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1st class FREE!

Teacher in MHMS(jhansi) having experience in teaching for 4 years for classes 9th and 10th.

I approach the subject topic by topic and believe in more practice so provide max. nummber of assignments to the students. Based on the feedback i focus on a particular student if he/she needs some more attention to get cleared about any topic.

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Handle multiface tedclerical tasks(e.g.,dataentry,filing,records management and billing)asthe assistantto the registrarand admissions offices.Coordinate travel arrangements,maintain database anden sur

Just like its name suggests, this method of teaching English is grammar heavy and relies a lot on translation. This is the traditional or ‘classical’ way of learning a language and it’s still commonly used when learning some languages.

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An Engineer who loves teaching - Computer Science with 6 years of work experience

Very enthusiastic Computer Science Teacher who is technically certified in various technologies. Adept at developing interactive lesson plans and helping students with specialized projects. Specializes in getting students to understand the practical side of computers and teaching students internet responsibility.

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Advanced Excel Training With Real Life Projects in Gurugram (Eleven Years Experienced Faculty)

I base my classed on Practical data, of MS Excel, with example, I provide classed one to one, group classed as well online. I make learn to the student how to play with practical data, how to prepare dynamic reports.

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

Students of school, working professional, businesmann, college students . House wives etc.

My teaching methods include s professional computer training, Psychological motivation, theoretical explains those, on computer practical training, and or as per the requirement

1st class FREE!

I teach Computer Basics, Tally, Accountancy while making learning fun in C V Raman Nagar, Bangalore

I make it easy to learn by involving more of practice than just theory. I can take both offline and online classes. You will feel free to communicate with me for asking silly doubts or complex ones, this will help you in getting in depth and clear understanding of the topic. I make it very easy for you to learn with whatever support required from my side.

1st class FREE!

Tutor with 5 years of professional experience in Microsoft Office and Open Office, and providing tuition classes on computer subjects for 8 years.

I have made my students confident enough to create their own project for practical purposes. I have made using computers easy for them. For school students, I use the test books as reference and go as per the syllabus. I try to make the students understands the chapters lucidly and majorly through presentations and practical problems.

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Data Analyst in top IT company gives MS Excel training and VBA too

I am a SYSTEM Engineer at top IT company and mostly I deal with excel work and I know VBA coding. I would like to share my knowledge with all of you guys. Key Audience- Students, Professionals, Interested candidates I am eager to solve your queries.

1st class FREE!

To work in a professional and competitive environment where I can apply my knowledge and thought as well as constantly learn and contribute to the growth of the organization.

• B.Sc 3rd Year (2009): Socio-Cultural condition of Panchmari town and its surrounding areas of Madhya Pradesh. • M.A.

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

1-to-1 Online Excel coaching made absolutely easy, master excel in a week

Hi, I am a working class professional with a passion for teaching Microsoft Excel from the very basic to the most advanced techniques. Of the firm belief that technology can simplify our day-to-day life, I started teaching excel after feedback from friends and acquaintances on how good my skills were in Excel. I teach excel to anyone willing to know how to use formulas more effectively.

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Post graduated computer science student provides tuition for school students at trivandrum

My teaching method includes adaptive learning and discussions. I base My class on subjects till high school. I approach the topic according to student's discussions.

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1st class FREE!
Bois De Nèfles
1st class FREE!

Doctor in biology and computer science. 5 years teaching experience at various levels

My methodology is based primarily on adapting to the student's profile, reinforcing his strengths (and points of interest) and then adding new notions and skills while keeping his attention. The goal of this approach is to allow it to be as independent as possible so that it is prepared for future exams.

Marseille 8e
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1st class FREE!

Professional user of Word, Excel,with good teaching skills on Marseille to become a pro of MS Office or open source alternatives

My method is simple: adaptability. Without the basics, there is no point in building above. I identify what are the bases that you miss, we build or consolidate them and only when it is well assimilated, we go further.

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Energetic and organized math teacher in Lynnwood with over 5 years teaching experience

I am an expert at breaking down math problems into simple concepts that are easy to understand. First I ask what the student wants to learn. I give them simple problems to work and increase the difficulty until the student cannot work the problem. I then clarify key concepts to see that the student has a thorough understand of all the concepts involved.

