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In New Delhi, the average cost of painting classes is INR 642.

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In New Delhi and the suburban areas, there are 1,013 painting teachers available to teach private courses

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Master Your Skills With Top Painting Teachers In Delhi 

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary,” said Pablo Picasso, the father of painting as known to the world.

Speaking of Delhi, one cannot forget but mention the mesmerising art galleries that the city houses. The National Art Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi Art Gallery, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Gallery Espace and many such art houses are there in the city.

If you are passionate about painting, your inspiration should be getting your paintings hanged gracefully on the walls of any of the galleries. But for doing so, first, you need to learn about the popular styles of painting and second, you have to find an excellent teacher.

Most Popular Art Painting Styles To Learn

It is a pleasure to be able to understand, identify and cherish the different painting styles existing across the world. When you start investing your effort in learning the art, it becomes clear as to why the painters spend a lot of time in a solitary and reclusive state of mind.

Painting is not just about stroking colour brushes on a matrix. You have to understand the genre of painting and then adhere to its technical norms to create the exact resemblance. Let us have a look at some of the famous modern art styles.

  • Realism Art

Realism, as the name speaks for itself, is the most genuine and pragmatic form of modern art that aims at reflecting the world as it appears in real life. In simple terms, you will create what you observe around you. These paintings look more appealing than a photograph and yet tend to be the same.

  • Painterly Art

The name might sound a bit odd, but the painterly art form is defining and visible. You can use all types of paints for this, including acrylic and oil. This art has a specific characteristic that makes it stand out from the obvious. It clearly shows brushstrokes with fine lines. Artists make no effort in covering or smoothening the edges of brush lines on the matrix. 

  • Photorealism Art

The photorealism art form redefines the meaning of replicas as the artists in this field have mastered making paintings that look exactly like a camera shot. You can give these artists a photo, and they will make the image using their tools and paints. If you want to master this form, you must learn painting details as minor as the last grain of sand on a beach.

  • Abstract Art

Understanding the abstract painting art is difficult as it is all strokes and lines. It is non-representational and highly depends on the talent of the artists. The ones who have mastered using the right colours, shapes, designs and patterns can create amazing paintings and wall arts.

  • Impressionism Art

Impressionism paintings are rough and unfinished with small and fine strokes of oil and watercolour paintbrushes. This art withdraws a lot of attention as it uses the most ordinary and simple subject matters to create impressionistic pieces of art. Depiction of light is the most important aspect of these paintings. 

  • Pop Art

Port art came into existence in the 1950s and has been one of the most beloved art forms since then. You must have seen some of these paintings surface on your social media pages, given celebrity faces are prominent in pop art culture. The artists use bold colours and large strokes to carve a face or human figure. 

  • Surrealism

Surrealism art is used for expressing imagination or unrealistic scenarios that the people are not familiar with. It sends a real message but seems paradoxical and ambiguous to those who do not understand modern art.

Discover Your Painting Teacher With Superprof India

Finding an extraordinary painting instructor can be a time-consuming and hectic task if you do not have acute information. You can try visiting the famous institutes in Delhi, including the Creative Art Classes, Fine Arts Studio Oil Painting Classes, and Art Hub - Painting School in Delhi.

However, for learning in the ambience of famous art schools, you will have to make yourself comfortable for it. If you want an alternative to it, visit Superprof through your browser and search for painting tutors in Delhi.

The site will display all the painters who are offering online private lessons on painting. You can avail the first class free of cost from the teacher who interests you. You will be able to learn in a private and comfortable ambience, away from the chaos of packed classrooms. Superprof has been successfully helping the students get in touch with the best teachers in every field, not just painting. All you have to do is spend time scrolling through the numerous profiles and pick the names that you prefer the most. Amplify your painting skills to create surreal pieces of art!

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