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An Engineer And A Sports Enthusiast! District Champion In Skating! Very Much Interested In Skating! Will Be More Than Coach To My Students Actually My Friends

Inspirational, Fun, Passion! Will Make Student Enjoy The Sport! My Ultimate Is To Make A Champion! Coached By Me! Tats It!

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1st class FREE!

First class free! Rollerskating for any age group. Myself, state level champion.

Starting with the basics, leading towards quartz and then inline. 3-6 months each depending on your grasping power. Balance the wheels, your life will be balanced.

1st class FREE!

I have been a former National Champion for four years in Roller Skating

The methodology of my teachings is very simple and easy to follow. We can conduct training sessions for 1 to 1.5 hours a day which will have warmup and strength building exercises which will be followed by a roller skating session. The session will have start with basic technique drills and later followed by other drills and games.

1st class FREE!

Training people to skate to lead a Sporty Lifestyle. All age groups encouraged.

My method is Safety first approach to training. Instilling confidence, helping overcome fear. Understanding each individual's strengths and his limitat ions.

1st class FREE!

Learn basics and insights of speed skating, in your city Delhi NCR, from state level silver medalist!

My believe is to fall before you learn! One should always try to do things before thinking about conclusion for it! My motto is- Practise harder, practise better, practise faster.

1st class FREE!

Learn skating to be strong mentally n physically strong body and fitness

My teaching method to be calm patience understand.

1st class FREE!

Skating a thrilling sport. Stay fit, stay healthy. Play for ur self

Fitness concern, diet plan, basic, intermediate, and advance skill base, patterned praticse sessions. With knowledgeable lectures. Participation in tournament for better experience.

1st class FREE!

Get the speed in your life! Join my classes of roller skating now

I teach in a manner that makes you complete sport freak.

1st class FREE!

Been a state level chapion of 2013 14 , coming back on track to send some students at state or national level .

What I teach is what I have learned over the years .. what I practiced and the outcomes I got. So it's basically practicing rather than teaching.

Asif bin ali
1st class FREE!

1to12 skating squad,Inline,Roller hockey, Artistic, Speed and even P.E class to as I'm B.P.Ed

My teaching style is very different from others I used to wear skating and do along with children I teach balancing with safety

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

I am working more school .... If you give me a chance ..I will do my best

My group is a best group ... Without injury we are doing my best and very femus my team ..

1st class FREE!

I m a national speed skater and i can teach basic skating to any guy who wnat to learn skating

My teaching style is i never pressurise student and teach like a friend help like a coach and focus like a parent

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

Skate your way to perfection with rollerskating classes from a national gold medalist!

My method of teaching skating involves starting from the basics and gradually updating the form, style and wheels involved for skating. I also involve a small body workout before beginning to prep the body for the best outcome and learning. This helps keep the body fit.

1st class FREE!

Learn from a national player to roll skate and enjoy your new activity.

My methodologyis very simple.... Just follow proper technique and build stamina. Moreover I believe in hardwork.

1st class FREE!

I'm not a champion but I know how to make champions. Monu raja

My methodology is simple and clear. Fist -protection is better than chore. 2nd - interaction given by me in easy word. 3rd- My students is champion.

1st class FREE!

Skate lovers are welcomed ,to learn and fall in love with skating!!!

My name is Ripanjeet Singh , I am a national level skater of my country and would love to make other also learn skating . All the beginners from age 5 are welcomed to have fun with skates by easy methods and light practice.

1st class FREE!

I am a National Level Skater and love to share my experience

My teaching method is very simple. Motivation is the key to success. I will tell you the technique to success.

1st class FREE!

Maya's roller sports club will be your amazing places to learn new things and special techniques

I do it based on my classes and approach parents in a kind way and the students interest towards the sport

1st class FREE!

I'm a national level medalist and selected for international and I'm working with holy angel school.

He hsjd in indrapuram in indrapuram in the morning 4 to your website and it is first adhiraj you Bhai aa

1st class FREE!

Hey! Want to run on wheels? Come and join me for the ultimate magic to be able to fly on wheels

We will start from the very basics where you need to start balancing but before all we will do some exercises.

1st class FREE!

Learn the art of fine mental & body balance, first hand by me, expirenced professional skater/racer. Skating since 1999. Be fast! Be fit! Rock & roll!

I'll will take it slow and easy step by step instructions through viva, practical show case, & also theory & science if needed with all the techniques. Once you learn it here it's with you for a lifetime.

1st class FREE!

I can teach you skating anyway that you want because I am a state level champion 3 times

I can teach you first how to stand nicely. On whells and get up your friendship by skates.

1st class FREE!
Paris 18e
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Rollerblade lessons / Fitness in Paris for any level/Discovery tour of Paris

Hello, I'm 27 years old and back in Paris after a fantastic trip to Australia. I am currently a Barista for a large co-working company in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Aside from my love for coffee, I'm also passionate about health, fitness and sport. I live in the 18th Arrondissement of Montmartre. I speak English and Spanish frequently.

Castro Urdiales
1st class FREE!

Sports instructor (specificity tennis / paddle tennis) in Castro-Urdiales Area (Barakaldo, Bilbao, Laredo, Getxo ...) is offered

Former tennis player semi-professional level, ex No. 123 of Spain (season 2012). Monitor multisport entitled, with more than 12 years of experience teaching groups and individuals of different racquet sports (tennis and paddle specificity) as well as fitness coach and personal trainer. All levels. All ages. Groups or individuals.

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