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Amay Teacher

Amay is a dedicated teacher who takes the time and trouble to ensure that his student understands him. He teaches well and clearly and is very likeable and professional. I would recommend him as a teacher.

Shubham Teacher

One of the best learning experience I've had so far! I needed help with my JEE Advanced preparation especially Physics and he's just AMAZING. He connected with me so easily, with real life stories and amazing space stuff that got me hooked. I mean I...

Shyam, 1 week ago

Shubham Teacher

Just amazing! I wasn't really a big fan of Physics but he knows exactly how to lay it out, all those parts which didn't really make sense like even the most simplest stuff and everything he explained everything so easily, but the best part is you...

Ritu, 1 week ago

Shubham Teacher

Shubham is just perfect, he's really very understanding! I was not feeling so good how things were going with me regarding studies and all and he really pulled me out and helped a lot, i just loved conversing with him. His teaching style just...

Naina, 1 week ago

Shubham Teacher

Loved it! As I also mentioed, Just discovered you and requested a class with you seeing your reviews. And they were all so true. You are a great teached. I loved the classes! Really looking forward to our next session. I love how jokes and facts...

Akshay, 1 week ago

Shubham Teacher

Thanks, Shubham. It was a very good experience. The class was so much fun! I really needed required help with the exams and so much enjoyed the process.

Adarsh, 1 week ago

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Learn Physics class 12 and more at home, or through webcam

Physics | Understand how the world functions!

In Indian school, whether it is CBSE, or SSC, after 10th standard board examinations, all students generally face an important choice for their future. The choice between choosing commerce, arts or, science for their higher studies. For students who chose science, Physics is an integral part of the science stream. It is the subject that teaches about the way things function, and how our life can be defined in physics terms.  Physics, chemistry and biology are the pillars of the science stream in India, each subject has its own importance. Students who choose physics for their future careers need to understand the importance of learning and understanding the complex theories of physics.
Learning the subject can be tricky because the subject is full of theories from great scientists like Isaac Newton, Tesla, Albert Einstein, etc, these great men over the course of centuries have crafted modern-day physics. 

Class 12 Physics | Find your Physics teacher

For students studying in class 12th, Physics is a vital part of their core education. The subject is not only a part of their CBSE/SSC examinations, but it is also a part of entrance examinations that come right after these examinations. Therefore, it is extremely important to not just to memorize the concepts, it's necessary to understand the theories. A lot of teachers often explain these theories as per their own understanding of the subject, sometimes it makes it difficult for students to grasp the core concept of the theory. As a subject, it requires both a theoretical and a practical approach.

Learning physics from private teachers is always an excellent option to have for students, as classroom studies the teachers are not able to give personal attention to all students. In a private setup, a student can learn better and grasp the concepts quicker as personal supervision often increases student focus and concentration.

Learning from Superprof India | Physics classes near me!

With an increase in online teaching jobs on the internet. Students have the opportunity to learn from private teachers from across the country! 

Superprof India is a platform where teachers can enlist themselves and get the opportunity to share their knowledge across the world. With more than 10 million teachers on the platform, any student registering on Superprof India to find their private teacher can choose to learn from their preferred location, this also includes the chance to learn online through a webcam or, through applications that allow video classes. The student here has the privilege to learn from a teacher who he selects for classes and excel in understanding the subject,