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Expertise in Fashion Management with 8 years of industry experience in Retail

My teaching method can be offline or online through presentations which will be comprises of examples such as case study. Classes to be for the graduates or professional who wants to build career towards this field or passionate for this area.

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Currently working as Teacher in Wilsonia School , Moradabad From (April,2012) onwards. Faculty in Khazani Polytechnic from (2009 to 2012)

Excellent communication skills to deliver & present lessons in an interesting and fun manner. Have a caring attitude to attend to children's needs and concerns in time. Possessing good research skills and an enthusiastic mindset towards learning.

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Weaving is an art weave your creativity with us and stay calm

My teaching method will be very easy. The students who can learn weavingcan be any one ,no studies anything require for it. Weaving is something which is skill base qork so anybody can do.

1st class FREE!

Fashion design Lecturer with experience of 20 years available for tutoring online.

The methodology would be simple to understand English which would cover all the necessary related terminology to make a student understand to the best of their ability. The class sessions would be more of interactive nature to make it more fruitful.

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Fashion designer can gives her 2 hrs. Per day for surface ornamentations ,illustrations and dress styling classes on the basis of trends to anyone from housewives to any students.

My teaching methods are both theoretical as well as practical and innovative on the basis of ideas and love to create something out of waste.

1st class FREE!

I'm student of management but I know all textiles weaving pattern and another textiles works

My teaching methodology is easy based on patterns . I teach from simple or plane weave .

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Fashion designer and stylist, experience of abot 3 years in fashion industry .

i would like to help out people who are truly willing to make a mark but could not find a way apart from institutes and colleges . graduate in fashion technology . merchandising, designing, product development, apparel industry techniques .

1st class FREE!

A fashion design graduate from NIFT. would like to teach draping.

I will teach draping on size 8 dummy and three types of muslin i prefer.

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Student in diploma and en.tech me sipinng and weaving mostly subject and all textile technogoly

my teaching method by my class on depend and subject is clear doth my subject in the class room Ans special subject spinning and weaving know the all student good study by me textile technology in svits indore

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A great and easy way to get introduced to the world of fashion

Having graduated from Milan with a Masters in fashion design, I would love to extend my knowledge to others as well. This class is for all age groups of people who are fascinated with everything fashion. This will be a beginner course and will start right from the basics.

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Professor in Field of Textiles and Fashion for more than 10 years

Education is not only studying and scoring marks,it must improve the creative skills and to have accessibility of applying in our day-to-day life

1st class FREE!

Specialist in art and crafts. Making use of best out of waste. Crochet sweater and many more. Crafts for school going children. Hobby class for house wife and working women newspaper paper show pieces

My teaching is very simple and understand. As I was the trainer during my office times.my teaching is in such a level that my students who are less than 10 years gets them easly. I am very friendly by nature and first hear my students and answer according to their understand.

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Come to create with your hands! Bring wool, needles and desire to have a good time

We gather together for two hours, we drink tea, we weave, we tell anecdotes ... As before, when time was a gift. You bring your project, I help you to do it. Blankets, amigurumis, accessories, recycling ... A little of technique and then your creativity. Small groups.

Porto Seguro
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Final Art, personal classes, Hand therapy, RECYCLING with pallets, COSTURING, EMBROIDERING, CROCHETING, finally, PAINTING the seven, for better LIVING!

Sou, Carmen Araújo, Decoradora e Artesã The techniques taught are tools for making personal objects or utilitarian props, from which they can be sold. I apply PRACTICE classrooms! in the modalities defined above, I use simple methodology, however, functional, impossible not to learn! Custom classes! Each BEING is a universe to be stoned.

St Kilda
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Fashion Designer & Product Dev. gives lessons to anyone with an interest in fashion and garment construction.

My teaching method is as follows: 1) Intro to the subject: In here we are gonna take a look at the main aspects of the subject and its goals towards the end. We are gonna see most of the theory at this point. 2) Practical lessons: This is were we put the theory in play. At this point there is a lot of feedback from teacher to student and vice-versa. 3) We close the subject.

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Family and Consumer Science Teacher in Alaska offering online crafting and crochet classes.

My teaching method is "I do, We do, You do". I can give lessons to any level of experience in crocheting, including how to read patterns. I am very detail oriented and will help anyone with any questions they may have.

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Do you want advice in FASHION DESIGN? It does not matter what level you have! What matters is the desire and the illusion! I teach fashion design and illustration classes, how to create a collection,

I'm a fashion designer with my own brand. I have collaborated with great national and international brands where I have obtained a LOT of experience. Apart from fashion I also dedicate myself to art / drawing, painting, photography = I am Master of Arts.

María a.
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Point teacher from scratch in Malaga capital wherever you want and as you need

I am a Spanish teacher, and I have also worked as a teacher of theater, crafts, language and literature, in different places, both in Spain and abroad. I am communicative, kind, cheerful and fun, I am a very calm and patient person. I do not mind repeating.

1st class FREE!

Do you want to be the next Alexander McQueen? Central Saint Martins Graduate, now Fashion designer is offering college students critiques on their university portfolios

I focus mainly on the students weaknesses and then the engineer the classes on strengthening those weaknesses by having continuous critiques and practise sessions. I offer two rates Those who need advice on fashion portfolios for employment or university the rate is £30.

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1st class FREE!

Crochet, Tunisian fabric, straight and circular loom. Clear your doubts and have fun (only CABA)

The idea of ​​this Club is to be able to get together to knit, consult doubts, share ideas and learn by kitting. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge, but many want let the fear out and know that everything can be done. To relax and create beautiful objects with your own hands. At home (CABA) or in Once or Almagro. Consult available groups and schedules.

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Textile and Fashion Design. Fashion and Textile Technical. Illustration. Drawing skills. Art

I am a postgraduate student at the University of southampton, Winchester School of Art. I am a friendly, approachable person who is interested in creative art work. I learned my bachelor degree Fashion Design in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.

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Student of Fashion Design gives classes of pattern making and confection in Cantabria.

I start by teaching the basic concepts of pattern making to understand the basics. With me you will learn to make all kinds of collars, sleeves, bodies. But above all you will learn to transform patterns in a creative way, with which you will learn to do anything you can think of.

Montopoli di Sabina
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Professor of Textile Sciences Lazio / Rome / Rieti, teacher at the state school, expert weaving and fashion modeling

We offer lessons in Textile science to all those who require it for both recreational / recreational and professional purposes. They range from the production of fabrics with the foundations of fibers and yarns to the creation of garments of varying difficulty.

1st class FREE!

Home taught crochet, from beguinners to more advanced students welcome, bring yarn and hooks and we can get started!

My teaching method is repeat, repeat, repeat until it becomes second nature, making sure you get the hang of the first step before even looking at the second so that things don’t get muddled! I am patient and caring about my students needs.

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Student in Plastic Arts, I can guide you around the threads! I teach creative wall weaving

Hello, I'm Karine, I am a student in Plastic Arts specializing in creative weaving and wall weaving. Weaving wall, catcher dream, carpet or even scarf and pouch and even woven jewelry. Around this universe, I can teach you the basics of weaving. I own two looms of different sizes.

Cape Town
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I am Fashion design student offering fashion design tutoring for fashion designers

My teaching is solely based on bettering the students pass rate.

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Fashion Design Graduate giving 1:1 in depth tutoring on subtopic of your choice!

I tailor my teaching method to the individual as everybody learns differently. My classes are based on whatever you need help with. I will be in contact with you via message first before we have a class and this is when i will decide if your required area of knowledge is something I can help with.

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