He won’t beat us , but we can’t bear his silence .We can ask doubts freely with his jovial mode .In some angles he is like Tamil actor Vijay . He is very stylish .If he is a teacher ,we are his students .If he is a hero, we are his fans .we are blessed to have him as a teacher. We are fans of his attitude.Murali sir won’t do any mistake .we won’t do mistakes in our life because we are Murali sir students.He follows ethical education.Coming to the subject ,there won’t be any slow learner in his subject .He will train us like that.Remember one thing he is not an ordinary teacher .once if you listen to his class you won’t accept others in his place .He is irreplaceable.His communication skills are bonus for him .He is an excellent speaker.


I don’t know the reason but when he enters the class it was like a hero entering into audio function .Always we shout with happiness at his arrival . Every time we feel the same even he comes twice a day to our class .we enjoy his entry ,as he is going to stay for next 45 min with us .But in his class the time runs very fast .Though he stays for 45 minutes we feel like 45 seconds .I have never seen him sitting in the class.he always stands in the class.we feel bad that he may get leg pain .we love ️him that much.
As I told we shout at his entry but when he starts class no one deviates from his topic .The class will be in silent mode .Every one enjoys his class .we completed the whole text book in one day under his guidance .The most stylish teacher I have ever seen .And one more thing ,in our class every one knows how to draw ️his picture. We drew ️and pasted on back of plank .Other teachers felt JEALOUS of Murali sir .But we love ️ him .Other teachers gets angry when we speak about murali sir .we even enjoy that .Finally one thing I am proud to be Murali sir student.


I will tell the negative angle of Murali sir .Sir once we ,the students habituated to your sought of teaching ,we are unable to accept other teacher in your place .we can’t imagine our school without you. But if you leave us by changing the school what about us?
Won’t you understand us?
You are taking the subject to the extreme end and you are showing the taste of that subject and leaving .
But the other teacher may not do like that .
You are moving friendly with us to understand us .but others are not doing .

Sir we are addicted to your teaching .dont leave our school sir .you are the role model .
But bad luck we have only one Murali sir .
Never before ever after
Love you sir .


Murali sirs words are really inspiring and informative.
His classes are not just to learn the subject .we can learn reality and truth from him .we will get the vision of our life from his classes .
Linking the subject with life and treating students as hero’s is great thing .Thats why we can say that ... we the students (Hero’s) of Murali sir are gifted.
We the students of Murali sir follows the slogan
Work while they sleep .
Learn while they party .
Save while they spend.
Live while they dream .


Murali sir with your support my mind is really widened and sharpen.Now I can proudly say that I will do any thing i dream...
Murali Sir speech is very important for the youngsters like me .
He is a very good motivational speaker who can tune anyone .
He is the real-time example for Hard-work , and passion towards the work ..
I love your communication skills sir.(English motivational speech )
In my life I want to give a motivational speech like you.
I want to inspire others like you.
Sir I want to become teacher like you.


I will describe Murali sir in maths language .
Here is an equation
Beauty +brain +attitude +confidence +body language -ego =MURALI sir
Really positive , powerful ,handsome and powerful teacher .
Love you forever sir

Review from Murali

QUESTION 01 | 07
What motivates you to teach & why?
Murali — A lot to say about this ,but I will try to make it short.From my childhood if any wrong or mistake happens around me or somewhere my reaction would be severe. I was the guy who reacts and becomes emotional and some times anger on an issues like
2.Addiction to alcohol
3.Illegal activities against women etc

Everyone knows this

1.On an average yearly 3 million people are losing their lives because of cigarette smoking.
2. Drinking alcohol is like taking a drug.
3. Women are wonderful daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers. They should be loved, cared, respected and should be protected.

But many are failing to follow .
What is the reason?
Who is misleading them?
Who has to guide?
Who will change?

*If not bent as a plant,would it bend when it grows into a tree???

*Children should be advised properly, when they are young, so that they do not stray into evil ways.

*Finally i acknowledged that my goal can be accomplished by a teacher and so I opted this profession after my graduation.
*To inject my ideology into the students(future citizens) ,I started teaching.
* Giving ethical education and giving sound knowledge in the subject is my primary goal.

Bookish knowledge and score don't mean everything for becoming a successful person,but moral education and characteristic development are also expected along with that..

To make a difference in student's lives. I love learning and want to share that love with them and encourage them to become lovers of learning themselves.
QUESTION 02 | 07
When did you start developing an interest in your subject area?
Murali — With a passion I entered teaching field .I selected Mathematics stream .Now this is the task for me.There are many Math teachers around me and technology has developed a lot .And moreover we have all solutions and many explanations for CBSE textbooks in YouTube. If I teach exactly how they were teaching ,it won’t make any difference .

To know the depth of the subject I attended some of the seminars on math and interacted with many math teachers .I was upset with the conclusion of my meetings because majority were just giving solutions to the problems.Some are making the students to memorize the solutions.Students are habituated to write the solutions to the problems instead of understanding it. Many are following copy-paste method. This motivated me to change this pattern.

Then I started analyzing MATHEMATICS and relating every concept with LIFE.

I am very much satisfied with my work .
I have achieved my expectations in my teaching with the support and love of my students.

When parents send their children to school they are actually sending their dreams to you to come true and fulfilling somebody’s dream is a great job.
QUESTION 03 | 07
If you had to think of a role model for your work, who do you think of & why?
Murali — The goal you have set before you must be your role model because it keeps us focused in reaching the goal.
QUESTION 04 | 07
What is the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in mastering your craft?
Murali — Self satisfaction.
QUESTION 05 | 07
In your opinion, what makes someone excel in your subject area?
Murali — Passion, dedication and commitment.
QUESTION 06 | 07
What would you say to a student who says, "This is too difficult, I give up!"?
Murali — One simple example —“from early man to the present day technology”
Every thing is impossible till we start working.
In addition to that, I will make him to know the reality of life before giving up.
QUESTION 07 | 07
How does someone become a Super Prof?
Murali — First they should have zeal to do the work .
They should not label themselves as an expert instead they should keep learning.
Doing what you love and feeling passionate about your work only goes so far.

If you commit to something, follow through on that promise. "Protecting your accountability is a keystone to prolonged success.”

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