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Looking For Spanish Classes In Bengaluru? Learn From The Best Speaker Across The City

Spanish is commonly known as “the language of love” for its undying melody and phonetic speech. It is on the rise with a worldwide influence on business and culture. The admiration for this language has grown significantly within the past decade, given its increasing popularity and demand in the IT (Information Technology) sectors and tourism industry. Speaking of IT, the first city that comes to the mind of Indians is Bangalore. It is called the “Silicon Valley of India” because of the growing number of startups and expansion of the IT sector in the city.

The expanding industries and developing status of Bengaluru caters various employment opportunities for individuals who have multilingual skills apart from academic degrees. The demand for foreign language experts is at its peak with Spanish being on the top of the list. Apart from that, it is also a very desirable language for people who love to enhance their linguistic proficiency. So, whether you are fond of Spanish or it is something you need to acquire as a skill, you can find many good institutes and experienced tutors in your city.

What Makes the Spanish Language So Desirable?

The most beautiful thing about a language is that it holds a lot of history and facts about different types of people around the world. For active learning, you must indulge yourself entirely into the theories and concepts of a particular subject. The more you become fascinated by the language and its origin, the more you will enjoy the earning process. Have a look at some of the irresistibly curious facts about the Spanish language.

It is also called “Castellano” and “Español.”

Spanish is spoken in various parts of the world with a high range of diversity among the people and culture. There are many speakers in the central and northern parts of Spain who call this language “Castellano” while in some parts of the European countries, it is called “Español” by the local people. Just like English, Spanish is also affected by the native accent and cultural practices of many countries.

It is a romance language.

The Indo-European language family comprises almost 44 romance languages which are spoken in various regions of Europe, North and South America. Out of these, Spanish is the most spoken one along with Italian, French, Romanian and  Portuguese. These five languages constitute over 90 per cent of the speakers who speak a romance language. These intercontinental connections and histories give Spanish a very distinct yet essential space in the world.

Spanish is the official language of 21 countries.

Spanish is entitled as the official language of 21 countries of Europe, Africa, Central, North and South Africa marking it as one of the most dominant global languages. Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Cuba are few of the big names out of that list. Being the fourth most-spoken language in the world, this is quite a significant number which clearly explains the importance of Spanish speakers around the world.

A phonetic language

Any language which has a direct relationship between its spelling and its sound (or pronunciation) is categorised as “phonetic language”. Spanish happens to enjoy this categorisation which makes it quite easy to learn. It means that you will pronounce the letters consistently where each letter represents a particular sound. You would not find many spelling surprises as there are in English, and the accent is also reasonably adaptive. However, Spanish has more tenses and adjective variations which you must master thoroughly for a better learning experience.

The Spanish language is over 1000 years old! 

The first written texts of Spanish were “Las Glosas Elimianenses.” These words were scribbled in 964 on a religious Latin manuscript. The evolution of the language since then has been pretty amazing and glorifying too. People who love historical literature and Latin documents take a keen interest in Spanish for this reason. Discuss these facts with your teacher to get more involved in the learning process as the more you know, the better you learn.

Long sentence formation 

If you translate any sentence from English to Spanish, it will expand by 10-20%. You must be thinking that the reason for this expansion is connected with the length of the words, but it is not. The cause behind this is that Spanish is written and spoken in a very poetic, expressive and detailed manner. So, you will automatically construct long sentences for explaining general scenarios for being specific and accurate.

High in demand

The importance of Spanish in the global economic market has increased significantly over the past few years. After Spain registered a hike in its tourism and education sector in the late 20th century, the demand for Spanish speakers has boosted quite impressively. There are over 18 million students in the world who study this foreign language with immense passion. You can also be one of them and become a fluent speaker with the help of an excellent teacher.

Find Best Spanish Tutors With Superprof India

The rising demand for Spanish teachers in Bengaluru is met by many famous institutes in the city which are serving the purpose efficiently. The top names on this list are the Institute of Spanish Studies, Inlingua, Elevate Global Academy, and Spanish In a Hurry. You may visit these centres of contact over the phone for booking your seats for the next session. However, if you stay far from the location of these institutes or if travelling is not your cup of tea, you may opt for online classes with the help of Superprof.

Yes, there are many Spanish tutors in Bengaluru who provide online classes to anyone who is willing to learn. Superprof acts as the helping hand in connecting these high-qualified teachers across the city with the learners. You just need to visit the website, enter your location and do a search for Spanish tutors and the results will appear on the screen. You can also judge your learning capability with a particular tutor by availing the free first session provided by Superprof. This would allow you to understand your comfort level with the teacher which is very important for the desired outcome. You can also reap the benefits of online classes which is the cherry on the cake!


💸 How much does a Spanish tutor charge by the hour in Bengaluru for Spanish tuition?

In Bengaluru, the average rate of Spanish courses is around ₹677.


Tutoring rates for Spanish lessons will differ depending on:

  • the teaching experience and qualifications of your tutor
  • The location of your lessons (via webcam or an outside location)
  • the frequency of your lessons and the duration of each class
  • the objective of your classes (are you learning Spanish for fun, or perhaps you are working to get a Spanish language qualification)

97% of Superprof tutors offer their 1st lesson free. Check out the rates of our Spanish private tutors in your region.

🧑‍🎓 Where can I find a Spanish teacher in my area?

On Superprof, you can browse our profiles of teacher profiles to find the right solution for your Spanish tuition.


You simply enter your subject requirements in the search engine to see the list of available tutors available to teach near you.


You can refer to a tutor's individual cv and pick the Spanish teacher that corresponds to your needs.


Once you have found a tutor you can get in touch with them via a messaging service on our platform to discuss the details of your lessons.


In Bengaluru and the suburban areas, 70 private Spanish teachers are available to give courses.


Choose your course in Bengaluru from over 70 Spanish tutors available.

🇪🇸What can I learn from a Spanish tutor?

Learning to speak Spanish has a number of benefits. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and is spoken in more than 20 countries.


The ability to converse in another language can open up many doors to you in terms of employment, travel, and culture. Other benefits of learning Spanish include increased employability and improved listening skills.


On Superprof, we have a number of highly experienced Spanish teachers available to give private tuition.


A Spanish tutor can help you work on many things:

  • Beginners Spanish and learning basic phrases for your holiday
  • Becmoing an expert in the rules of Spanish grammar
  • Practicing speaking and pronounciation
  • Writing and conjugation
  • Offering strategies to help you with your course work
  • Business level Spanish
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Helping you to grow confidence in your Spanish abilities.

You can discuss with your tutor what you wish to achieve from your private Spanish classes.

All Spanish private lessons with a certified tutor offer you the chance to master the Spanish language more quickly.


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🏅 How many tutors are available to teach private Spanish courses in Bengaluru?

There are currently 70 tutors are available to give Spanish courses in Bengaluru and the surrounding areas.




Choose your Spanish course from our range of more than 70 Spanish tutors.