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Photography is a fantastic form of art. And it is true that every kind of art is unique. This uniqueness is born out of perspective. A photographer sees the world in frames like nobody else. They observe that unique light coloration or the shining reflective image in the water upside down. This is something that can only be taught by someone who has trained themselves in this profession for years altogether.

At Superprof, you will find teachers who are passionate about photography and are ready to share their knowledge with their students. Because when it comes to art, passion is the key. It will drive you, motivate you, hone your skills, and make an impact on your life. So, it is essential to find a passionate teacher and learn from him or her.



The Evolution of Photography in India:


Photography came to India under the British Rule. It was an attempt to make a connection between the people who came from outside and the insiders. One thing that enabled us to trace our history are the photographs that were clicked by Britishers in the middle of the 19th Century until the time the camera came into the hands of the Indians.

We learned this art from the Colonialists, so it is the fundamental nature that we began to see the world from their perspective. But, times changed, and photographers like Bhow Dajee had developed a different mindset and point of view for framing this world.

There was an uprise in the strength of the Anti-Colonialists photographers. This was also imperative because otherwise, the future generation would have only seen the before-independence India from the lens of the British min

But slowly, the Indian photographers made their own perspective, and once the country was out of the chains, a whole new world of opportunities opened in the country.



Forms of Photography you can pursue in India:


Well, the list is non-exhaustive. Nobody would have thought a profession like photography would have developed so many branches. Added to it, every single branch of photography requires a different skill set.

There is culinary photography, media photography, fashion, wedding, and many more. The key is that everyone who wants to enter this field either as a hobby or to build careers needs to get training from professionals. Because even the most expensive and rare diamond needs some cutting and refinement if it is to be sold in the market.

Hence, even if anyone has an inherent talent for photography, he/she needs to be trained in the right direction. And that is why we always suggest hiring your teacher from Superprof. This is where you can look through the profiles of more than 2300 photography tutors in India


Photography is Replacing the Paintbrush:


It can be said that more and more people are careening toward photography because they see it as a new form of art. And it indeed is. And not only this, it is more than an art. Today, photographers need to learn about camera composition, color scheme, exposure, shutter rate, and lenses. The list is long.

The phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" do not come true in one day. It takes time, effort, consistency and, most of all, practice. So, it is essential that you practice under a professional who has the right eye and mind to judge you constructively.



These are the qualities of a good photographer:


Does clicking a picture of a celebrity makes you an amazing photographer or does capturing a rare animal in the lens gives anyone a certification of a good photographer?

Also, a photographer is not good because he/she has a camera worth lakhs of rupees.

None of this is true. Instead, a person who can see what others miss and who can create a good composition of anything that they see can be called a good photographer.

Other than this, here are a few qualities of a good photographer:

Creativity: A photographer needs to hone his/her creativity if they want to grow in this field. This is because the way a picture is framed needs some good imagination. If that were not the case, anyone would have become a photographer

Detailing: How a picture is clicked matters the most. The detailing makes a lot of different. A similar background, when clicked by two photographers where one is a pro and other a budding photographer, is entirely different. This is because the details each of them choose to incorporate in their picture will make a big difference. And that difference is what you will get to learn from a professional. 

Patience: You must have seen or heard about some wildlife photographers who waited for days altogether just for a rare species of animal to show itself. Well, their patience pays off incredibly well. As a photographer, you won’t get the right frame every time you poke your eye at the back of the lens. It takes time and requires effort on your part.

Passion: This is the most important quality. Passion is what motivates us all to do what we love. So, if you are someone who loves photography, then you will have a passion for it


How can Superprof help you?


Apart from the fact that we have photography teachers spanning from all across India, you can also check out their career highs and their experience. Some teachers provide their first class for free so that you can understand them and the teachers can understand you. You can check out the previous student reviews and much more along with their hourly price. Superprof will help you in any way you deem feasible.

Either you can go for online classes or get one to one classes at your home. There are a lot of options, and we have a teacher in almost every city in India. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, choose your favorite tutor for photography in India today and get cracking?


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