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Become an expert in iOS iPhone Application development & learn Objective C & Swift language just in 30 days !!!

My teaching method is to make a lerner clear with basic concepts & fundamentals of the technology he is learning. So initial steps will be to teach basic controls, classess, frameworks uses in the iOS App development.

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Im a diploma holder in electrical field with 5 years of working experience in mac OS And apple devices and doing BBA retail management

im a practical teacher and also ibhave patience in teaching for new learners to make them understand better

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We offers the best IOS training online ,here You will be guided.learn objective C,Swift,xocde,cocoa,frameworks,iphone,ipad and so on .

my teaching method is simple.first i understand how u learn anything then accounding to your perception, i will teach u anything.i will make you understand the basic of the topic which requried to understand first before start developming any kind of application. #basics of programming language#basics of desing and development.

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Get the training you need to stay ahead with expert - led courses

An important factor when teaching (younger) students is to make them driven and motivated. Some are motivated by working on a project that they consider"exciting", others are simply motivated by presentation. Especially the last category should be given regular grades.

Thimmireddy Palli
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IT professional in India's top MNC, with more than a year of experience in developing iOS applications.

My teaching method revolves around strenghing the foundation and building on top of that. I prefer taking online classes and classes are specific to those who have interest in developing iOS applications.

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Mobile app developer ,Product developer , Consultant actively involved in developing mobile apps delighting the users with great user experience. Love to share my knowledge with others and vice versa

My teaching method is keeping everything as simple as possible by understanding the target audience so that they can relate it to real world scenarios

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Hackers are Ready? Are you? Become a professional Ethical Hacker and commence your career in Cyber Security.

My teaching methods and techniques entire depends upon the students. I teach students according to their convenience. I will be teaching everything topic by topic and with real time examples to make the students understand the subject clearly. I guarantee that you will be learning more things rather than what you are expecting. You will become a professional after doing the course.

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Senior iOS Tech Lead with 8 years of domain knowledge gives iPhone App Development training from home

I usually believe in practical demonstration of a logic or anything analytical. Complex algorithms when broken down with examples is easier to understand. I also start off with the very basics, including words/jargons and their explanation to ease understanding.

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Experienced Apple Professional Trainer ACSP, ACIT & ACSPfor Retail , Service and End User

A dynamic professional with 15 years of experience in Training, Pre-Sales, Sales & Service Management in IT. Currently as AVP  Solutions & Services with Cognitio Solutions for Leadership & Innovation LLP, Last worked with RSG Infotech Pvt Ltd as Associate Manager Pre-Sales & Head of Training.

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Apple Certified Trainer, Hands on Training, Customised sessions, iPhone/iPad App Dev Training, Using Mac or iPhone

My teaching approach is practical and hands on. The course is designed to give the participant as much real world exposure and guidance as possible. A proper blend of theory, demos and hands on followed by projects gives the participant all the knowledge they need.

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Ready to teach operational methods on computers (windows) phone ios and tab

We will try hands on training with the devices that you have. Will support your questions even after the class gets over. Devices like ipad, android tab phone, windows and mac will be handled.

New Delhi
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Professional Video editor since 14 years. Permanent faculty in well known institutes and visiting faculty in others. Also conduct classes at home. Served NDTV and BBC along with Mumbai production hous

I starts from basics and generate curiosity towards the subject in an interesting way then I let students generate questions. I explain with theory by example and explainer demo to explore details of questions.

Noor mohammed
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Apple Certified Trainer, Customised hands on Training on Apple Products including Macintosh, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV and Accessories. Sales and Customer Service Training. Training on Content Creatio

Guided Hands On Training, Discussion with Real world examples. Customised and Planned Courses for New to Apple, Seasoned Apple Users, Technical Support, System Admins, Sales & Customer Service.

New Delhi
Bhagat veer
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B.Tech IN ELECTRONIC & TELECOMMUNCATION, QUALIFIED GATE EXAM WITH 92%.... 5+ years working experience as home tutor & in coaching Centre also..As a home tutor I teach mainly with batches..I have exper

As a home tutor I teach mainly with batches..I have experience in handling all kind of students. Undertake classes for all the above mentioned subjects with perfection and zeal. I believe in making the student understand the concept which is important from exam point of view also and also for future growth of student.

