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microsoft word Teacher

The course material is really informative and includes all the basics of MS Excel that every beginner needs. The course is well structured and detailed. The instructor explains things very well. One can ask any doubt, anytime during the session. It...


microsoft word Teacher

Sharad Sir is an excellent teacher and extremely professional. I reached him when I was struggling to do complex excel work and He has been very helpful in filling the gaps and showing a very structured path to learn Microsoft excel. I can...

Raghav, 2 months ago


microsoft word Teacher

Very good teacher.Recommend her 100% to anyone who wants a good Excel teacher

Anas, 2 months ago


microsoft word Teacher

Being an international student and also being one who left the school system many years ago, I was a bit sceptical on learning new skills but Sharadbhai's teaching strategies made it easy for me. He starts from scratch and covers each topic in...

Parul, 4 months ago


microsoft word Teacher

Sagar is a very sincere coach, a teacher who would hold your hand, understand your level, match up with that and then and take you through the steps. Even though I have only had a chance to connect with him once, he constantly follows up and checks...

Srikanta, 5 months ago


microsoft word Teacher

Sharad Sir is an excellent teacher for MS Excel. He starts from scratch and covers each topic in detail. You can ask sir any doubt and he will clarify it for you. If you want to learn Excel, he is your guy.

Kevin, 5 months ago


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You can discuss directly with your tutor via email or phone. Their contact details are in the left-hand column of the lesson request page. You can then decide with your teacher on the preferred format of your lessons. 

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7,163 microsoft word teachers offer online microsoft word classes.

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Choose your tutor from one of our 7,163 profiles.

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The average price for online microsoft word classes classes is ₹755 .

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On a sample of 695 rankings,  students give an average grade of 5.0 out of 5.

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Why One Must Know About MS Office:

MS office is the short form for Microsoft Office, is a suite of products developed by Microsoft Corporation that includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Each program serves a different purpose and is compatible with other programs included in the package.

All the products mentioned above are interrelated and help in different fields, for instance MS Word helps in writing and dratfing important documents and files, whereas MS Outlook helps in sending these documents to the outside world. For any person pursuing and improving his basic computer knowledge, learning, understanding and utlising MS office is a significant step in becoming a computer literate. Proficiency in these tools not only helps in growing in your professional life, it is also an essential skill to do day to day work on the computer.
MS Office recently launched MS Office 365, which was brought in the market by Google to compete with Google drive, it allows the users to store, utilize and manage their resources. The software updates are regular and increase usability with each update.

Microsoft Word: Document your Life

Microsoft Word is one of the most famous writing programs in the world.  Word offers you tools for formatting your document in various ways; perform spelling and grammar check to produce standard and error-free documents; in-built thesaurus for finding appropriate synonyms to replace repetitive words/phrases; word count feature for a statistical report of your document; drawing and graphics editing tools to add a touch of graphics or images to go with your documents; sounds and video handling tools to add multimedia feature to a document; numerous wizards and tools for creating and distributing merged faxes, form letters, labels and envelopes, etc.

Along with Excel, word is allows you to store textual information and keep them as documents. The more recent updates on word have now enabled users to create calendars, make CV/resumes and even create business plan files. With the help of Microsoft Office 365, you can share these documents along with your business without worrying about misplacing them.

In a professional scenario, having expertise in MS Excel, powerpoint and Word can improve your chances of progressing in your field of work, as these are among three most widely used tools in the professional market scenario.

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Superprof India currently has  7,163 teachers across India, willing to take MS Word classes through webcam (through softwares such as Skype, Zoom etc), this provides the students an excellent opportunity to learn a skill from home, and get time to do other social activities during the day.

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