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💰 What is the price of a private physics teacher in Patna?

The average rate of a private physics teacher in Patna is INR 642 per hour.

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In Patna and the suburban areas, 2,640 private physics teachers are available to offer lessons


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From a sample of 142 ratings, students scored their physics tutors an average of 5.0 out of five.


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On Superprof, you can learn physics online with a private tutor. Whether you need help revising for your HSC /SSC, are struggling with coursework or would just like to improve your physics skills, our tutors can help you.

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Find Top Physics Tutors Near Me In Patna

There is a mixed reaction regarding physics among students, but the fear among all is similar to maths. The reason is the similarity that is numbers and equations. Though the fear sometimes turns out to be genuine among students due to lack of understanding and underperforming, mostly, they hear it and relate it. Understanding physics takes a toll on those who have the preconceived notion that the subject is challenging and uninteresting. 

However, chasing that fear away isn’t impossible. The subject can be easily understood and appreciated if approached with extra care and planning. But first, you will need a teacher who can explain topics to you in a better way. If you’re wondering, ‘where to find top physics tutors near me in Patna?’ you’ve landed the right page. 

How to chase away exam fear in Physics?

Here’s how you plot and plan and finally achieve the fear-free study of physics. 

Discard preconceived notions

If you’ve heard from your seniors or classmates that physics is a dreadful subject, chances are, you will walk into the subject with the same mindset. Before you even have a chance to discover what the subject has to offer or how it can play for you, you’ve decided that it’s scary. 

While the fact is, each of us is different and has our strengths and weaknesses. So if your senior didn’t understand, it doesn’t mean that you won’t too. Have an open mind, and embrace the possibility that the subject may or may not interest you. 

Read chapters in advance

Teachers will start a chapter with basics and make their way up to the main lecture, while you will still be dealing with whether to ask the questions you have in your mind. This can impede your learning process. Your understanding depends on how many questions you ask.

If none, chances are, either you’ve mastered the subject, or things are just flying by you. While the former is unlikely, reading the chapter in advance equips you to ask questions, form logic around what the teachers say, extract new information from them and engage in healthy discussions. 

Keep separate notes 

Keeping separate notes is probably the only thing saving you during your exams. Diving through the hefty length of the books a day before the exam is impossible when a specific formula is skipping your mind. Notes help you retain that information quickly. 

However, here, we suggest you keep separate notes in physics, one for the theories and another for numericals and all the formulas. This way, you will know which one to pick up when you quickly want to revise the definitions.

There’s more than just numericals

Numericals are something that gives most students the exam fear in physics. They are full of mathematical equations and involve a lot of formulas that are based on theories. However, there’s more to physics than just numericals. The theory part of the syllabus carries more weightage, and if you’ve mastered that, you can efficiently devote the remaining time to numericals. 

Understand the formulas and derivations 

The real reason why most students are scared of the numericals even though they’re good at maths is the hefty formulas and derivations. Though you can easily tame this part of the subject with a clever approach, i.e., understand the derivatives. Don’t think they’re rules set in stone; you must learn them to solve a problem. 

Every symbol or figure represents a phenomenon in physics, and understanding the phenomena will enable you to tell them apart. They will also give you the bigger picture of how to map those phenomena on paper using symbols. That’s how you learn the derivatives and formulas. 

Revision is essential 

You may think that understanding a chapter by heart and having it practised several times is enough to get you good marks. But not revising the syllabus before an exam can put you in a position of forgetting specific details that you shouldn’t. In physics, every detail, every symbol and formula matters. Revise well before the exam. 

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Superprof is singlehandedly helping students worldwide find their mentors through its apps and websites. With over 20 million teachers available, there are 2,519 Physics teachers in Patna near you. So if you’re wondering ‘where to find top physics tutors near me in Patna,’ all you need to browse through and find a suitable teacher.

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