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Looking for teammates to enter competitions Highest rank achieved MG (starting from silver again) Get experience in CSGO from the experienced player by playing together or take tips. Can boast account

The only way to learn is to play and make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Never lose hope and keep trying till you win or lose.

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Be quirky! Be creative! Express yourself better through your unique craft. Let's learn.

My teaching method is very simple and relatable with all.the examples and live demos because let's face it it's easier to learn when it's fun.

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Art and craft is the way to express the feelings and emotions

I know the intrest of student... And there view..

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If u wanna become a pro player in cs go you should check me i bet u wont regret it

i break down all the basic tactics of cs go which you can learn it and apply on ur own cs go tactic which will let you earn medals more faster and win the game easily so guys hurry up

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If you're struggling with learning how to game, I'm your gal! Scotland

I'm a 17 female that loves gaming and wants to be able to show people how fun and easy it really can be once you learn the basics. I hope I'm able to help you love games like youve always wanted to.

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WoW #1 Mythic Plus Tank for server, AOTC achieved, and Starcraft 2 Master with 20+ years of gaming experience

I have experience helping players of all experience level achieve higher rankings and overall a better understanding of the games logistics (WoW and Starcraft). I enjoy sharing what I've learned over my many years of gaming and seeing others work their way up to becoming the level of player they want to be.

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World of Warcraft Raid School! Learn all sorts of tips and curricula to be able to better understand raiding, defeat enemies, and perform in the raid.

My teaching style is to teach you each unit in an informative style and then quiz you on what I have taught you. I will also test you in game if possible, and present you with hypothetical situations where you decide what is best to do.

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Learn any game, or have a co-op partner. even for games no one plays any more

In the first lesson we will discuss what games and where you want to focus in them and we will go from there. I will focus on the time invested vs the results such as maximizing gear set up, leveling up and farming techniques I am also open to new games although there may not be many. I am also available for co-op play and farming or grinding in many games.

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Who wants to be the very best like no one ever was and get that epic win? Come with me on a journey and learn strategic ways to get that epic win.

I let the student show me on what they can do and then we go from there. Each day will be doing something different and learn something new.

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Competitive gamer with experience on Overwatch and PUBG teams. Lessons in Riverside/San Diego county with high level experience in multiple competitive games.

My teaching method is "natural and organic". Get to know what passions and interests gamer has. Gauge level of knowledge to pin point objectives and overall goal. Once assessed, set small objectives to achieve working towards overall objective. Understand clients long term objectives.

Paris 16e
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Teacher. video games for young people and adults wanting to get into the world of video games

I can promise you that despite my young age, 14 years old, I am extremely well-trained video game level. I master the rpg (The Elder Scrolls), platform games (Mario Bros.), tactical FPS (CS: GO). I am adapting to the demand and I promise not to stultify you with stupid games. I will adapt the list of my games according to your level and your apprehension. Trust me, I will always listen to you.

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Legend Hearthstone Player, who is in the TOP European TOP Spring Players, teaches you how to think for yourself and succeed in this strategic card game

I'm Javier, Hearthstone player since the Beta, and I've got several friends reach the Legend rank (the maximum, the rank after 1).

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Games are a great opportunity to learn new skills and have blast. I study physics and mathematics, and experiences with games early in life enabled me to explore novel scenarios and expand my mind.

When interactive experiences such as games are involved, my favorite way to learn is to dive in and swim. I prefer to be in the background waiting for the student so their experience of the subject can me more pure.

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World Of Warcraft Veteran Giving Lessons On Raiding With Emphasis On Healing

While I don't have practice tutoring, there are a few techniques I like to use when sharing thoughts or bouncing ideas off of people. This is part of the reason why I offer individual lessons. I'm better at gauging the needs of an individual one at a time. First of all, I like to get an understanding of the other person's thought process and help them see my own.

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Video game expert, can teach you in any games. I play World of Warcraft avidly, also can tutor in Fortnite, Destiny 2, Diablo 3, Overwatch, CSGO, and pretty much any type of game.

I basically show you the best way to play based on your favorite play style. I let you choose how you want to play the game and then analyze it and show you what you could do better. Always try to make you do the little things right, cause they matter.

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Top ten North America player army vet tons of experience fun/funny/good teacher

Have fun start with the basics see where we need and want to focus important to have fun and stay positive and we’ll get that kill death ratio positive

1st class FREE!

I do drawing as a hobby and would like to teach drawing techniques and just overall be of help

I would give the student/‘s tips and techniques to further their skills and wouldn’t be telling them what to draw , id Just show them ways to improve their on their existing skills

Apache Junction
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Semi pro gamer with over 15 years in competitive gaming Fortnite,WoW etc

My teaching method will start out with some basic background knowledge followed by a deeper dive into what the student wishes to learn and gain from our time together. I will make sure each student is satisfied with the time spent with me and ensure progress.

1st class FREE!

Semi-pro Gamer with around 6 years of experience. focusing on Fortnite, World of Warcraft. CS:GO. can teach many other games too.

My teaching method is to evaluate each individual person a see what their strengths and weaknesses are and help them become a stronger player. I will tailor my teaching style to how the individual learns best.

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