São Paulo
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Student of Information Systems teaches basic Excel for teens and adults in São Paulo and ABC

I am a programmer and passionate about computer science. Excel is intended for those with basic knowledge of Windows, but if you don't have it, we may negotiate so that it is also taught. Classes are given in front of the computer, always following theory with lots of practice and homework.

1st class FREE!

Beginner friendly computer skills in DeKalb, IL from an Instructor A+ certified

I like to tailor my instruction to make connections between subjects the student has an interest in. I love helping people grasp difficult concepts, and helping people build their confidence in problem solving.

South Nutfield
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1st class FREE!

Young person with experience offering office's class in Redhill (word, excel, powerpoint...)

Professionally, I have developed excellent organisational skills that have made me able to be successful in my work and studies. Able to adaptability and solving all problems. Highly focused in details to ensure the highest educational requirements are met .

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1st class FREE!

Private or group classes of Excel and VBA in Porto, for all levels.

- Classes assembled according to the student's knowledge / need. - Classes oriented to the practical use of the tool, with main applications and use in the day to day, using for this a series of exercises. - Flexible classroom location, which can be suggested by the teacher or by the student.

Indústrias Leves
Job felipe
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Analyst gives Excel classes from basic to advanced, with possibilities of initiation to the VBA in Londrina

My classes are expositive. I always try to adopt real examples to explain the programming language in the system. I believe that the understanding of the program is as important as the practice of the exercises, so I approach the subjects in order to make the understanding easy and deductible.

1st class FREE!

Advanced level Excel user offering coaching and support with Excel basics through to advance level.

I approach my support around your specific requirements. Using online tutorials, email and other web based tools. Face to face coaching can be arranged for local students / Excel users. Please contact me to outline your requirements and expectations.

1st class FREE!

Specialist in Enterprise Excel (Basic Intermediatte Expert): Functions, Dinamics Tables, Graphics, Solver

Excel classes have a purely labor focus, applied in industries. My classes are 80% practical and 20% theoretical. It is offered: - Study plan - Self-made support material. - Practice of 10 exercises in class (applications of the scope of work of the student) - 5 exercises as homework.

1st class FREE!

Professional developer gives classes of enterprise app development with Excel in Petrópolis

Classes guided by the student base in the tool, passing through all development characteristics of automations with Excel. The student should ultimately be able to develop apps of any kind using Excel and its native tools. Become an Excel ninja.

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1st class FREE!

Honors Nuclear Engineering junior college student giving computer program lessons to all level students through online sessions or in the Orangeburg, SC area

I am a college student currently working towards a Bachelor's of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering. I went to an online school for middle and high school, so becoming proficient with computer programs was crucial.

1st class FREE!

Being a masters student in networking, with hands on experience for 8 years. I can equip you as a network administrator level.

I use the practical methods for teaching. Better if the students have a computer and some few equipments So that they can gain more practical knowledge. Before going to the lessons, i will speak with them regarding the current trending technologies. Also i'll give task and guide to do them. I request students to speak with their mind , whenever a doubt arises, please don't hesitate to ask.

1st class FREE!

Licensed in Computer Management, with knowledge of open source tools, teaches the use of OpenOffice / LibreOffice tools.

In addition to practical content, such as exploration and use of the tool, the classes via Skype are with screen sharing for better intercooperation and learning. Besides that, small manuals are provided for help learning as well as some videos produced.

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1st class FREE!

Central Queensland IT student doing Masters gives Computer Science lessons for students in Melbourne and suburbs

Mind mapping method which helps you remember your day to day lessons. All you have to do is just concentrate during the class time so you don't have to ho back and study at home. Do what you are given. I'll show you the path.

1st class FREE!

Gives computer classes from any level of office automation to programming ;-)

Knowledge is only useful if it can be transmitted, it remains my philosophy, it is necessary that the trainer adapts to the trainee and not the opposite. I'm coming off the beaten path of the school system, but the result is there. I teach baccalaureate and bac +2, computer maintenance on Windows platform and Linux.

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