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New Delhi
Samarendra kumar
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Any sport with Yoga in action enabled so that person of any age can keep fighting fit

I respect Parent, Teacher & elders and don't misuse karateka and always try to follow the true meaning of life By practising yoga in action

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I can make anyone fit my physical as well as metal training, trust me and always be happy.

I start with understanding each individual as everyone needs different kind of training diet and rest. I try to make best plan for anyone who has a certain goal and will put equal input as I'm putting in his/her well being. I also take care of the spiritual part of body as it is also a part of fitness.

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1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Fitness and sports coach, I give bodybuilding,weight gain and weight loss training with full workout and nutrition plan.

- I train people using my complete knowledge that I have in this subject. - I train with a scientific approach and teach my students all the concepts.

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1st class FREE!

All you wants to know about yourself and then only you starts your life journey,,Know yourself as early as possible !! Come join me !!!

I starts with nature way like knowing the toughness and health understanding of surrounding mammals like no one can beat the wild animals in any way. First compare with the best, inspire,know the facts and strike with full force like its your last day.

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I am into coaching since 5 years now. Edu Sports and Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools are my past work organisation's.

Objective wise teaching/coaching. Every day will have a different objective. The methodology would be more of with the ball activities and will depend on the Age of the child and the quality of the children I would be catering to. Maximum participation for all will be a mandatory objective.

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American Certified Personal Trainer with a diploma in fitness management trains you at your home

There are several types of learners, some are visual, some are auditory learners. Notably, I train people accordingly to there comfort level and capacity. Actually, fitness is a lifestyle, which we have to be followed like Teeth Brushing, like bathing. I am showing a good path to my clients who can lead a healthy lifestyle which will lead them to happy and prosperous life.

1st class FREE!

I am gopi srinivas and I wanna teach students in Hyderabad and I think I can give them proper guidance

I am gonna start with right from the basics and I will be strict in the game perspectives and I can give you all I have,as a sports coach I will focuss on the students fitness and then the sports

1st class FREE!

People who are facing issues related to fitness or fatigue can contact me..

One to one interaction with the person in order to better understanding. Problem understanding and providing solution according to the problem. Unique way to reduce fat by doing less workout. Guaranteed problem solution for fat reduction. Guaranteed solution for fatigue. Food consultation also provided.

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Health and fitness course for all age group- learn about dos and don'ts- train your body and mind

classes are around 45 mins- 1 hours. The classes consist of warm ups, cardio workouts , core workouts, yoga flow, stretching and relaxation. 5-10 mins are spent on understanding your end goal and tailoring good eating habits to achieve those goals.

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I'm Tushar Sharma and being a international volleyball player and a student of bsc physical education and sports sciences. Fitness is the core step and I'm my self trained in fitness skills with inter

My teaching methods are attractive as it contains different exercise methods with dance, music and new yoga and callisthenic exercises

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1st class FREE!

Proffessional athletic training and overall fitness development and maintenance for 1 year to 100 year old young thinker

My coaching methods based on long term plans to get higher performance and the perfect specific fitness related with events, games.

1st class FREE!

Fitness, Healthy Living and Nutrition Coaching from a Certified Personal Trainer in Mumbai

As a Biomechanics Specialist, I base the training programs on subjects like Kinesiology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Psychology and Exercise Science as I take a more in-depth approach to training.

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Sports & Games entertainment secession for Kids, Fitness & weight loss for everyone around Dubai, available anytime in weekdays & evening on weekdays.

Before I plan for a class I would understand the student physical ability, Mental flexibility, interest, skills and based on that I will start up and develop their physical fitness & skills slightly.

1st class FREE!

Ph.d in sports diploma in sports coaching handball gym management course lecturer

i impart practical lessons as well as theory lessons. latest methods been used, simple to complex pedagogical steps been adapted. focus is on improvement to the optimum level of student. all performance factors been considered for top level of performance.

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Table tennis veteran player of 50 years experience gives coaching to beginners available on select days in mumbai goregaon and surat. Discount for children below 10 and senior citizens .

First I teach children to hold t t bats then I serve them and tell them to return ball very softly not like in badminton .When they learn returning the ball then I teach them to serve . Then they need practise so learning in a group is beneficial . To senior players I share my tips and styles and guide them to copy first then develop their own style .

1st class FREE!

Get fitness lessons from a certified fitness trainer and change your body

I have my very own methodology in training a person for providing the results which they desire in their body or improve their performance in any sports or fitness activity and they are simple & adpotable for any kind of person of whatever age, gender or from any field.

Ashish kumar pal
1st class FREE!

Lets play the sports and keep india healthy and hope for a bright and fit india

my way of teaching sports is not simple i am self hardworker for sports....i believe without hard work the talent is nothing...is just a waste so hardwork is of great imp..

1st class FREE!

Education is not only the important in life, sports and physical fitness is also needed for us

my teachings methods all based on the real factors of what we do in our daily life but different what we do in our daily life is a need to us. no need of going out for a gym and paying lot off money to them.

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Football teacher , played in national , regional level , university and Mumbai divisions football . So I can teach well from the basic to game sense

My teaching method is a lot different . I will make your basic amazing so that your game actual play is refined and smart . So I will work on strengthening part first and and then other parts . I will teach in psychological and practical way .

1st class FREE!

I am persuing bsc in sports science from igipess delhi university which is indias 2nd best physical education clg

I basically tell u basics of games and then we will approach other aspects as i believe that basics are the pillar

1st class FREE!


My teaching methods is no so simple. Depending on the students i will teach the martialarts. Everyone is not so perfect to make them perfect we have to make them learn from basic and everything about taekwondo . I will check for few days during the traning time who is doing good and who need more guidance.

1st class FREE!

I am enginnering student and experience in atheletics as running, long jump, high jump, short put, and i have certificate in related game

i am a national level sport person in gbtu lko university. related to the running, jump, short put etc.

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Sports camp for special and normal students in bangalore with more technics.

Applied to Coaching Pedagogy and Andragogy Simple and Complex Skills Whole Practice Part Instruction Whole-Part-Whole Instruction Shaping Chaining football tactics.

Dr. shruti
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A self defence Martial arts judo which can help everyone to be independent

My teaching method is like personal man to man teaching, and i personally take care of every student, so they can perform well

1st class FREE!

I ma yoga instructor u have any class group or individual plz provide me

i have full yoga knowledge traditional yoga ,power yoga, iynger yoga , basic yoga , pre and post pregnancy yoga meditation parayam all type of yoga i done 2 year diploma in mumbai university i have 4 year experience in yoga

P kartika rao
1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Self made classic yoga trainer and practicing home gym by natural ways at madanapalle .

classic method of practical yoga which goes on morning sessions for all ages who are interested in being fit in natural ways and also need concentration on their work. classes at ur home available on reasonable charges. Userfriendly in teaching.

1st class FREE!

Bodybuilding will make any one Bigger, Stronger from Bakers, Bankers & Grandfathers.

My teaching methods are simple to understand & easy execute. Execution is the most important part of it, Execution in right way. I will give programs for Execution which will help to build your fast as it has stages like Beginner, Intermediate & Advance.

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