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Consultant Naturopath & Homeopath providing classes on Aerobics for fitness maintaing & weight loss

I don't have any specific teaching method. My teaching methods depend on the student who is under my guidance. My pace is set with that of my student. For me, each and every individual is different and needs to be treated differently. People have different lifestyles and require various sort of exercises everyday.

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Dance teacher, I am here to teach you a zumba plus aerobics and help to maintain your body and burn your fat too.

Teaching method : First 15 min. warm up to make body active for the class begain, Second 15 min. for Aerobic exercises , last 30 min. is for zumba dance. And i will make your body who speaks every beat of the songs with their zumba moves....

Greater Noida
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Lincensed Zumba Instructor from Zumba Fitness, also a ZIN member. On a mission to make this world a happier place with zumba fitness.

My teaching method is to teach each and every possible move with the possible simplest way, also by cueing them i.e. directing them. Showing them the right postures and telling them on which part of their body they need to focus during that particular movement.

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The most Amazing ways to be and become fit. Best Synchrony of Body and Mind

To explain, I have examples for every kind of student. Discipline, respect, manners & etiquette is the most important out-come of my mentoring. I immediately, understand the students tendency, mood, traits, and can design the explanations accordingly.

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 Energetic, Enthusiastic, Positive, Self motivated.  Good Analytical and logical approach.

.Sc., Botany, University of Madras year 2000  M.P.Ed., Physical education Annamalai University year 2004  P.G Diploma In Yoga Annamalai University Year 2004  Diploma In Sports Coaching Handball Sports Authority Of India Year 2005  M.Phil.

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1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Best Zumba Tutor with cheapest price and on the demand of yours

Its based on Zumba sessions will be taken as per your comfort

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Zumba for anyone from housewives to students and granny basics to pro..

I teach basic exercises if the student is totally new in the field of warm ups and fitness. Otherwise starting with warm up sessions and stretching, we can go ahead with all sessions. Its mind relaxing and power boosting exercises.

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People who are interested to learn zumba can learn for different songs

My teaching is based on the songs which students would love to learn. Their songs my choreography. I can teach for any song they want.

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Zumba, Aerobics, Fitness, Zumbance, Dance lovers, Hip-Hop, Body-stretching, Flexible exercise, Loose weight.

First, I listen carefully about the need of the students and prepared myself accordingly before going to start and I always create a positive environment while starting session. I have performed over many stages and received an honor from well-known Subhash Ghai Ji, Ashley Lobo Ji. I regularly teach in corporates.

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Athlete and a sportsman distributing knowledge to stay fit from past 2 years.

I believe in hard work and discipline and excuses are never tolerated, I'll take my sessions on the basis of demand of students like what kind of session they need and I'm flexible to go for live sessions and can travel to a certain area for dedicated students.

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Pretty girls turn heads, Zumba girls break necks! (Chandigarh Dance Fitness Classes)

This is a basic course for about one month for all Zumba lovers and dancers. All songs are Zumba songs and this one month will be full of energy, enthusiasm and interested students who'd love to spend an hour dancing.

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Hi, I can help you all in fitness, gym weight-loss and weight gain

I will tell the exercises that you have to do daily and also the diet plan according to what you wants like for all weight gain and weight loss , six pack abs muscle gain.

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New Delhi
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If you want to stay fit and healthy, then lets groove some moves with zumba!

my teaching method is I start my session with slow steps and then the steps are being increased slowly in the next level

Jean michel
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An enthusiastic and dynamic teacher of French as a foreign language.Call

Enter the class of good mood and apprehend each student individually. Worry about how much time a student needs. Show joy and congratulate on good results,if not conversing face to face with the student. Polite and impose a polite tone. Appreciate regularly feedback on the course. Listen to critics and don't refuse a blank goal. Willing to talk with parents,even on light topics.

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Fitness is the key for healthy future, do zumba n make your life stress free

as I said before I m not a professional teacher so I just follow the methods which through my students will like to learn as I teach zumba for example in which style u are comfortable in that way I will teach you . my classes will thrice in a week 1 hour rehearsal.

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Zumba gives us an extraordinary opportunity to shed calories while having fun!!!!

I try to connect with my students to understand their concerns.. and help them in the process of getting healthy..

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Bharathanatyam yoga Aerobics and speeches in devotional subjects. I will give a best classes

My dance school is in Sidco nagar, Villivakkam, Chennai. Teaching dance for kids . Interested Ladies also coming. thank you.

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Take care of your body as its the only place you live in . So let's Zumba

My classes are normally one hour , in which we do a series of exercises with dance for example - lunges , squats , burpees , etc. I even have aqua zumbas , floor zumbas , etc as required by my clients.

Zin deepika
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Be ready to shake your bums and get all the fun and happiness hidden inside you!!

Latin forms, bhangra, bollywood dance, music and beats, coaching, one o one lessons, core zumba for people lookig for fun and fitness

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Zum Zum Zumba...yes, here I am to serve you, I will be your candle, I'll burn to give you light my friends. So get ready to sweat, smile relax and repeat and be the best version of yourself.

*Zumba classes for an hour **Anyone can join who wants to experience the ultimate dance-fitness and burn the calories along with a party mood

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I teach Zumba for Men, Women & Kids as freelance. Almost for 10 months I ve taken Zumba classes. Dance is my passion.

My teaching method is "I watch each & everyone like if they are getting proper steps or not.. & according to dat I make them feel good & get that steps without difficulty.

Paris 11e
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Special relaxation course : muscular, articulation, personal program at the student's home

Simple softening ? Stretches ? Gentle gym ? Muscle building ? Fitness ? Fitness ? I totally adapt to you and your needs so that you can progress whatever your level. Pedagogy and fun are my principles.

King William's Town
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Physical Therapist offering Health and fitness lessons to all persons who want to improve their health.

I have two teaching methods, I use both direct instruction and personalized learning. My approach to the topic is direct and strategic, the cues and instructions I give are made relevant to the individuals personality and goals.

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German Sports Student give Classes in Sunshine Coast Studied Sports Science at Christian Albrechts University of Kiel

Im open in what area we could do the training. Im addicted to outdoor workout and outdoor Classes. But if u got a Space we could do it at yours at well.

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Excuses can't be the reason for us to keep fit, muscle strengthen have fun as we dance zumba and body build

my teaching methods involve practical demonstration, observation and involvement of the party that is learning through assignments, online platforms, group discussions, internships, attachments and other various methods that are within our reach. active participation is also encouraged and for understanding, questions and answers and also to build ones self esteem.

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Personal trainer, university graduate with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of training.

Personal trainer with a university degree in Sports and a personal trainer course, more than 4 years of experience in the sector, always adapting to the objective of the person, with the possibility of personal training, online training, routines for runners, preparation of oppositions.

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Keeping it fit all year long with fun added to it too.

I've never taught anyone before but I adapt easily anf Im a good listener too. I enjoy being around people.

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