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Filled with passion for french language since childhood, delivers online french lessons

I adjust my teaching speed in accordance with the student and make sure that all the concepts are covered along with the exceptions. Before starting with the new topic, I ensure that all the prerequisites are well understood by the student.

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College lecturer who tutors students of all ages in my free time. Familiar with school and college french curriculum

I base my classes on the learning needs of the student and try to adopt a methodology that will be interesting and apt for a particular student and his or her unique learning style. Classes are always a good mix of fun and learning.

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French is an amazing language... come join us and take your wings to France

My teaching method is practical based. I try to link everything with real life to make grasping easy and quick. I have trained 1800+ students and helped them shape their career in French and grab a better life full of opportunities.

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Taught French language in different schools in Gurgaon since last seven years.

* Topics are chosen in chronological order keeping the progression in mind * Class has fun activity related to the topic involving audio visuals. * French songs & TV series are used for exposure to French accents.

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Experienced teacher worked with many renowned Institutions is providing pvt tuition/ group classes for French language in Trivandrum.

My teaching methods are very interactive and effective. I use many strategies such as showing videos, playing games, story tellling, listening to audios, role plays etc. for making classes communicative as well as lively. Although, the focus is on communicative French, coaching for grammar, writing, reading are also included.

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I ensure that all my students understand the concepts of the language and enjoy doing so. I have a DELF B2 diploma and I teach in Pune.

I change my methodology according the individual needs of my students. I believe that using one technique for all students is not only counterproductive but also that it will not bring about any meaningful change in the student's understanding of the language.

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French is easy when it's been taught by somebody specialized in French.

My teaching methods are especially designed for beginners and for students studying in Class III to IX. My classes are structured in a way to make learning fun and easy for all the students. Being a language expertise I love to use creative ways to make people learn and remember.

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Diplome of the French Language at Allliance with teaching experience of over 10 years, qualified French teacher of students of IGCSE,ICSE,CBSE boards. Teaching online.

I ensure that the students have the basic grammar knowledge to understand french and go into great detail with pre-prepared grammar sheets and explanations, or reference to their text book, or advise them to procure a book which would be required for them to study systematically the language. Practice and writing is what makes them perfect and according to the level I prepare them for the exams.

(2 reviews)
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Completed my B1 from Alliance Francais and teaching French in Delhi Public School

Language can never be learned only with text books. So, my technique is to involve a student the most by doing fun activities, playing audios and videos. I will incorporate stuffs which are interesting and easy for a student to grasp.

Banvinder singh
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Specialist in french language since 2015, established in my domain for successfully producing gems in the field of french and giving them full fledged knowledge of DELF.

My teaching method is simple. I would like to strong the base of students instead of fasting things in prompting manner. Students who don't get things in quick way will get my special attention as I know learning a language is not an easy job. I would like to real life conversation situation to make things right for learners.

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Person who will learn French from me, he can be a translator or can get high post in abroad.

My teaching method is very simple and perfect in grammar, which help someone to read, write and speak well. My students are working in America, Canada, Africa and Belgium. I do not have any diploma or degree in French, but I have a lot of experience fro the same.

New Delhi
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Si vous voulez apprendre française bien ne tardez pas se joindre Franglais...

Dedicated,resourceful and innovative teacher who aims at explaining with the help of examples and qualitative presentations. I am capable of understanding students' queries and weak zones in a comprehensive way. I try to create an atmosphere where success and excellence is a tradition.

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Tuition in French for the beginners in Chennai... I have my B1 French from Paris, France

I'm from Chennai, India. At present I'm doing my masters in Political Science (NET). I have done my french course (B1, with excellent note) in Paris. I have worked in french speaking part of Africa, for about 20 months. This course I offer would be for the beginners. I would be simple to approach as I have learned the language as an outsider, I know the struggle you would go through.

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Student, specializing in French. Acquired level B2 from Allinace Française. Deeply passionated by foreign languages. Also pursuing Spanish.

I love to interact with my students and pay more attention to their self-expressing skills as I firmly believe that the more one speaks and expresses himself, the more he learns. Also learning a foreign language requires regular conversations in that language in order to develop the fluency. I focus greatly on improving the command over the language.

New Delhi
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I've done B.A(H)-English from Delhi college of arts and commerce and willing to give french classes.

My teaching techniques are simple because every time when i explain things to someone, i make sure that i would give some funny examples so that the other would understand them easily and He/She won't be forgetting things easily.

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French language Expert giving tutions to Students(of all standards & Boards),Corporate Professionals & language Enthusiasts.

My teaching method is unique.I aim at teaching students in an interesting and interactive way through visual aids, songs,games and discussions. I believe that a person should be taught in a way that will develop interest and enthusiasm to learn the foreign language.

(1 review)
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Language learning is fun. Experience it with a highly qualified and experienced French teacher in Gurgaon.

Each learner has a different way of learning. Identifying the needs of my learners and introducing language concepts through them is one of my fortes. An integral part of language learning also involves knowing the culture of the country as well as of other Francophone countries. I believe in inductive method of teaching where the learner induces and understands herself/himself the concepts.