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I have 4 plus years of developing and corporate training experience feel free

Firstly I want to know the knowledge level of student . after that I will teach basic theory ,concept of programming language . covering of basic goes in practical part and there covers all required things related to technology .

New Delhi
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Complex Msql Queries and JOIN, Mac Setup, Web Development Problems, For all Students

I start my class form as per need but I always give a brief what I am going to talking. SO you get what I want to start. This helped so many interns to become a successful developer and start their beautiful career.

Amal salih
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Computer science student interested in teaching the fundamentals of usage of Apple products.

I would like to share my knowledge in a way that would be helpful for Android users and iOS users alike.I am experienced in both platforms and the applications used in these platforms.My teaching would mostly benefit new Apple product users, for example.

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Marseille 1er
(50 reviews)
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How to acquire the basics to become an ethical hacker? On Paris (face) or elsewhere (web)

I am a computer enthusiast. My classes are for those who want to discover this beautiful science. My teaching is based on the English maxim: LEARNING BY DOING. The goal is not mastery of a particular programming language but to understand IT in general appearance namely the four fundamental pillars: LANGUAGES, INFORMATION, MACHINERY ALGORITHMS.

(58 reviews)
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Former Apple specialist teaches introduction to iPhone, iPad, and MacBook in Paris

You have just purchased your first Apple device and you do not know how to use? You have an iPhone or iPad since a long time but you feel like you're not using your device at its maximum? Take an introductory course to Apple devices and learn to master today's technology! The courses are intended for new buyers of Apple products (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Apple TV etc ...) of all ages.

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Apple products - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

Paris 12e
(5 reviews)
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Project Manager gives course of approach to Computer and Mac environment (plus iMovie and Social Networks)

Get started in the computer world without worries! Strong working in the computer and grew up during the technological boom of the 2000s. I was able to test and use the novelties by specializing in certain uses.

Ferntree Gully
(3 reviews)
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Apple Mac Computer, iPad, iPhone Lessons For Seniors with a Patient and Friendly Teacher in Melbourne

• Are you frustrated with your computer, iPad or phone? • Do you struggle to stay in contact with your techie kids and grand kids? • Do you have trouble with your passwords or email? • Have you gotten a new piece of technology but aren’t sure how to set it up or use it? • Have you learned lessons from your loved ones only to be more confused, frustrated and overwhelmed than before? If

(9 reviews)
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Discover your iPhone, your iPad and your Mac. Take full advantage with a 100% personalized class at home in Madrid, Pozuelo, Aravaca, Majadahonda and Las Rozas

There are many Apple experts, but someone empathetic, kind and patient, very few. This is my method! First, understand your needs, then design a 100% tailored course according to your needs, but above all adapted to your way of learning. Because each person is different.

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Professional user offers support to Apple products. iPhone, iPad, Apple ID, iOS, iMac, Macbook Pro, MacOS, etc.

Through patience and alignment with the client, I know how to learn concepts and usage skills. Based on a specific question, I will give a coherent lesson. Here the foundation is laid first, on which following more specific knowledge is taught.

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L'informatique pour les débutants - prise en main du matériel et des opérations de base.

Vous souhaitez une assistance pour prendre en main votre matériel informatique et les logiciels de base ? Que ce soit un Apple Macintosh, un PC sous environnement Windows, un téléphone intelligent ou une tablette, je peux vous aider.

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Apple Expert that loves teaching about all Apple products and services, even business-related.

I prefer to teach with the thought of what benefit you get out of the course. For example, why did you buy an iPhone? Was it to take pictures or was it to capture memories? Learning should be fun and have a benefit.

Cape Town
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Lesson in "How to use your iPhone and MacBook more efficiently", Cape Town

I have a lot of patience, so don't worry if you just really don't understand how/what/why - I will get you there. Just because technology is for most of us a part of our daily life, doesn't mean that goes for everyone.

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