New Delhi
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Learn French to become a Francophone and travel half of the world.

French accent is most beautiful accent in the world. French is spoken language of more than thirty countries. Apart from all learning a new language give you new idea about culture and philosophy. French give us opportunity to explore the world. So let's start French today.

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A tutor associated with french language for past 27 years will make you comfortable and confident in french.

Along with our conversation and online lessons, i provide the notes for what we have studied. They are always translated in English. Besides this regular exercises are also provided so that the student doesn't forget what is learnt previously.

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Le français est amusant (French is fun) - Learn French at your pace & convenience.

I teach personally - one student at a time. Sometimes I teach a batch of 2 or 3 students - usually school students of the same class. I follow the prescribed curricular of DELF A1/A2/B1 and use audio, video, quizzes, role-play etc. for picking up the nuances of the French language.

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Masters from France in Global management, currently working at Amazon having C 1 in DELF from Alliance Français de Delhi with a diverse knowledge of French culture.

Sharing knowledge is my hobby, therefore, I provide french classes for which my teaching method varies from person to person according to their calibre and knowledge of French which involves the use of audio and video material along with different books.

1st class FREE!

French classes along with my Personal notes, to enhance and help you learn French at School and College Level.

I would like to start right from the basics, the alphabets, Grammar rules, Verbs, Sentences and gradually we'll proceed to paragraph and comprehensions. Mind well, we will not only focus on Written but also spoken abilities. This will make sure, you become confident in your spoken as well as written skills.

1st class FREE!

Trained and certified french teacher with more than 16 years of experience DELF/IGCSE/IBDP/CBSEto university level

My lessons are customized and start from basic to complex structures aimed to build oral, written reading and listening skills based on your requirement .Be it corporate workers/students/travelers .I include technology and vigorous interaction t build communication skills .

Greater Noida
(1 review)
1st class FREE!

French is always fun. learn and create the better in you.

It is important to empathize with students. To do this requires acceptance and a deeper understanding with students. This is not always easily achievable. Acceptance should be unconditional. Accepting students unconditionally is difficult yet achievable. Empathic understanding: It is better to accept a student from his or her standpoint.

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Beginners and Intermediate courses offered - Easily learning french in Pondicherry from home.

mostly oral interaction is basic strategy to gain language. Books doesn't motivate a person to learn more about language.For school students we as a batch give importance for each students. we do take special tutions for childrens home based tutions.

(1 review)
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Who teached help the worldwide development.language teaching is my passion .I'm use to teached french and german language since 6 years .my objective help the student to quick understand the lecture .

My teached way is very simple and clear help the student to good understand the class .I'm allowed student to told me what is whent wrong with my method . I'm able to teached everything types class personal group i can give A1;A2;B1;B2; D1;D2.

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Student in aviation actually Teach at Shakespeare Sarani Kolkata From a French High School

My teaching method is to find the stong point of my students and with this knowledge I help them to clear their gaps I base my class on the life of the student to help them in their homework also My class is for the primary students

New Delhi
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Working professional with advanced French language certification from Alliance Française gives tuitions.

I base my classes on the CELTA methodology approved by the University of Cambridge, which means that the teaching methods incorporate audio visual aids, fun and elements which appeal to people from all age groups (school students, working professionals, etc.). Even freshers are welcome. Classes are held during the weekends only.

1st class FREE!

Students learning french are providing tutions for younger generation for delf exams

My teaching method will be quiet simple. I will provide complete basic information about this language. I will not move to the next topic untill & unless my students are not clear with the recent topic. I can provide individual as well as group classes also.

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Our former students
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To be sure of the quality concerning our tutors and their lessons, we collect the reviews of former students. These reviews are authentic and guaranteed by Superprof.

Perfect! Shreya... Excellent Teaching! ...very interesting and the lessons are made simple and understanding. Ben got high score for his French exam, though he was new to the subject...

Anju, Student
2 weeks ago

Perfect! Ms. Shalini is an amazing tutor and i really enjoy working with her. I love the way she teaches. It is a great opportunity to get a chance to improve your communicative French.

Ishita, Student
2 months ago

Perfect! Nas is an excellent teacher. Since the beginning she talked me in french, which is something very important because it helped me to get used to hearing french. She makes the learning process easier because she uses different types of games, and it...

Karen, Student
4 months ago

Perfect! Johan has a good grasp on the subject and the best thing is that he takes to the whiteboard while explaining the concepts. My son is understanding every thing easily. Thanks superprof for helping me find Johan!!

Ruchi, Student
5 months ago

Perfect! Merci madame . Shalini Mam , is one amazing tutor i would suggest to any beginners , who want to learn french . I was bit tensed since i am a beginner but She made me feel comfortable with the language on the first day itself . And i must tell...

Adithya, Student
5 months ago

Perfect! A wonderful teacher with great understanding of the French language; both of the idiomatic and technical grammatical aspects. Myriam then puts it all into context by linking language to the culture of France. She is also well prepared for each...

Martin, Student
6 months ago

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